Chapter 33

[Alpha Monroe]

I quickly sat on the bed taking the phone from my ear. She didn't just say that did she?

"I think I am having an ear problem, repeat that again."

She chuckled

"I love you Alpha Monroe."

She didn't stammer. Saviours. I have made it to the next level.

Later on.

I groaned scoffing continuously.

Everyone in the room chuckled and I glared at them.

"You don't mean it right?” I said to Sira's Dad and he chuckled.

"I mean it Son; she's going to stay with me till after her marriage"

That can't happen. I can't stay without her and everyone knows it.

"Okay then, can we do the marriage tomorrow already?"

Everyone burst out laughing but I didn't see it as something funny.

I plann

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