The Beast Deck Emperor

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The Beast Deck Emperor

By: Anone OngoingSystem

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Tyrone The Wolf Cat Alexander has kept his family name under wraps since he was born. and while he never understood why his last name resembles that of the royal family, he still kept it a secret until today. a hot tip in his city's underground led him to break into an old noble manor that was said to house treasures untold.....they were right..... however it wasn't just treasures he finds, it was his destiny. --- this is a Novel set in a world where the system and use of it's skills are determined by the gain, trade and cultivation of cards and the decks they build. our main character is a young man thrust into the politics of a kingdom with no ruler making him a target as with all eyes on the throne only he has the most legitimate claim to it. so he must study, grow strong, make deals and alliances and build a deck that's legendary for all time.

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001: The Wrong Job
Tyrone would have loved to be anywhere but here right now, but he had to put food on the table. This was the way things were in the Fringe cities, stealing from some overly pompous noble who would most definitely not give a shit about what had gone missing was the way it is. It just really annoyed him that he had so many negative feelings about this job. And it was even more so when not a single member of his crew was present, and as it stood the duration for his stealth skill was almost about to run out.There was a click and Tyrone let out a deep breath, he hadn't even know he was holding it. That wouldn't do, the first thing that could possibly go wrong with a job was if he was not calm enough to see it through to the end. And if he wasn't calm then a whole lot of mistakes could be made and whole lot of thing would go wrong and he would end up dead or worse captured by the (Idí), an elite or perhaps not so elite but more like bully police force of the kingdom….they have been a con
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002: General Segun
Tyrone had a bored look on his face as he shifted from one side of the carriage to the other, honestly he had not been given much Attention during this entire journey, and while he was very grateful for that, he had also not been allowed to be anywhere else other than the carriage.Even when they had to stop in towns and other cities in order to rest or when they had to camp, Tyrone was kept isolated and completely ignored by the rest if the [Irí] but ultimately it was on the fourth day of their journey, just about a week from the capital as they had taking a roundabout route; that a man stepped into the carriage a hard look on his face as he held Tyrone’s gaze for a moment before bowing his head deeply.Tyrone had no idea who the man was, but he was heavily built, with a bald head a face full with white beard. But beyond all that was the sheer feeling of power Tyrone could feel coming off him, this was a man who had power and who knew how to utilize it, but the question still remains
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003: A World Of Talents
“Our world is a world of talents, there are factors and manifestations of existence, a breeding ground of concepts and arcane bliss. But until the system came and gave quantification to those things…. Gave them form and substance as the cards we now use today to grow stronger and to live.With that arrival, we learnt of higher tiers and realms of power, we grew, we expanded and we thrived. Cards are the foundation of every man, born and shaped by the individual’s bloodline or talent. But I’m sure these are all things that you know. Some men are born with a talent, some with a bloodline and some lucky few with both.Cards the manifestation of all reality are now used to create decks, of which there can only be 3 and each deck can only have a maximum of 12 cards and your Card cradle can only ever hold up to a minimum of 30 cards to a maximum of 50 Cards. Cards can upgrade other cards, improving their abilities and adding more stats to the deck master.There are many types of cards, and
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004: Into The Darkness
Tyrone looked at the gaping maw of death in front of him and seriously considered if perhaps he should rethink this whole lost but found prince shit. It was crazy really, but when the general had spoken of dungeon diving he thought that he would be protected, shown the ropes so that he could understand exactly what he was dealing with. But unlike how it was for nobles or those who were lucky enough to attend any sort of educational or organizational institution in the kingdom;These people who are led and protected by higher leveled individuals while they explored and mastered the terrains of any dungeon they would now be diving. It was crazy but the death toll in dungeons especially for those who would be diving into them for the first time, was as high as 90% which means 9 in 10 people die the first time they enter a dungeon. And he was given a weapon he had no idea how to use and without even a shred of training to go along with it.“You should stop looking at that sword like that
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005: Level 8
