008: [Wind Mastery]

Perhaps it was definitely in his own interest for him to be a little careful with his approach, even in his frantic state Tyrone realized this. He had to be careful, one mistake would mean the end of his ambition and life, but regardless he was still going to push through.


He jumped out of the barrier, sailing over the heads of the Tuskupines as he twisted his body in the air and brought both blades stabbing down hard into the backs of two of the Tuskupines. Their screech of pain was made even more worse as Tyrone, yanked both blades out, and jumped backwards just in time for their signature projectiles to flash past his face.

He grunted then took two steps forward, meeting the charge of the final Tuskupine as he used the longsword to bat it to the side then stabbed the shirts word deep into its belly, yelling out in rage and pure emotion in much the same manner and time as the Tuskupine.


Tyrone looted them all, quickly taking his gains and running right back into the safe zone. And just in time too as a bevy of spikes flew in the location his body just occupied a few moments ago. This time the strikes had come from all directions and more than one team of Tuskupines. Seems Tyrone’s hit and run strategy had caught someone or something’s attention and all these had been sent to him to put and end to Tyrone. Either ways they should wait, Tyrone would be right with them, and soon too.


He had ended up with two extra shards, but that was not a bad thing, they could be used as upgrade materials for the card once it had been fully formed. Tyrone was happy, he could have two actives and one passive and so far he has only been using the only active card he had in his arsenal which was [Slipstream] but once this was completed he would have not just a movement skill, but also an attack skill, and in the end it would mean he would be able to speed up his hunting of the Tuskupines and see if perhaps he could move on to the second floor before the day runs out.


[Spike Shot Fragments (100/100) Condense Card?]


Tyrone wondered why the damn thing was even asking him that question, he immediately accepted as all of the fragments lit up. They let out a dull grey light which showed that the card was just a common card. But in the process there was a blast of wind as the illusory form of a card was formed and the color slipped from grey to green and then to Blue.

Tyrone’s eyes almost bugged out of his eye sockets when he saw that happened, he knew without a doubt what had just happened. It was a sight that he had seen once before when he had compiled the fragments for his slipstream card after spending months slaying sparrows outside of the fringe city.


The common ranked card had received a blast of wind and moved up from common to uncommon and that card had been [Slipstream] which had changed to that from a common card called [Quick Peck] an attack skill that became a movement skill card. He was worried though, he could not afford to lose another attack card. Even without it being obviously spelled out for him, Tyrone knew it was either his unknown talent or bloodline at work. It worried him just what would happen when said talent or bloodline would finally be exposed.


[Rare Rank Passive Card Wind Mastery Has Been Generated! +10 to Control +5 to Mind]


Tyrone felt as if he was broken, he wanted to rage and smash something. After everything he had gone through, after all of the ups and down he ended up with which a shitty skill, what the fuck would he want to control wind for. Would he be blowing a smooth gust of wind across the dam faces of the Tuskupines or any other dungeon creature that would want to take his damn head off.

Tyrone was livid and completely besides himself in anger, he wanted to grab the card and chuck it right back out into the dungeon. However the moment his fingers touched it, the card was equipped, removing [Perceptive] in the process.


He grabbed his swords not even caring about the automatic equipping if the card as he rushed right back out and straight into the waiting crowds of Tuskupines.  Almost as if they were in agreement all of the Tuskupines fired off a salvo of spike in Tyrone’s  direction. Every area was covered and he would not be able to move fast enough to get out of the way, he used [Slipstream] instinctually as his body blurred past them all to move to the right as all of their projectiles slammed into barrier between the safe zone and the dungeon.


There was a moment of silence as both Tyrone  and the dozen Tuskupines that had just collectively attacked him wondered how he had vanished. For Tyrone his quick and very rapid movement had been enough to let him know that his [Slipstream] card seems to have been boosted, he was almost 5 times faster if not more.

That was all the clarity he needed as he realized just why he had been able to move that fast, ultimately it seems his new card was not as useless as he thought it was. It wasn’t the attack card he needs, but perhaps it was just the edge he needed to survive this damn dungeon.


He moved forwards, using his normal speed, only to find out that his movement was equally being boosted. There was no increase in stats, he would have felt that, rather it was an effect of the card in question. Tyrone really wished he could see the description of the card, but all that would have to wait until he was level ten. But he was faster, not just in regards to his [Slipstream] card but to his movement in general.


The Tuskupines were still wondering where their prey had gone too, but that wondering was cut shot when Tyrone stabbed his longsword into the neck of the first and stabbed the short sword into the check and up into the brain of the second.

Their death throes was enough to bring the attention of the remaining ten to him, they pounced but a quick use of [Slipstream] sent him behind them once again as he repeated  his ambush on them once again, slaying another two more and bringing their numbers down to eight.

He grinned at them, and rushed forwards, jumping to the left as he stabbed the short sword downwards to meet the charge of another, Impeccably finding the top of the creatures skull as he jumped right back into safe zone.


[Slipstream] cost 3 essence per use, and Tyrone had already used it close to 5 times already from his previous fights and the current one. He only had 20 essence, so his use of the skill was pretty much finite and he needed time to recharge. Plus he really wanted to see what the remaining seven Tuskupines would do now that he has almost halved their numbers.

This was very much the way fights in the streets went, it was stupid to go bell to hell with your opponent, hit and run tactics were the bread and butter of street combat, it was the only way to ensure survival and you usually had to ensure you were the fastest in order for that to be a reality.


The Tuskupines raged and slammed against the barrier one too many times in order to get to him, but Tyrone had taken a seat as he fell deep into contemplation. By this point it was already obvious he had some sort of wind talent or bloodline, he had no idea how long that would keep influencing his card gains but it was an advantage.

At least in combat it meant that he would at least have an edge over his opponents by being faster, and he was hoping that boost would stretch to other card he eventually gains. He didn’t want to assume but it was also looking like the wind talent or bloodline influence his card gains to make them passives or utility and movement skills.


He was not so sure about utility, but now on two occasions his attacks card had been changed into something else that was decidedly not attacks cards. Though he wouldn’t  say he wasn’t happy about it, what had just happened was extremely rare, whatever it was, bloodline or talent it had given a card a two fold rank increase, and this was before fully unlocking it at level 10. It made him excited and at the same time extremely anxious for what his future would hold, Level 10 could not come any faster.


Tyrone picked himself up, as it stands the shards dropped by the Tuskupines would not be able to upgrade his wind Mastery skill, however he could still gather them and use them on his [Perceptive] skill. Even more so was the fact that the beginning of his first deck was already in sight as Tyrone realized the incredible synergy [Perceptive], [Sense Magic] [Slipstream] and [Wind Mastery] had. He could be extremely fast and equally perceptive and since wind Mastery seems to be magic based, he could end up creating a domain special card  or some really interesting combinations once the deck is complete.


He would of course need more cards based on wind, movements and perception. The deck would be epic and even if it is all utility and movement cards, it would make fast, really fast, and right now he was realizing that it wasn’t  the power, the magic or the attacks that would give him the strength he needed.

It was the same old tactic that he has used to survive all his life and that was his speed, nothing could possibly beat that, speed was all that he needed to survive this game that he has been thrust into. He wasn’t sure Segun would agree with that, but ultimately the old man answered to him and not the other way around, after all he was prince of this fucking Kingdom.

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