THIN BLOOD: Ultimate Sacrifice

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THIN BLOOD: Ultimate Sacrifice

By: Mutuma J Karuntimi CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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A drought struck Malaba and only Kibich could come to its rescue and provide water. Gatamu, the Prince from Kibich headed the project and out of the blue, he fell in love with Peninah, a Ruaki girl. Both communities were against it. In Malaba, it was said to be against tradition, abolished and a taboo. In the Kibich hamlet, the Prince was arranged and bound to marry Silviah, the daughter of Mr. Mamiti, a very influential business man and the assistant provost. The situations left only one option and possibility to save their love and unite the two communities. As said, some curses could and can only be cleansed by blood. There was no better blood suited for that than the royal blood; hence, the prince had to die! He prearranged his own death with the help of his best friend Dr. Kirimi, who also happened to be their family doctor. The prince was killed! Without an heir to the throne, his father, King Matumu took in Peninah as his daughter-in-law, because; inside her was the only heir to the throne. She was pregnant after making love to the Prince. His assumed-death gave birth to a new beginning and era of peace between Malaba and Kibich after which, he came back from the dead!


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32 chapters
Humanity is virtuous because of virtues. The various values we uphold to make life worth the struggle, to have meaning and, many other valid reasons. Religion and culture for instance. We believe that upholding these values make us human. Above all, we believe they protect us and guide our every path. The light that lights up our pathways of life as we cruse through.What no one ever stops to think about is the evolution part. The effects of this evolution, to not only the values but also, the people upholding these values. The human factor in relation to these values. The values might not change, but we humans are prone to change.A positive change or a negative change. A change that strengthens our values and morals or a change that weakens them. The result of this being from creations of our own making. Creations made to serve the good of humanity and religion but, unfortunately, does exactly the opposite.These creations disregard religion at the highest of
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Chapter 1
From a distance, there, was the most appealing sight to the eyes of any man. Far left on the way into Kibich City, was the massive and enormous castle. It housed the royal of the royals, His Majesty King Matumu, Kibich’s Viceroy and the serving King of Credonia. Judging from the looks of this giant fortress and the history behind palaces, one could only imagine the beauty within this citadel. Not to forget, the comfort, pleasures and honors involved. Indeed, this castle was as good as any other but; save for the King's son, Gatamu. He was Matumu's only progeny, hence, the Prince of the land and the King-in-wait for the throne. To him, beauty was far much beyond the walls of this fortress. Prince Gatamu saw no beauty within the palace walls. Unlike the wishes of many, his was to get out of this fort. This Prince, however, did not always have his eye caught by the beauty beyond the walls of the palace and the reaches of Kibich City. These pleasures of the palace satisf
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Chapter 2
Back at the Malaba district, Peninah could not keep these to herself. She had to share with her parents to hear their views and get advices from them. Upon her sharing it to them, their reaction surprised Peninah beyond her wits. They reacted as those whom expected such news from her, or, as if they had a clue of what she was about to say. She could not understand why the reaction and yet, what she said was said to be taboo and most abolished. Just like anyone else, curiosity could not let her be. She had to ask a question. Standing next to her mother, she looked straight to her, “mother, if I may ask, did you not tell me that talking to and being wooed by a stranger especially, those from the City was forbidden?” Peninah began.  Her mother looked back at her, “of course my daughter, that’s true.”  Peninah seemed disturbed, “why is it then that, you people seemed as those expecting this? What is happening?”  “My daughter, as it
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Chapter 3
Peninah prepared herself to go visit the Oracle for more insights concerning this future of hers. A moment later, Rimberia arrived at their home in search of Mr. Makubu, her father and the assistant provost of the land. Back in his mind, he knew that Peninah’s father could not agree to his daughter being wooed by a stranger from Kibich despite him being the Prince. He made sure not to mention a word to him about it. After all, he needed to keep this mine to himself. Since he knew that such was unmentionable, he was sure-fire that Peninah could not have mentioned a word about it to her parents. With all things that way and in his favor, he was surely ready to play the broker. He needed Gatamu’s money and more respect as the viceroy and senior of the community. About amending the laws of the land, he knew that people could not stop him. If they did, he could threaten to stop the Gatamu water project as they referred to it. For this reason, he was sure they coul
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Chapter 4
