Chapter 09

[Sira P.O.V]

Who knows, things might change and I will become very rich and famous in the future. 

When I gather enough money to build my fashion house.

It's been my dream to own a fashionable house but I can't without money. I sighed loudly, turning to the soup I was preparing.

It's evening already and so I am in the kitchen preparing dinner even if I was tired from today's work. 

Alpha Monroe isn't back yet and likewise his fiancée.

Gosh. I wish she never comes back 

When I was done, I turned off the gas and headed out when I bumped into someone.

I thought I am the only one at home, right?

I raised my head to see Alpha Monroe staring at me with a smirk plastered on his face. 

When the hell did, he come in? I didn't even hear the car horn.

"Welcome Alpha," I said in a bowing position, trying to get back my composure.

I almost fell down but luckily, I didn't. 

He didn't reply; instead, he grabbed me by the waist and roughly pinned me to himself. 

Not now. I am damn tired and not ready for dramas. 

And I don't want Jenny walking on us in this kind of position. 

It will add to the hatred in her heart for me although I care less. 

"Can you let me go, Alpha Monroe, I am not ready for this," I said, pushing him off me but you know, his well-built body was stronger than my mere push. 

I have never felt so useless as a rogue.

"And what makes you think I will leave you?" He whispered huskily in my ear licking my neck.

God. It's irritating. This same mouth he has used to kiss all the ladies in the world. 

His grip tightened around my waist and I gasped.

He trailed his mouth down to my boobs and I slapped his face away.

My eyes widened imagining how he just did it.

I found myself on the kitchen counter with him on top of me. 


He aggressively pinned my hand and leg.

"What are you trying to do Alpha Monroe?" I shrieked as his alpha power took over mine.

I couldn't fight it because I was pinned.

What the hell?

Is he going to rape me or what? 

"I told you kitten, I told you I will have you so long you live under my roof. You have to get used to the fact that I keep to my words."  He says with his alpha eyes glowing.

Alright, I am finished.


What mess have I gotten myself into? 

I can't let him do anything with me. It can never be, but I feel so weak and tired. 

I can't even pass out anytime soon. My strength is drenched in his huge body pinning me down. 

Is this how determined he can be?

Does he want to have sex with me here in the kitchen?

How insane. 

"Let go off me Alpha Monroe, don't you forget I am a rogue." I thundered.

I felt his grip loosen on my hand going straight into my shirt.

His desperation wouldn't let him unhook my bra as he dragged it up fondling them.

I looked around and my eyes saw the pan. The pan on the gas.


Thank goodness it was near to my hand. 

His head went deep into my shirt which made him very focused not to notice me.

I slowly and gently took the pan and hit him very hard on the head. 

"Ash." He yelled practically falling flat on the floor. 

"Ouch. My head, why the hell will you bang me that bad?" he winced holding his head and I quickly climbed down from the counter giving him a smirk. 

"How are you feeling Alpha Monroe?" I mocked and his eyes dilated in anger.  

"You will pay for this Sira." he winced while I grinned widely.

I wanted to serve him before going to bed but that's out of it now. 

"Have a lovely night Alpha Monroe and enjoy the pain bash." I said laughing heading out of the kitchen hearing him curse under his breath. 

If he wants to satisfy his freaking lust, he has a fiancé. 

I'm not even of the royal family.

Duh. He should better control his wolf.

Wait, his wolf should be disgusted at his behaviour.

But why did it make him come for me?

Weird things. But still thank God for my rogue strength and a frying pan.

[Alpha Monroe]

Ouch. My head hurts like hell. 

Took me time to heal from that hard rogue-powered pan.

Why's the lady so violent and unsub missive? 

Every lady will kill to have a nightstand with me but her? I scoffed helping myself up. 

Gosh. I was almost lost. 

At least I achieved something today even if I got a wounded head. 

I smiled at myself recalling how soft her boobs felt in my hand. 

Her skin is as fresh as that of pearls. 

She is a fucking tomato.

She's damn beautiful.

I can't deny the fact. 


I must have her begging me to fuck. 

I must have a taste of her either way.

Nothing is stopping me. Not even her. 

I found myself thinking about her, at work, in the meeting, when alone, when I fuck those bitches out there.

Just name it. 

Jenny doesn't matter to me. I am going to get married to her because The Luna said so.

I don't feel anything for her, I only see her as a friend and sister. 

Not that I feel anything for Sira too. Hell no. Nothing. 

I believe I am lusting after her which will stop when I finally get to f*"k her. 

I held my head heading to my room. The Luna's so annoying. I wonder why she persuaded me to share my room with Jenny.

Knowing that I will find her in my room and on my bed left me sighing. 

"Baby, you are back." I rolled my eyes at her. 

This relationship thing is affecting our friendship. Gosh. 

"Welcome," she muttered, helping me take off my suit.

"Yeah, thanks." 

I need to freshen up and sleep. Sira has succeeded in ruining my evening. 

"You look so tired, what's wrong?" I grinned glancing at her.

She said I look tired and she's asking me what's wrong. 

She should know I came back from work.

"I am fine." I managed to say and dashed into the bathroom.

I quickly freshen up and come out dashing into the closet without glancing at Jenny.

I didn't want anything to do with her.

The friendship was turning to anger.

And I am afraid it might reach hate.

But she's still my best friend.

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