Ricky came from a decently rich family. His father had a net worth of over 1 million dollars, most of which was earned through his painting business.

He wanted Ricky to take over his shop, but Ricky wanted to work in the Conreid company. His father didn’t like it at first, but after Ricky’s salary improved, he didn’t have any complaints.

As of date, Ricky earned over 130,000 dollars per year, not including the shares and other benefits. Though Ricky wasn’t that handsome, he had a friendly personality and so had a big friend circle.

Because it was Ricky’s 30th birthday, his father arranged for a grand penthouse party, spending almost 60,000 dollars for it. The cake itself was worth over 5000 dollars. Naturally, most of the guests that attended kept talking about how grand the cake was.

Ricky didn’t have any girlfriend. A lot of women showered him with precious gifts and glued themselves to him at every available opportunity.

Ricky, however, was focused on those women that didn’t show m
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