In Warume, Gatamu was on his toes. He prayed day and night for things to fall together as soon as possible. Not only did he have the trouble of confining these dreams and his intense feelings for Peninah to himself but also, to mask them from Silviah. She hardly left his back. In fact, Silviah was more of a tick than his love. As it is hard to keep the tick off the veins, so it was to keep her from Gatamu. He tried his best to keep his feelings for the civic girl Peninah curbed but…not hard enough I guess. Some things, especially feelings, are hard to conceal from women, especially with them always around you and by your side. It was not long and Silviah noted Gatamu’s sudden lack of interest in her. She could also not keep it to herself and had to ask Gatamu a question about it. She went ahead to ask of what had gone wrong since his visit to Malaba district for the project. Gatamu tried to get himself off the hook but men… was it so tight! As much as Gatamu mentione
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Chapter 5
Peninah arrived at the oracle’s place. The oracle was expecting her visit and therefore was ready for her. As the oracle was welcoming her, she could not tame the fear she had within herself. Her life had become an unsolved mystery because of what was going on. More so, she could not help but fear the words that she was about to hear from the oracle’s mouth. The oracle however, could see this fear engraved on her face like the Ten Commandments on the stone tablets. He knew that, such news could not be easy on her, especially, the part about breaking taboo. In fact, the laws of their land and this anathema worried Peninah most. That is what had brought her to the oracle. She could understand what she had already heard from her mother about the oracle, her future, the gods and the prophecy. She also had little faith that the gods were doing their part. What she could not comprehend was how the gods would protect her from the people’s wrath after breaking the taboo. She
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Chapter 6
Peninah arrived home from visiting the oracle. Her parents were anxiously waiting for her. They were eager to hear what she had been told by the oracle. They also wanted to share to her the news about the change of the traditions. “My daughter, I see that now you have all the answers you needed. There is no fear on your face no more.” Peninah’s mother said. “Of course mother, the fear is gone, although not all of it but, I hope it shall clear as I learn to accept my lot.” Peninah replied. “What did the oracle have for you my child? What did he add to what I had told you?” Her mother asked curiously. “Well, in fact, all that you told me, he has just confirmed. He has also told me to befriend the Prince and something about Rimberia changing the laws of the land.” “Aah I see. Well then my daughter, we had the same news for you. It seems the gods are surely at work and serious about it after all.” “What same news mother?” “…The new
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Chapter 7
Prince Gatamu arrived at the doctor’s house. Not only was doctor Kirimi his friend but also their family doctor. He also happened to be the brother to Mr. Mamiti. This is to mean that, he was Silviah’s uncle. He was the youngest brother at their home. He and the Prince happened to be of the same age. Prince Gatamu visited the doctor frequently but this day’s visit was no ordinal visit. Gatamu had a bone to break and he surely needed somebody to help him on how to go about it. Despite the fact that Kirimi was Silviah’s uncle, Gatamu knew that he could help him out. In the past days, whenever they met to have a chat, some of the key things they discussed were women, love and marriage. These two being of the right age, they could not help but to discuss these issues. Gatamu knew for sure that Kirimi was an advocate for love and could help him out. He believed that for two to be together, they must be in love. Before Gatamu met this girl, he talked of marriage as
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Chapter 8
Back at the palace, Silviah was left mad at the Prince for assuming her and talking rudely to her. Since she knew that the king could never brace such a relationship, she could not keep her tongue on leash. She went ahead and told king Matumu of the new discovery. Surely, king Matumu could never tolerate Gatamu marrying any other woman but Silviah. This was not for the love they had, or, should it be, love they had not nor Matumu’s interest in her as his daughter-in-law but all for power. Her father was a very influential person in the city and therefore, Mamiti was crucial in his position. Matumu only wanted this daughter for his son because of his political ambitions. Were it not for this fact, he could also not support his son into marrying someone he does not love. Silviah did not have a clue though that her relationship was not for love but politics. According to her, Gatamu loved her like no other woman. She was his queen of the heart. After all, she was proud
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Chapter 9
Gatamu arrived at the palace only to meet his father breathing fire and no Silviah. He was so worked up because of what she had told him about Gatamu having another woman. He could not imagine Gatamu messing things up just that blindly. With much anger, “Gatamu, where have you been and what has become of you?” the king asked. “Why do you ask this father? I do not seem to understand. I am just from the other side of city to see my friend doctor Kirimi.” “And who gives you the impression that doctor Kirimi treats people with such insolence and disrespect?” “What disrespect are you talking about father? I do not understand why the tone my king. I thought you knew that I do visit him when I need to see him.” “Of course I do but I fail to understand why you had to disrespect Silviah and talk to her the way you did this morning.” “Father, I am sorry to have talked to her like that. It will not happen again. I just had a bad morning and my mi
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