My Billionaire Betrothed: Golden Comeback

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My Billionaire Betrothed: Golden Comeback

By: Yanah OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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“Your father and I have signed the contract termination and it is official. You and Vanessa are no longer married. You can now return to the streets where you belong” are the words of Ryan's father-in-law. Ryan is thrown into the streets after his contract marriage with his betrothed wife is terminated by his father and her parents to make way for their evil plans. He is denied any access to his unborn child by his wife because of his poor status, as she is prepared for marriage to her wealthy ex boyfriend. He receives an invitation to a grand ball and a woman reveals herself to be his multi billionaire long-lost mother and the owner of the largest business corporation in the country, making him her heir. Now a billionaire, Ryan goes undercover to cause pain to all who hurt him in the past. Will they see him coming?

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Wham! A slap landed on Ryan's left cheek. "Are you crazy?! Why do you always prefer to embarrass me in front of my friends?" Vanessa screamed at him. Ryan caressed his cheek, still shaken from the slap. It was not the first time she had slapped him like that and he knew deep down that it would not be the last time. "But…but I am your husband Vanessa…". "And an incompetent and worthless one at that! You have no job or money, so you have no right to say no to anything I ask you to do Ryan! Now, go back there and clean up after my friends like I asked you to or you will starve for the third night in a row" Vanessa snapped, interrupting him. She dragged him out of the supply closet where they had been standing, and back to her room which was a complete mess from the slumber party she'd thrown for her friends the night before. "Hey guys! I'm back, and guess who I brought with me…the help who will be cleaning up now" Vanessa announced, urging the ladies who had spread out on her king-
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“What's going on here?”. That was Vanessa. Everyone turned to the direction of her voice. She clutched a bunch of shopping bags in her hands, while trying to balance her purse under her armpit. “Where are you coming from Vanessa?” Flora asked, concerned for their image.“That's none of your business mom, I am a grown woman” she spat.Vanessa looked around to see everyone staring at them. Then she spotted Ryan and instantly knew nothing good had happened. “Ryan, let's go” she commanded, dumping all the shopping bags on him. Ryan followed after her, wondering why she had saved him from the situation. He sensed that it was not merely to hold her shopping bags. It was completely unlike her.“Put down the bags in my closet and come join me in bed” Vanessa instructed. Ryan paused. “Huh?” He asked, surprised. “Don't make me repeat myself Ryan” she answered, dragging her words.Ryan did as instructed and returned to see her laying down, her legs spread out across the large bed. Ryan s
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Elias arrived at the Jordan mansion by noon the next day. While some of the other servants attended to him and Hans who had a meeting beforehand, Ryan put his few clothes into a bag in preparation for his new life wherever he would find himself. “Going for a trip?” Kale teased. Ryan stared at him with the deepest anger in his eyes. Kale couldn't care less. “This…isn't…over, Kale. I will pay you back for all you've done to me, I promise” Ryan threatened, fighting back the tears in his eyes. “You're not even man enough to be a husband to your wife, and you want to face me? Haha!” Kale laughed, walking away. Ryan rushed after him, ready to deliver a deep punch. “Ryan! Mr. Jordan wants to see you” the head servant mentioned. Ryan dropped his fists by his side and adjusted the bag on his shoulder. It was time for him to leave. “It's good that you're ready to leave. Your father and I have signed the contract termination and it is now official. You and Vanessa are no longer married
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“I…this is not making any sense to me” Ryan spoke slowly, feeling betrayed.“Whatever questions you have, Ryan, I'll be happy to answer” Bethany answered. “Ms. Roberts, the stage is ready for you. The people want to meet their host” a man popped his head through to announce. “Well, that's my cue. I have to go make a speech. I'll be back shortly. Tony can keep you company till I get back. Feel free to let him know if you need anything, Ryan” Bethany assured him, strutting out of the room. “So you were the stranger at the abandoned building” Ryan said, putting two and two together. “Yes, master” Tony answered, his gruff voice resounding throughout the room. “What happened to the ride then? You don't know how frustrating it was to walk all the way here with these wounds” Ryan demanded. “You should be glad that I saved your life in the first place, so you could be here. As for the ride, I'll make sure to deal with the driver for not showing up at the right time, master” he replied.
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A WEEK LATERRyan had finally settled into his new life, even though he knew not to get too comfortable because of the task ahead of him. During the past week, his wardrobe had been upgraded and he had picked out a flashy new car which he had to retain at Bethany's mansion until it was the right time. “You’ll be working at a local bar in the meantime, Ryan” Bethany mentioned, interrupting Ryan's train of thoughts. He had been gazing outside his room window, reminiscing about his dreadful days at the Jordan mansion and wondering what the future held for him. “A local bar?” Ryan questioned.“Yes. I did want you to lay low as a CEO to my empire, but you have to actually get in favor with the board of shareholders since you have no prior business experience. I'm sorry Ryan, but this is only temporary. I and my team are working on forging up some business certificates for you to impress them” Bethany responded.“Oh that's fine, there won't be a need for that mom” Ryan said.“Why?”.“I
