The Billionaire's Stuttering Bride

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The Billionaire's Stuttering Bride

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Xavier Knight, a 25-year-old billionaire playboy, leads a life dedicated to relentless work and extravagant parties. He relishes his freedom and lives by his own rules, shunning commitments. Contrastingly, Aurora Johnson, a 20-year-old orphan girl, was taken in by her guardian Uncle Thomas. Her existence is governed by the oppressive regulations imposed by her cruel relatives, leaving her feeling helpless and yearning for affection and care. Additionally, Aurora grapples with a stutter, further enhancing her vulnerability. The paths of these two individuals converge due to William Knight, a 50-year-old man who must fulfill a long-forgotten promise. In a world where alliances are formed through arranged marriages, Xavier Knight finds himself ensnared in a union with a woman he perceives as a calculating manipulator. Compelled to wed Aurora, a seemingly innocent young lady, Xavier nurtures a deep-seated resentment towards her, convinced that she employs her beauty to deceive his family. Determined to make her existence a living nightmare, Xavier embarks on a vengeful journey, vowing to expose Aurora's true character. However, as their lives intertwine and secrets unravel, Xavier begins to realize that things are not as they appear. Amidst a whirlwind of emotions encompassing anger, attraction, and the pursuit of justice, Xavier and Aurora find themselves on an arduous voyage where love, betrayal, and redemption intersect. Will Xavier's thirst for revenge blind him to the truth? Or will he uncover the depths of Aurora's innocence and unravel the enigmatic tapestry that weaves their intertwined destinies together? Prepare yourself for an enthralling tale of passion, deceit, and unforeseen revelations as the boundaries between love and hate are tested."


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  • Shabnam Tiwana


    A good read. Waiting to see how the story unfolds

    2023-11-20 16:00:11
  • Nivi Shabs


    So far so good.

    2023-11-20 15:50:20


    Very interesting.

