The Cheap & Dupe CEO

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The Cheap & Dupe CEO

By: VKBoy OngoingHarem

Language: English

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After Adam the CEO suffers a major accident, he finds a dupe who looks just like him and makes him take his place temporarily. Adam was a playboy, and so all the girls he used to date would now come flocking to the dupe after hearing about the accident, but what they slowly see is a completely different guy who acts as cheap as they come, except in bed, only where he’s willing to use protection. However, the women aren’t so simple, and the only place and time they want him to be cheap is in bed! Behold the hauntingly hilarious tale of the cheap and dupe CEO to know what becomes of him!

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  • Sol Rivera Manalo


    Amazingly beautiful story

    2022-08-02 05:44:43
  • Mercy Apagya


    Very educative and interesting

    2022-07-28 05:46:54
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95 chapters
In a remote villa, the foxy maids in flimsy uniforms were wrapping a middle-aged man in bandages, making sure he didn’t experience the slightest discomfort. He had a sullen look on his face as he peered at the old butler who worked for his father. “I don’t want to do this.”“This is your father’s wish,” the old butler said politely. He had little to no hair left on his head. His nose was full of dark spots because of old age. “I spent over a year looking for the right person, and I’ve only recently found him. We should make use of the fact that you’ve got into an accident, Young Master Adam.”Adam sucked in a breath. “Leave us alone.”The maids followed his order without question.Only Adam and the old butler were left in the room. Adam began reading the report given to him. “You said he was a beggar, right?”“Yes, Young Master.”“What’s he doing begging with these credentials?”“The world isn’t fair on everyone, Young Master,” the old butler spoke, almost in a pitiful tone. “His aunt
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The news of Adam Conreid, the CEO of Conreid Lore, dying in a car accident shook the whole state. The scene of his sports car hitting the barricade and rolling was repeatedly played on the news channels.Conreid Schools, Conreid Colleges, Conreid Institutes, and Conreid Training Academies that were all part of the Conreid Lore all announced three days holidays.However, Leher, the old butler of the Conreid family, later held a press meet and announced that Adam was still fighting death.Thirty nine days went by silently, and no one expected that the youngest lion of the Conreid family would finally make an entrance on the fortieth day.In the Conreid Headquarters, on the seventh floor assigned for the Education Department.“Why isn’t he here yet?”“Because he’s probably dead.”‘But, didn’t their butler say he’s alive?”“Obviously, he was minimizing the stock damage by spewing bullshit. They must have already buried his body somewhere secretly. They are not obligated to answer the gene
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A gorgeous brown-haired lady entered the room. “Hi, sir. It’s nice to finally meet you. I’m Mary, the director of the logistics division.” She bowed, thereby exposing the fine line setting her firm, round breasts apart.Before Eric even realized, he was staring at her breasts. (This one’s intentions are way too obvious, but at least she’s good-looking, hehe.) However, the words his father told him at his mother’s funeral rang in his mind: It only takes one glance at a woman’s nakedness for a man’s commonsense to wane. Don’t ever put yourself in that place, or it will drag you into a life full of lies.And he managed to control himself and act professional.Was she doing this on purpose? Eric wondered. “You’re the director?” he also seemed visibly surprised as she barely looked thirty. “Wait, did you say logistics division? Isn’t there already a strategy division?”“Yes, sir, but we operate a bit differently. The logistic division deals with planning for immediate and short-term chang
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The knocking on the door cut the intense kissing short. While Lily was able to easily come out of the deep kissing session, Adam looked like a little puppy that was lost in a paradise of bliss. He had never imagined a woman would kiss him so passionately and even put her tongue in his mouth. Was he dreaming? Or was what he just experienced a reality? “Who is it?” Lily cast an annoyed glance at the door. Evelyn was standing outside with a file on her face. “Tch,” she concealed her annoyance and smiled at Adam before sliding her hand over his face on the side. “Don’t forget to call me tonight.” She then opened the door. Both Lily and Evelyn shot daggers at each other for different reasons. “Hmph, look at you and your pencil-cut skirt,” Lily snorted. “So old fashioned.” Evelyn just walked in and shut the door right in her face. “This little…” Lily ground her teeth. (How dare she ignore me, the managing director of finances! I must put her in her place.) “Sir,” Evelyn stopped five fe
