Wulin : Martial Heroes

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Wulin : Martial Heroes

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A transmigrator from another world is transmigrated into the late years of the Tang Dynasty. He was given a system that enables him to learn martial arts quickly. Swinging the three feet blade to wash the dust of the mortal world. The world is unpredictable and time is ruthless. Tears and blood were shed by heroic men and women. Warriors died in battles. Swordsmen lost lives for their path. What a spectacular way to spend a life! Drink the strongest liquor, love the prettiest person, watching the ocean wide and the cloud high as the wave rises Meet heroes and fight for your martial path. This is Jianghu! This is Wulin!

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  • Saadia Gure


    Dear author, your book is loved by many and we are eagerly waiting for book two of Wulin: Martial Heroes. Been Refreshing this app and updating it many times with the hope of finding the second book. please don't keep us hanging for long

    2024-03-16 02:56:27
  • Aescwine


    This is one is a good story. Really. Since it is a system novel, it is right up my alley. There is no problem with the story. The only thing is the punctuation but that doesn't affects the reading much. All in all a good novel!

    2022-06-11 22:35:25
  • Abugo Oke


    Interesting read. A good page turner.

    2023-04-15 13:32:54
  • Hubert Magoon


    When will the second book be released loved the first one :)

    2023-03-17 17:58:56
  • Enrique Chavez Zabala


    esroy leyendola con calma cada hkstoria es diferente

    2022-06-30 19:00:59
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261 chapters
Chapter 01: A Week Since Then
Lucas look at the status window and he shook his head‘No, my name is not Lucas anymore’ he mutters to himselfHe is sitting on his rattan bed while looking at his status window. He just woke from his sleep and it is the first thing he do after waking up.‘It still feel so surreal’ he mutters to himself.It has been a week since he is at this world. And he still could not believe it. There are memories in his mind that did not belong to him.But the memories itself is blurry. He remembers a few black clothed man, a fire, a fight and that’s it.There is not much he remembered. At least, not the memory of this person name Li Xin. His name right now is Li XinLucas transmigrated.If that is the right term for what happens to himA week ago, he was at his home, playing a game when he seems to be struck by lightning and suddenly appears in a world just like the gameAnd the moment he arrives at this world, there is already problem from the get go. There was a pack of wolves that was coming
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Chapter 02: Qi
Li Xian then saw that almost all of the meat on the large bowl is already eaten.He chuckles‘Today meals are very good. The meat is tender and seasoned perfectly. If not for the fact that I am in a forest and living in an ancient world, this would be like one of my outing adventures’He laughsThis is another one of his method to not go to that dark place again.Enjoy the little things. He took this advice from a movie called Zombieland. He does modify it a bit.He then got up from his seat ready to kill some wolves.‘I hope whoever raising these wolves would not try to find me for killing these wolves’ Li Xin noted that there might be changes in the way this matter would unfold.After all, when he did the quest of killing the wolf, he was in a sect. he has his sect members. It basically was an outing.And the year is different.Now, he is intending to do the same. The wolves might be even weaker than when he fought them in the game. But, this time since the circumstances is differen
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Chapter 03: Sixteen Moves Swordplay
The use of inner skill is to absorb Qi more efficiently. When Li Xin was just playing the game, it was simple. He was just a character in the gameHowever now that he is in this world, it is not that simple.The more powerful an inner skill was, the easier it is to absorb Qi. And as such, age is not the determinant of one inner energy.Someone who is fifty years old might only have thirty-year worth of inner energy and a twenty-year-old might possess fifty-years’ worth of inner energyThis depends on many things. Some sect and martial arts school have powerful inner energy skill manual like the Bright Peak Temple.The Bright Peak Temple or most widely known in Wulin as the Righteous Temple is one of the Three Great Sect.The Righteous Temple is a lot like the Shaolin Temple. In this Tang dynasty, there is no Shaolin Temple but there is the Righteous Temple.And the Righteous Temple has the Yijingjing which could quickly raise one inner energy among the many other benefitsWhen Li Xin
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Chapter 04: Quest
As he was thinking suddenly a sound echoes in his mindTting!‘Ah, music to my ears’ Li Xin said smiling‘Finally, the notification finally popped out’[Quest]The forest is a natural habitats of beast. The host have fought against these beasts to survive and forge a path in the martial way.However, these beasts that have attacked the host is beast that were drugged.They suffer in pain and killing them is an act of mercy. As the host had chosen to side with the heroic path, these act of mercy would increase the reputation of the host toward the heroic pathIn Wulin, danger and opportunity always lies together. Fight for your martial way and keep moving forward!Reward: Medium Gift Pack (the prize will depend on the performance of the host)‘Ah, a Medium Gift Pack’Li Xin was just about to marvel at the fact that the reward is a Medium Gift Pack when another wolf charges towards him.This time the wolf is bigger than the last one and his claws is even sharper. The same could be said
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Chapter 05: Attacking