    2023-11-09 22:58:09
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26 chapters
In the dark abyss of her nightmare, Aurora's body convulsed, trapped in the grip of a nightmare. Her head thrashed violently side to side, caught in a struggle between heavy eyelids and the merciless brightness beyond. The fog of unconsciousness clung stubbornly, as if reluctant to release her into the waking world.In the clutches of the frightening nightmare, Aurora fought desperately to break free. Gasping for air, she felt a chilling awareness that her breath had abandoned her. Panic surged with each painful throb, a harsh reminder of the nightmare's suffocating grip.A haunting flashback plunged her into the vortex of her past. A young Aurora, Teddy clutched tightly, sought solace as the nightmare reenacted the stormy chaos of the car ride. Rain relentlessly pounded the vehicle, as it pirouetted in a chaotic dance, swaying precariously from side to side. In the confined space, Aurora's ears caught fragments of her mother's worried whispers, a desperate plea intertwining with the
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Chapter 1
THREE DAYS LATERWilliam Knight sat behind his expansive mahogany desk, surrounded by an air of authority that matched the luxuriousness of his office. His piercing blue eyes scanned through the files before him, his mind engrossed in the intricate details of his business empire. The weight of responsibility pressed upon his shoulders, but he reveled in the power and control it afforded him.Just as he was about to delve deeper into the papers, his assistant's voice broke the silence, filtering through the intercom on his desk. "Mr. Knight, Dr. Ross is here to see you. Shall I send him in?"William paused for a moment, his mind racing to recall the name. Dr. Ross... Dr. Ross... Then, like a flicker of recognition, a memory surfaced. Marcus, his dear friend and mentor, had spoken of a young man whom he had taken under his wing, paying for his education and paving the way for his success. This must be the same person."Of course," William replied, his voice laced with curiosity. "Send h
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Chapter 2
As the evening sun dipped below the skyline, Xavier Knight strolled out of his opulent office, leaving behind the realm of high-powered meetings and multimillion-dollar deals. The grandeur of the building seemed to shrink in comparison to his larger-than-life presence. Dressed impeccably in a tailored suit that exuded authority, he moved with a confident stride, commanding the attention of everyone who crossed his path.Awaiting him at the curb was the valet, a deferential figure in a crisply pressed uniform. With precision, the valet handed Xavier the glistening keys to his Ferrari, a masterpiece of Italian engineering, its crimson finish reflecting the fading daylight.The night air was a symphony of sensations as Xavier slipped into the sleek sports car. The city buzzed with energy, and the warm, humid breeze carried a hint of intrigue. As he revved the engine, the thrum of power surged through the car, and the intoxicating scent of possibility enveloped him, promising an evening fi
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Chapter 3
"Where the hell are my work clothes? They should have been washed, ironed, and hanging in my wardrobe by now. You know that," Thomas bellowed at Aurora, his anger palpable as he closed in on her personal space. Before she could explain that she had already completed the task he demanded, he lashed out and delivered a stinging slap across her face. Aurora crumpled to the floor from the force of the blow, cradling her burning left cheek with her hand. She could already feel the telltale signs of the heat and tingling, warning her of the bruise that would inevitably follow."I d-did, Uncle T-Thomas. It is o-on the c-couch in y-your room," she stuttered out, trying to hold back tears."Are you calling me a liar?" he hissed, leaning down and invading her personal space. His breath reeked of strong coffee, making her flinch. Aurora looked up from the floor, her hand still pressed to her throbbing cheek, and saw his face twisted with anger. One raised eyebrow and crossed arms conveyed his di
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Xavier was rudely awakened by the intrusive beep of his alarm, a cruel reminder of how little sleep he had received. With a groan, he reached out to silence the persistent noise.Xavier's eyes fluttered open, squinting against the invading rays of morning sunlight that pierced through the bedroom curtains. As consciousness slowly seeped in, his gaze darted around the room, landing on the sight before him that sent a jolt of confusion through his hazy mind. Two women lay entangled beside him, their forms partially covered by the tangled sheets.A whirlwind of fragmented memories tugged at the edges of Xavier's recollection, teasing him with glimpses of laughter and swirling drinks. There was a tantalizing sense of freedom lingering within the hazy recesses of his mind, yet the details remained frustratingly elusive, lost in the thick fog of intoxication. He groaned, a headache pounding in his temples, as he desperately attempted to piece together the puzzle of his blurred evening.His
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JOHNSON'S HOMEIn the modest living room of the Johnson household, the air was heavy with an oppressive silence. Aurora cleaned the dining table, her heart racing with unknown anticipation and fear. The creaking of the front door signaled the arrival of her uncle, Thomas Johnson, a man driven by greed and a relentless hunger for wealth.With a sinister smile, Thomas glanced down at the documents in his hands. Finally, William had delivered on his promise, sealing the deal that Thomas had been relentlessly pursuing for the past six months. It was a win-win situation for him. He knew all too well that Aurora's marriage would be short-lived, as accidents could easily be arranged. Once she was out of the picture, her inheritance would fall into his grasp, along with the added bonus of a lucrative multimillion-dollar deal he had just secured with William Knight. Life couldn't have been any better for Thomas, as his devious plans fell perfectly into place.Thomas entered the room, his gaze
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Xavier slammed his fist into the steering wheel, his knuckles white, and a barrage of profanities escaping his lips. His frustration was palpable, and his father was the epicenter of it all."Fuck!" he roared, raining blows upon the unyielding wheel, the remnants of his heated exchange with his father coursing through his veins. Finally, he halted, his labored breathing syncing with the rhythm of his racing thoughts. Through the windshield, the oncoming traffic appeared as a blurry tableau.His head shook, desperate to find an escape from this mess. "Relax, buddy, just breathe," Alex, offered with a concerned look."Relax! Seriously, Alex, you want me to relax? My life is spinning out of control. My dad has lost his mind. I can't believe he's forcing me into this," Xavier hissed, his frustration palpable as he struck the steering wheel again."I tried to forget everything for a couple of hours at the club, but it's not helping. This Aurora girl is driving me insane."Xavier's face dis
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It was late, when Xavier finally staggered into his luxurious penthouse. His mind clouded by the impending marriage. The opulent surroundings that usually brought him comfort now felt like a gilded cage. Despite his recent tryst with Elizabeth, his agitation still lingered. He couldn't fathom that his father was resolute about this marriage. There had to be a way out, an escape from the shackles of this unwelcome union.Kicking off his shoes, Xavier traversed the grand lounge of his penthouse, his mind swirling with a torrent of possibilities. A crystal decanter beckoned to him from the bar, and he couldn't resist pouring himself a generous glass of scotch. He swirled the amber liquid around the glass, lost in thought.Maybe, just maybe, he could unearth some damning information about Aurora—something that would expose her true intentions. Or perhaps he could persuade his father that he was not cut out for marriage, that a commitment of this magnitude was beyond his capabilities.Howe
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Xavier cranked up the volume on his stereo, the music's throbbing beat filling the meticulously soundproofed room, a sonic force field against the outside world. His jumper was cast aside, finding a temporary home on a weathered wooden bench, as he exchanged his trousers and shoes for sleek black jogging pants and well-worn sneakers. Methodically, he wound protective wraps around his hands, their tight embrace offering a sense of readiness and purpose. With a focused determination, he advanced toward the awaiting punching bag, the room's atmosphere charged with the promise of cathartic release.Xavier's frustration boiled inside him like a relentless storm, an unyielding tempest that had been building for far too long. With each punch, he channeled his pent-up anger into the leather-clad punching bag. His knuckles throbbed with every impact, mirroring the pain he wished Aurora could feel. The room's soundproofing muffled the furious pounding, creating an eerie silence that contrasted s
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As the morning sunlight filtered through the window, Xavier stirred from his restless slumber. A trail of delicate kisses and the soft touch of a finger on his chest brought him fully awake. Opening his eyes, he found himself face to face with the one of woman from the previous night, her gaze filled with longing and desire.The girl with auburn hair remained sound asleep, her form barely covered by the rumpled sheets.A groan escaped Xavier's lips, a mix of exhaustion and reluctance. He met her gaze briefly before disentangling himself from the women in his bed, his body and mind still heavy with the weight of his troubled thoughts."I think it's time for you two to leave," Xavier stated curtly, his arms crossed over his chest as he regarded the women. There was a coldness in his tone, a clear indication that the passionate night they had shared was nothing more than a fleeting indulgence.Confusion and disappointment flickered across the first woman's face as her gaze swept over the
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