009: Understanding Wind Mastery

Tyrone was in a bit of trouble, while he was taking the time to regenerate his essences, the Tuskupines had seemingly gathered en masse. There was at least three to four dozen of them waiting outside the safe zone for him. It was a bit worrying for him, but there was nothing better than a challenge. He could at least try his best to deal with them, so far his bit and run tactics have been working for him, and even more so now that he had access to the [Wind Mastery] skill, at the very least he could escape if he wanted to.

Never the less the Wind Mastery card was a passive, and even though Tyrone really had no idea what it could do, he wondered if perhaps the skill was not as literal as its name. And at the Rare Rank, it should at least be able to have some combat applications or be utilized in such a manner. He closed his eyes, searching deep within himself for the spark that represented the card, he found it almost immediately as he let out a breath, creating a small gust of wind that blew back a small gathering of dust on the floor. He paused, took a deep breath and repeated the same action, blowing out an even stronger gust of wind.

So there really wasn’t as much control over it as he would have envisioned, however being able to create gusts of wind was an advantage. If not for anything but also for [Slipstream]. That particular skill was twice as effective when there was a wind current of any sort, with the passive boost from the [Wind Mastery] skill being this insane, it would be taking this to a whole other level if he would be ae to create sustained gusts of wind to lower up the [Slipstream] skill. But Tyrone would have to slow down, if he moved too fast he could end up crashing and burning, he was fast but his body was not yet fully strong enough to keep up with that speed.

He relaxed, most uses of a skill was not linear and a significant amount of imagination would be required in other to use it. Skills like this that had mastery in their names could mean a couple of things. Some of them could mean total domination over the area of mastery, or just some degree of control over it, like the buffs his other wind oriented card skill had gained. But thankfully at least to a certain extent it looks like he is able to control wind to a level.

Tyrone decided to take it a step further as he imagined the wind wrapping around his form like a blanket. There was a bit of resistance as he did not exactly have a ear image of what he wanted, he settled down again and thought a out it even harder. [Slipstream] utilized the wind blowing around to enable Tyrone to move faster, the skill was especially more effective when he was moving or running. In retrospect it meant that it worked better when he was going either against a wind pressure, or moving with a gust or wind current. So if he could control wind, the proper thing to do would be to release it in a stream around his body or if possible from within.

But blasting wind from within his body sounds like a really terrible idea so perhaps pulling it towards himself and letting it stream behind him would be for the best. He tried again, this time he had even more success as he was able 5omcreat a small gust that buffeted against his face. He couldn’t use it for long though, as he noticed that active utilization of the wind was draining his essence, though the expenditure was not that bad. It seemed he was loosing an essence per 5 seconds of sustained control of the wind, which was a freaking cheat if you asked him.


Is Now Rare-II]

Control of the wind came easily to him now making him very excited. However he could not remain here for long, he stopped having sufficiently experimented with his new card skill. He needed to regain those essences and be ready to take the fight to the small army of Tuskupines waiting outside for him. And normally he should be a bit afraid, and maybe he was, but it was nothing compared to the excitement that was currently running through his body because once again he was seeing the potential for the future, the work and the danger that came with achieving that potential did not phase him.

He checked on his swords, and then on his gear. Not that he had much of it, but still he was as ready as he could ever be. After giving it another hour, a time in which most of the Tuskupines had gotten bored of waiting for him and were looking about, he rushed out. His sudden movement shocking the first Tuskupine as he punted the creature into the wall and stabbed out into the head of another. A whole Salvo of spikes came flying in his direction as he used [Slipstream] whilst drawing on the power of the wind.

He developed tunnel vision as he moved 10 meters to the left and straight into a wall as he stumbled backwards dark spots filling his vision as he was severely stunned. That lack of forethought after he already knew it would be too dangerous to move at such high speeds gained him there spikes in his back and a couple others in his legs. However the shots had lost a significant amount of power due to the distance between him and the Tuskupines who had shot it. The pain was enough to bring clarity back to him as he growled and slashed his long sword forward involuntarily coating the blade with wind.

