The diary of Lizz

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The diary of Lizz

By: Lary lima OngoingOther

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Lizz's diary is a work that portrays the overcoming of a young writer. Drugs, alcoholism, and in the middle of all of this, love and overcoming emerges. A person's addiction begins the moment they can no longer live without it. Eliza Campos was a promising writer and had everything that someone her age could want, until she unfortunately fell into the world of drugs and left it behind. Tired of how her life was and thirsting for change, she starts working at Monterey Publishing, one of the most well-known publishing houses in Brazil. Eliza then finds herself completely lost when she finds herself in love with her boss, the mysterious Pedro. What awaits Eliza on this new journey?

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Chapter 01
Chapter 01Eliza CamposMy addiction to drugs began after my parents separated when I was still a teenager. My mother had just discovered a betrayal that had lasted for a long time.Since the separation, my father had left home and to forget my problems, I started to use drugs.Everyone expected me to be the pride of my family, but, in fact, I only brought heartbreak and suffering to everyone around me, well, that's what I thought. Other things could have happened if I had told my mother from the beginning when it happened. I know that my mother feels sadness and pity for what I have become.I am the youngest daughter, I was known as the fantastic girl, that's only because I was a dreamer, who had dreams like any other and never gave up on anything, but since my addiction to drugs, everyone has turned away and even thought of helping me overcome all of this, people who called themselves my friends and would be with me come what may, and that's how you find out who are real. Your famil
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Chapter 02
Chapter 02Eliza CamposAfter leaving the meeting with Mathews, I immediately went to the house, but when I arrived at my destination, I could already see from a distance that my mother and my brother were already there. My mother was probably just here to snoop into my life, since she always did things like that.As I approached Lucas, I nudged him to make him realize that I had already arrived.— Lucas, what are you doing here? I told you that you don't have to do this anymore. I'm always cleaning the house whenever I can," I ask Lucas, looking annoyed.Lucas then turns toward me, smiling happily. We have always had a very close relationship, even closer than me and my mother. Without me expecting any reaction from him, he launches himself toward me and hugs me tightly.— Lizzie, my sister, how I've missed you," he says, calling me by a nickname he has used since we were children.— Lucas has already said that I shouldn't be called that anymore. You know I hate this nickname," I say
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Chapter 03
Chapter 03Pedro MonteiroI woke up with the awakening of my cell phone, the sun was already coming through the window, causing a strong luminosity against my eyes. Then I wake up and feel my eyes burning, I blink my eyes slowly for a few minutes until I get used to that brightness.I squinted slowly, but I didn't want to wake up Heloise, my fiancée, we ended up sleeping late last night after a senseless argument, because she believed I was hitting on one of the newest writers in the company, just for greeting the young woman with a kiss on the hand.Her face was resting on my shoulder, almost on my bicep, but I managed to move successfully without waking her. After successfully getting out of bed, I proceed to the bathroom where I perform my necessary personal hygiene and return to my room where I see that Heloise was still sleeping.As soon as I am in front of the closet, I look at my clothes for a few moments and choose to wear a black suit, dark pants and shoes in the same color.
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Chapter 04
Chapter 04Eliza CamposI wanted to understand why Pedro looked at me that way, it seemed like he was going to unveil my secrets, that made me embarrassed, I had never felt that way.I walk a few minutes with Carla to her desk, where she picks up a piece of paper where it says the schedule she has to work.— Eliza, I am happy to have you on our team, here is the paper where the working hours are marked, you will start tomorrow only because we urgently need someone to take care of Mr. Monterey's schedule, I was not able to do it – She says handing me that paper and after reading it for a few minutes, I say.— I will also love to work here. I understand that I will have a lot of work tomorrow, but this will be amazing, it has been a long time since I have had a job," I say with a laugh. I really had been out of work for a long time since I got addicted to drugs.Not only that, but I felt so close to Carla, it seemed as if I had known her for so long, a friendship of years. I don't know
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5Eliza CamposAfter talking to Giulia, I realized that it was already very late, and I had to go home. I had to pack a few things and get ready to go to work early tomorrow, since Pedro had asked me to start work in the morning.So I decided to say goodbye to her.- Giulia, I loved being able to talk to you, but unfortunately I have to go," I answered, "Tomorrow, as you well know, I have to start work as a personal assistant.- All right, I am glad you are better, you know that whenever you need to let off steam, I am here for whatever you need," she says.After saying goodbye to Giulia, I get into my car and drive towards my residence.When I arrive home, I finish tidying up some things that my mother had left behind since we had had that little argument. Until today, I wanted to understand why she didn't want me near the Monterey company, could it be that she knows Pedro, my boss?Of course, I didn't care what my mother had said, I loved the new job and thought it would be
