CHAPTER FIFTY SEVEN: Opinions Ivan would never share.

'It is a beautiful morning'

Alina sighed and proceeded to open the window, she pushed her head outwards and smiled happily.

The sun had risen already with its beautiful rays falling into the room, Alina found it beautiful. She scratched the skin underneath her eyes and looked longingly at the beautiful sun, bathing in the warm light that fell on her skin.

She had woken up earlier than usual and cleaning seemed like a better option today. She wanted to wipe the glasses-too much dust had settled on them these past few days. The sink in the bathroom would appreciate a little scrubbing, even the bathroom floor seemed a bit sticky.

Alina sighed. She proceeded to fetch the needful to begin her task.

As her pregnancy progressed, so did many changes began to occur. She preferred to cover much more skin as she chose baggy hideous clothes, she began to detest company and ate so much. Alina couldn't even stand Ivan these days. Especially when she felt sick, she would raise her voice and yell at
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