Konga Ashiri was legendary, the discovery of this dungeon had led to the formation of the kingdom of Ounyi Idu. Its resources used to the back bone of the kingdoms economy, making it one of the giants within the Zango Empire. But that was a lifetime ago, now things were terrible with much of kingdoms resources severely exploited, the neighboring kingdoms to the east and west were all sharpening their blades in an attempt to carve off a piece of the kingdom for themselves.Tyrone didn’t care much what happened to the kingdom, this place has never been fair to him. And even though he had found himself In this situation he pretty much only saw this as an avenue to get power and live his life as something more than just a common street rat and thief. A chance to actually have a life and not be found dead in a ditch somewhere before the age of 30, or settling down with some random tavern wench and bringing more kinds into this world to live in squalor and poverty and crime.He took a close
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006: Hunting
Tyrone grunted as he burst forwards, however instead of moving in a straight line towards the two approaching beasts, he moved quickly to the left his body hugging the wall as the first salvo of spines went flying nowhere close to hitting his body. He noticed the second aiming at him, as he pushed off the wall moving a zig zag pattern as the next set of spines went past him.The first beast had already rushed him by this point, its jaws opened wide as it wanted to take a chunk out of Tyrone’s thigh. [Slipstream] was activated as Tyrone moved a little bit faster, his form moving as he stabbed the longsword forwards and straight into the unsuspecting mouth of the beast that had leapt at him.The short sword flew out of his hands a moment later, however his aim was off due to not being familiar with the weight of the weapon. The handle smashed into the nose of the beast, causing it to give a squeal of pain as it came to a halt, rubbing its paws over its nose multiple times and it squeale
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007: Done Waiting
Tyrone took a deep breath as he observed the next batch of tuskupines that he had to take care of. He was lucky in the sense that every time he returned to the safe zone they would follow right behind him and bang on the barrier that separated the safe zone from the rest of the dungeon. However these creatures had a set pattern, from the way they behaved when they noticed him, to chasing him, to their attacks and reaction to their attacks and being attacked.It took Tyrone three tries, but it was enough for him to be able to tell the mannerisms of the creatures down to a T. but he was nowhere close to clearing the hallway he was in. apart from the fact that it was incredibly long, Tyrone had not gone more than 20 meters away from the entrance to the safe zone. He needed to be able to return there quickly should the need of a safe spot b became required.So far since he has been down here, if he could trust his internal clock, it has been a little over two days. And in all that time he
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008: [Wind Mastery]
Perhaps it was definitely in his own interest for him to be a little careful with his approach, even in his frantic state Tyrone realized this. He had to be careful, one mistake would mean the end of his ambition and life, but regardless he was still going to push through. He jumped out of the barrier, sailing over the heads of the Tuskupines as he twisted his body in the air and brought both blades stabbing down hard into the backs of two of the Tuskupines. Their screech of pain was made even more worse as Tyrone, yanked both blades out, and jumped backwards just in time for their signature projectiles to flash past his face. He grunted then took two steps forward, meeting the charge of the final Tuskupine as he used the longsword to bat it to the side then stabbed the shirts word deep into its belly, yelling out in rage and pure emotion in much the same manner and time as the Tuskupine.Tyrone looted them all, quickly taking his gains and running right back into the safe zone. And
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009: Understanding Wind Mastery
Tyrone was in a bit of trouble, while he was taking the time to regenerate his essences, the Tuskupines had seemingly gathered en masse. There was at least three to four dozen of them waiting outside the safe zone for him. It was a bit worrying for him, but there was nothing better than a challenge. He could at least try his best to deal with them, so far his bit and run tactics have been working for him, and even more so now that he had access to the [Wind Mastery] skill, at the very least he could escape if he wanted to.Never the less the Wind Mastery card was a passive, and even though Tyrone really had no idea what it could do, he wondered if perhaps the skill was not as literal as its name. And at the Rare Rank, it should at least be able to have some combat applications or be utilized in such a manner. He closed his eyes, searching deep within himself for the spark that represented the card, he found it almost immediately as he let out a breath, creating a small gust of wind tha
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