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6Eliza CamposI walk with my head down, with a certain shyness and a little nervous, I know that everything has to be perfect, my permanence in the company depends on it.So I decided to ask Carla.- Carla, but, has the meeting already started?- It is about to start, but Pedro asked you to go to his office to show him that project you had told me you were doing.As nervous as I was, I thanked Carla and went to Pedro's room.Upon arriving at Pedro's room, I take a deep breath and knock on his door.- Come in," Pedro says in a thick voice that sends shivers through my entire body.I open the door slowly and speak.- Carla said you wanted to talk to me before the meeting started?Pedro looks deeply in my direction before answering my question.- Yes, I wanted to know about your project, Carla had told me that you had put together some spreadsheets, when I went to your office, I forgot to ask.I swallow dryly because of that look he was giving me, but I hand him the project I cr
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Chapter 07
Chapter 07Eliza CamposI stood in the hall waiting for Carla to call me, the meeting will be with several partners of the company. Pedro really wanted me to present my project in front of all of them. I am very nervous, because for sure in the room would be Pietro and Cassandra, his girlfriend.I don't know how I can face Pietro after his harsh words to me. Not only that, but I know that I have a share of the blame for how our relationship has turned out since I got addicted to drugs. I have ruined not only my life, but the lives of everyone around me.I came out of my thoughts when I saw that Carla was calling me, probably the meeting was about to start. Furthermore, I wiped away some tears that were running down my face and hoped that Carla hadn't noticed.- Carla, has it started yet? - I questioned.- The meeting is about to start. Pedro asked us to go - Carla answers - Are you nervous?- A little, Pedro asked me to present that project - I say.- I am sure that everything will be
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Chapter 08
Chapter 08Eliza CamposWe had just arrived at the Roxy Club, the hottest club in São Paulo, where several people meet to drink, dance, and have fun, and right at the door we almost bumped into Pietro and Cassandra, who didn't seem happy to see me, and Pietro was as if he didn't care about me anymore, as if I didn't exist.Carla turns toward me.- My friend, how angry they are that they came too," she says. Carla had really taken a dislike to Pietro.- Unfortunately, but, what the hell, they are also employees of the company - I say - But they might as well not have come at all, they would save our eyes from seeing this toxic couple in front of us - I completely with a laugh.Cassandra had probably realized that we were talking about her because she almost stepped forward, but Pietro held her back.We giggled for a few moments until we were interrupted by another unwanted person.- By the looks of it, they're pretty excited," Heloise says, "May I ask the reason for the joke?She was p
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Chapter 09
Chapter 09Eliza CamposLucas was driving me in his car to my house, but on the way, he decided to ask me some questions.- Eliza, I didn't believe what you told me. Where were you?I guess I'll get a lecture from Lucas just for having fun.- Lucas, I told you I went for a drink of coke and ran into someone there, you probably already know what happened next.- Eliza, you are very irresponsible," says Lucas.- Brother, stop being so grim - I say - Carla told me that you guys are staying, right? - I said, trying to change the focus of the subject.Lucas ends up getting embarrassed by my question.- Yes, we did, but we don't need to talk about it now," he says, making me laugh because of the look on his face.- Brother, you don't have to be embarrassed," I say and decide to tell Lucas the same thing I told Carla, "I would love to have Carla as my sister-in-law, you two would make such a cute couple.Lucas gives a small smile and continues to drive to my house, which doesn't take long to
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10Eliza CamposAlready in my room, I begin to think that my father and Heloise have the same names and Carla couldn't tell me the name of Peter's brother, I can't explain this whole mystery.After a few minutes of analyzing the paperwork that Peter had asked me to do, I hear someone knocking on my door.- You may enter - I speak to the person, who opens the door, and it is precisely Carla - Do you need something?- Peter told me to tell everyone to gather in the meeting room, it seems that the visitors have just arrived - She answers - Shall we go?- Yes," I say, and so we proceed to the meeting room.I just didn't expect to meet that man again, even more so being the one from the ballad.- Thomas? - I say without managing to contain my smile.When he hears his name called, he turns toward me and is even more surprised than I was.- Eliza, I didn't know that you work here," he says, "It seems that fate is trying to bring the two of us together.Probably Peter had become jealo
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