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A WEEK LATERRyan sat behind the counter at Danny's Bar, his new workplace. He had quickly become a favorite in the bar as a result of his brushed-up bartending skills. His reformed look earned him a special spot as the eye-candy for the groups of female friends who usually came around the bar to hang out. His coworkers, the other servers who worked away from his designated spot, quickly fell in love with his wit and free personality and began to enjoy his company and show him the ropes around his new job. It was safe to say that his first week at Danny's Bar was great enough especially since he had been used to the hatred and disgusted looks he had gotten most of his life. Ryan's life was starting to look up a little. It was not the best fresh start but he was just thankful to be free. Everything was going well at the bar until Ryan saw HIM. The same man who he had seen appear with Vanessa on different television talk shows and interviews, the supposed father of her unborn chil
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“What do you want, Dahlia?!” Daniel lowered his voice. Ryan stopped to listen. He had come down to ask Daniel for something but it seemed like he was attending to something very private. “I want nothing else to do with you brother, believe me. I just need the money you owe me!” A female voice came on.“I don't have it! I already told you countless times that I don't have it! Why do you even need it so much? Seems like you were perfectly fine faking your wealthy status!” Daniel responded. “It's my bloody inheritance Daniel! Just because it was kept in your care and you ended up making very poor life choices does not give you the right to ask questions about MY inheritance!” She spilled. Daniel remained mute. “When can I have my money, Daniel?” She asked. “Soon. I'm working on something really huge at the moment so just…please bare with me Dahlia” Daniel said. “Good”.“And tear down this shack so you can focus on something that'll actually give you the kind of money you need righ
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Daniel had been asked to cater alongside the more professional and popular planners who had been contracted to cater for the wedding between Vanessa and Nathan, since Nathan enjoyed his company. So by association, Ryan was also going to be at the wedding. As much as he despised the idea, he couldn't afford to lose his job and arouse any inch of suspicion. …Working at his ex's wedding was not something Ryan could have imagined after all her and her family had done to him. He still had a lowly reputation to maintain, after all. “The wedding is in a week, people! We need to make sure we make a great presentation” Daniel addressed.“Aren't there going to be much more professional and well recognized bartenders at the wedding scene?” One of the workers mentioned. “Well…we may be the smallest out of all of them but we hold a special spot in the groom's heart, so we have to give it our all” Daniel answered, reassuring them. “Plus, we have Ryan! Our best bartender since I got into this
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“Master, good morning” Tony greeted. Ryan opened his eyes and sat up on the bed, watching Tony draw the curtains in his room open. “What are you doing in my room, Tony?” Ryan asked. “You mean my room?” Tony chuckled. “ Well if you must know, I'm here to give you some information on the assignment you tasked me with, master” he added.“What do you mean your room?” Ryan probed. “Oh. I take it that you had a rough night. You got drunk and mistook my room for yours. I'm impressed however at how you got through the locks I placed on the door” Tony explained. “I wasn't…I wasn't drunk” Ryan pushed. “You don't need to lie, master. I saw the alcohol bottles in the trash bin. Plus the place is a whole mess and oozing badly. What happened, master?” Tony confessed. “I'd rather not talk about it, Tony” Ryan responded. “But Master, there is an old saying that goes: a problem shared is a…”.“I don't want to talk about it, okay?!” Ryan cut him off sharply. “That's alright master. I'll respe
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Ryan remained fixed to the spot he had been standing on. He had fought to get away from the enemy, while being unable to see that his greatest enemy was right in front of him. He sat down on the sofa slowly, bending his head and covering his face. He was completely overwhelmed. The woman who had been in the room with Tony, appeared, using her hair to cover her face in shame. Tony had probably threatened her to get into bed with him. Ryan felt complete pity for her. “You may leave. I'm sorry for whatever this creep did to you” Ryan sympathized.The woman muttered a ‘thank you’ and slipped out of the apartment with tears in her eyes. Tony stood at a corner of the room, watching everything unfold. Ryan fixed his gaze at him with complete fury in his eyes. “Don't think about getting in a physical fight because I'd hurt you badly. I have several years of training. Just a friendly warning” Tony mentioned. “You're a monster” Ryan commented. “You're not the first person to say that, R
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