Chapter 08

[Sira POV]

I don't know what you are talking about, leave my hand. You are hurting me, my wolf." I winced hissing loudly but he didn't seem to bother. 

He slowly released his grip on me and caged me to the wall. 

My hand. The blood. It's hurting. 

"You don't know what I am talking about right? Were you not trying to steal my foodstuff but got caught by Jenny? Shame." He speaks.

What? Is that what she told him? 

"I will never steal anyone's properties let alone your alpha," I said pushing him away but he is way stronger than I am. 

He was also too close.

That Jenny lady.

Must she paint me black? 

"Then what happened? Why were you stealing from my kitchen? Jenny can't lie to me."  He said in return.

I hissed in pain as sweat dripped down my face. 

My hand is hurting and he pinned me here on the wall. 

"That's not true Monroe, I know she's your whatever but that wasn't what happened, she said that to favour her," I replied seething my teeth. 

God. Don't let me loose. 

My wolf is getting upset.

"Then what happened?" He asked as he stared at my boobs.

Seriously? I scoffed.

"You know what Derrick; you can believe whatever you wish but can you let me go? You have hurt my hand and I have to treat it."  I begged.

I said with anger shoving my wrist in his face. 

He glanced at my hand and quickly shifted back with his eyes fixed on the blood gushing out. 

The tip of his shirt was stained with it due to the way he held me. 

I can see his face soften and he took my other hand sitting me down on the bed. 

What's he doing? 

"Just sit, okay? I will be right back," he replied dashing out of my room and he came back with a first aid kit.

I scoffed as he took my hand and began doing some things on it.

"Ahh." I yelped seeing that he added something.

Was it pepper?

He needs to get bitten.

But it subsided after some minutes. 

My hand was red and bandaged.

His fingers went deep in my hand. 

I feel better after he is done. He did help me after wounding me. 

"Look at what your business did, I am sorry okay? I didn't mean to hurt you."  He apologizes.


"Did you just apologize?" I asked, staring at him bewildered.

He scratched the back of his head and turned away making me chuckle.

"Forget I said that Sira, you are such a pest," he said and scurried away leaving me laughing. 

What can be funnier?

I am glad that made him forget about what he was saying but how can Jenny lie against me? 

Did she think that would make me leave this house? Impossible. 

[Alpha Monroe]

I fucked the living hell out of this bitch. 

"Yeah. Yes, Sira." 

Gosh. What's wrong with me?

I have been seeing her image in all these ladies I fuck. 

Am I going mad? Or is it because I desperately want her on my bed? Of course, I am lusting after her. 

I made her bend as I inserted my rod in her with one hand supporting her and the other on her right boobs. 





"You are so good beast."  She kept moaning while I ride her roughly.

I wish it was her. Gosh. 

Only God knows how I will match her on the wall and lick all her body till she turns pink before I fuck her. 

Thinking about this makes me yearn more for her hot body. I just can't wait anymore. 

[Jenny P.O.V]

"Baby" I called kissing Alpha Monroe. He smiled at me and nodded.


"How was work?" I asked.

He seems busy with his laptop and he's giving me no attention.


"I am sorry about that, baby." I called again pouting.

He ignored me focusing back on what he was typing.

"Are you going to ignore me throughout? Can't you keep this laptop and give me your attention once?" I poured.

He glanced at me and sighed, closing the laptop.


"I am sorry, okay? Just that this file is important, I need to complete it before tomorrow,” he explained.

"I know but just a little of your time won't hurt," I said making a move to kiss him but he held my waist.

Not again. 

Since last week, we started sharing beds instructed by his The Luna and he wouldn't touch me. 

Even if I make the moves, he will stop me. Am I not enticing to him? 

Am I different from those whores out there? 

"We can't do this now Jenny, I am busy," he said slowly dropping my hand.

"This is what you kept saying, Alpha Monroe. What's wrong with you? Don't you like me?" I asked as tears threatened to fall.

He drew me closer to him dropping his laptop on the table.

"I do love you Jenny but it's not the right time for this please."  I jerked away from him angrily and out of the room. 

He's so annoying. 

Next morning.

"I don't know what to do Carly, I am scared of losing Alpha Monroe. The way he stares at that maid who happens to be a rogue scares the crap out of me." I said to her sighing. 

"You don't have to be, Alpha Monroe is always yours believe me," she said reassuring me.

"I don't know what to do to keep him with me forever, to make him mine forever Carly." 

"I think I have an idea," she said and my eyes snapped to her 

"What?" I asked curiously.

"Get pregnant for him." 

  1. what? How can that be possible when he doesn't even touch me?

[Sira P.O.V]

Gosh. I feel so tired working since morning.

I haven't been this worked up since I arrived here. 

Lots of work today. Jenny's laundry added to it. 

I just had to do them because I am paid for them. 

She's my boss's fiancé and I ought to run errands for her too but that doesn't mean I will take shits from her. 

Not in forever will that happen. 

I can't let anyone treat me like trash because I am a maid here. 

That doesn't change the fact that I am a rogue.

A warrior. Made for war.

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