A condensed blade of wind shot out of it, slashing the first three Tuskupines in front of him in half, and draining his entire essence by five points and with such a speed that it left him feeling a little woozy. He rolled to the side coming up just in time to stab both blades into the throat of another approaching Tuskupine. He pulled back and switched the short sword into a reverse grip as used the flat side of the longsword to deflect the charge of another Tuskupine before stabbing down into the middle of it’s back, ignoring the spikes that pricked his hands in the process.

He pulled it back up, raising the dead dungeon creature with him as he used it as a poor shield to deflect against the next salvo of spikes, of which quite a few of them still found purchase in his body with one even being lodged in his ear. Tyrone screened out in pain as he dropped the ruined Tuskupine and began to swing both blades in frenzy. However he was not lost to the rage or the fight, on the streets that would be a sure fire way to get killed. These things did not have as much strength individually, rather it was the fact that they had numbers on their side that was problematic for Tyrone.

But they were all still predictable, and he was still a whole lot faster even while injured. And against these creatures as opposed to fighting people, Tyrone had realized it was better to make sure every blow he delivered was a killing blow. That was also knowledge from street combat, you had to make sure every strike was fatal or you would still give your opponent the chance to take you out. There was no injury that could not be taken care of, if you had a few coins and the right connections, so it would be best to make sure every strike was fatal so that your opponent does not come for you.

Tyrone by this point was dripping blood, however he was reason focused yet at the same time he had a grin on his face that would have shaken any member of his crew to their core. There was a reason why he was called a wolf cat. Those particular breed of creatures were pack hunters, however they were relentless and would never let go of a prey until it was dead and in the ground. It beyond that was the fact that they were extremely quick yet violent creatures, they were crazy as some would say as they would pick a fight with anything and anyone regardless of power and level and they would enjoy every single moment of it, even if they were loosing and were on the cusp of death.

He surged forwards the wind blitzing off his body like an Aura. Tyrone did not notice it at all as he slashed and stabbed and cut. He kicked and on one occasion smashed his fist into the nose of another Tuskupine sending it wailing into the crowd, as it became obvious to Tyrone that their nose was an actual weakness. But he was working on a time limit here and with each second that passed that time Limit was ticking down. The moment the 30 second mark was reached, Tyrone used [Slipstream] again, and found himself back in the safe zone where he proceeded to unceremoniously fall down on his ass as he took off the jacket he was wearing. A process that also pulled out the spines stuck in his back.

He grunted out, obviously in more pain than he would have cared to admit, but at the same time he was in a good mood as he took in deep breaths. Each breath he took relaxed his muscles, involuntarily Tyrone closed his eyes as he lost himself to the sound of his breathing. All of the tension from just a few moments ago seemed to have evaporated into thin air, his mind was empty, all he could focus on was the sounds air made as it went in and out of his body, he could feel it in his lungs in his blood stream and in his bones. He could feel it restoring everything that once was, and strengthening it too.

Tyrone felt as if as long as there was wind and air in existence, he would be okay, lost in the folds of the element that governed almost every from of existence and life. His mind shuddered as he felt a particularly painful creak in his lower back align itself, ridding him of pain he had almost forgotten that he had. But above it all was the absence of pain, and after being so lost in his own breathes Tyrone was forced to open his eyes and his mind to the reality…. He was completely healed….. and it has only just been about and hour, he grinned.

“So the wind heals too.”

Five words, but the ramifications of those words and the consequences of what they carried would scare any sane person who could take a look into Tyrone’s mind. But in the end it was the predatory gaze that he gave the Tuskupines waiting outside that shook that world as even the monster behind the barrier knew, a predator, a mad predator has set his sights on them.


from next chapter the [Wind Mastery] card would be changed to [Wind Archon] as that would be more suiting for the novel as a whole. thanks so much for reading Guys and do leave a review or a rating or something or that equivalent here😅

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