The Almighty Landon. Chapter 135.



Everyone looked at Joshua with pity at the moment.

Joshua was the one who ended up getting slapped by Gin Thomas.

“Sir Gin?” Joshua's eyes glinted with shock. “Why did you slap me?”

“Shut up you fool or I’ll give you another slap!” Gin scolded Joshua immediately.

“You don’t know your place do you? I borrowed you a car and a nice driver but you came here to act tough. Don’t forget you are faking it with that Rolls-Royce I borrowed you!” Gin yelled

Everyone instantly gaped in shock after hearing Gin’s words. Did Gin Thomas just say Joshua borrowed the Rolls-Royce from him?

“But Sir Gin I paid you money to have the Rolls Royce for at least two days?”

“And do you think your one hundred fifty thousand dollars you paid gives you the right to just offend anybody?!” Gin retorted.

Everyone instantly let out a gasp of shock at the moment. They had all been thinking that Joshua was now rich. So rich that he can afford many cars including the Rolls-Royce Phantom. Who would known that he was a
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