If one could see how casually Li Xin is in killing these huge wolves, one would surely bow down to the magnificent way he handles his sword.The sword method that Li Xin is using is more than just a swing and lift and falling down. All thirteen methods of the sword are displayedIt is One Sword skill. But he uses the basic methods of sword which is the Thirteen path of Sword. The One Sword technique is derived from the Thirteen Path of Sword.The Thirteen Path of Sword is a basic sword art that any swordsman and swordswoman should learn, teaching the basic of using the sword and the variations in a sword attackThe sword art is not a matter of hacking.If you are hacking, you are performing saber techniques rather than the sword art.Therefore, the sword art is simply these thirteen techniques as a standard.First seek to make each technique correct, then skillful, and then with practice will come artistry. the student first strives with the simple, then moves on to the difficultAnd
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Chapter 06: Killing
So, Li Xin makes his move and lift his sword.This is another move of the Thirteen Path of SwordLifting the Sword which divides into front lifting and rear liftingThis technique uses the three-quarter passive position. The body’s maneuvering here divides into forward and back.Front lifting is for advancing.Rear lifting is for retreating, your left hand assisting your right hand. Your right foot behind fills and your left foot in front empties as you move backBut Li Xin modified it a bit. He dodges left and right, his sword pointed forward and wherever he pointed the wolf’s death sentence is issued.Another wolf jumped towards him with another wolf on his left and he executed blocking the sword.Blocking the Sword which divides into blocking from below [reverse blocking] and overturned blockingFor reverse blocking, use a half passive position.For overturned blocking [using a half active position], deflect your opponent’s sword as it nears your body, aiming for his wrist.But sin
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Chapter 07: Other Skills
Li Xin brought out a dagger. Even though he uses sword most of the time, this did not mean that he could uses sword. Instead, he also had Other SkillsOther Skill is skill that is gained by practicing certain martial arts or skills that will not help in martial arts pathsIt could be bought in the System Store. The price for the ranking up of the Other Skill is different.Some would be pricey. Some would be cheaper. But, the one thing that is consistent is that if one wanted to master the skill to grandmaster rank, the skill point is usually a lotLike martial skill, the Other Skill also could be rank up and it has five ranks. The Beginner, Apprentice, Expert, master and Grandmaster rankAnd his proficiency with Dagger is at Master Rank. It is a pity that he could not buy the Li Flying Daggers. If he could, this alone could make his plans easier.But to kill wolf, that is very easy for him. A dagger appears on his hand and he grips it lightly. This is also one of his trump card. The e
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Chapter 08: The Effect of Fusing Skill
A week ago, he could not have done such a thing. But now, with his sword, he had killed a few dozen wolves in the span of ten to fifteen seconds.If this was a week ago, when he landed before, he could not balance himself but right now, he looks like Duan Yu using the Lingbo Step.Of course, his lightness skill is not Lingbo Step but other lightness technique but he daresay, that there is probably none that have more lightness skill than him.He invested a lot in lightness skill because in the beginning he believes that the most important thing is always to stay alive.And he remembers a lot of the rules of Jianghu.And one of the most important skill that one had to learn if they want to live long in the strife of Jianghu and in Wulin, the one skill they need more than the martial skill is the ability to run and escape.That is why he invested heavily in lightness skill in the beginning and also because lightness skill is the easiest skill set that generated a lot of points since he
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Chapter 09: Sneak Attack
Modify skill is one of his ability he got when reaching Understanding Oneself state.To modify skill, he needs to use either fame points or infamy points or his own understanding of martial path to modify skillAs for now, his fame point and infamy points is very little. As for modifying the skill itself, there is also points that is needed.Introductory level martial arts need to pay (15) fifteen points to modify the skill.The higher the mastery of the level of that technique at the time of modifying the skill, the lower this price will becomeBeginner level martial arts need to pay (25) twenty-five t points to modify the skill. The higher the mastery of the level of that technique at the time of modifying the skill, the lower this price will becomeIntermediate level martial arts need to pay (45) forty-five points to modify the skill.The higher the mastery of the level of that technique at the time of modifying the skill, the lower this price will becomeHigh level martial arts n
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Chapter 10: Quest Completed
As he was in the air, there was a sneak attack.Fortunately, by that time he had finished his attack but he had to change his position in the air abruptly.Such changing of position in midair is not something that is easy and that alone had uses a lot of his inner energy to push that secret weapons that the person throws at him.The gust of wind generated by his body had cause that hidden weapon to sway, the trajectory changed and Li Xin moves his sword that is just touches a bit of that hidden weapon edge.Because of that, he manages to change the direction of that hidden weapon. His eyes look toward the tree but there is no one there.He quickly stimulated his inner energy to his eyes to see any trace of that person but he did not see anyone.‘Already escaped?’ he thought to himself. If not for that hidden weapon attack how could it creates such a toll of his body.‘Like always, I should always have some reserve of his inner energy. There should be no other wolves but then he saw a
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