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“Aunt Lucy… I’m going to crush you under my foot. Just wait!” Adam quickly opened the topmost file and scribbled the signature in one quick and continuous movement. “Perfect…” he smiled, but that didn’t last long as the signature was his own and not of the real CEO. “Crap.” He quickly tore the page from the file and tossed it into his mouth while looking at the door. Luckily, no one came inside. He then went on to sign over three hundred documents, and his wrist really hurt by the end of it. To add insult to his injury, Evelyn remarked that his signatures were sloppy. Nevertheless, they weren’t for financial matters, so there was no real issue there. Adam didn’t stay for long in his room, as he had a place to visit for lunch. CEO Adam always visited the most popular restaurant of the city, Ducksbelly, famous for its meat dishes, but it was also infamous for using its female waiters to wear duck costumes that exposed their belly buttons. Though there was nothing else wrong or vulgar
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After experiencing the unexpected, Adam didn’t go to the office but went back to a hotel owned by his relatives, the father of his sister-in-law to be exact. The entire street was named after the hotel, Wamon.His second elder brother Eric married the only daughter of Jason Wamon, a business magnate who owned eight five-star hotels and two seven-star hotels spread out across the cosmopolitan cities around the world. Eric didn’t like the marriage because Jason’s daughter had a disability—born with a crooked leg. However, Eric couldn’t go against his father’s arranged marriage.Eric always hated the fact that his father, Parul Conreid, didn’t force Adam to marry some rich man’s daughter, and he even asked Parul why he showed such partiality to Adam. Parul always replied saying that his father’s name was also Adam, and so he would never force Adam to do anything against his will. However, Parul didn’t give complete freedom to Adam. While Adam was allowed to date any number of women as lo
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Irene.That was his sister-in-law’s sister’s name. She didn’t try anything funny after tickling Adam. So, he was able to simply take her out and escort her to her room, which she very much liked.“Short, orange-haired, and has a bright smile. She’s like a little sun,” Adam was thinking about her after returning to his room.He received a call. The screen displayed the name Sasha. He answered, “Hello, who’s this?”“Are you kidding me? You’ve been through an accident, sir,” an angry voice blasted through the phone. “Your body must be in dire need of a full-body massage. Pick a date and time as soon as possible.”She must be the masseuse, he thought. Adam was told that this woman used to massage tennis professionals back in her late twenties. Now she was almost the same age as him. “How much?”“What?”“I’m asking how much will you take per massage? A full-body massage.”“You know I don’t do full-body massages to just about anyone, but you’re a regular customer, so the charge is a thousan
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All the friends, relatives, and those related to the Conreid family were sent flowers, sweets, concert tickets, and wine. A bottle of Conreid wine cost 9,900 dollars and was only sold to private buyers. Many people felt glad to receive this wine harvested from exclusive vineyards and produced in limited quantities every year. It wasn’t thick, yet it offered a deep, concentrated taste. It was best known as the wine that’ll go well with any meat dish out there.The workers in Conreid companies received gift cards.Evelyn also received a 1000 dollars gift card, an expensive suit, and the Conreid wine in addition. She took it to her apartment, and her parents were most excited by seeing the wine.“A bottle of this stuff costs about a grand!” they quickly said ‘cheers’ before sucking in a small glass of it.Seeing their subtly shocked expressions, Evelyn asked, “How is it?”Her father sipped some more again and shook his head in surprise and shock. “Too good.”Her mother also nodded in agr
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The next morning.Adam took a tour throughout the mansion in a golf car with his niece and nephew. Leher’s son, Jeffery, the current head butler of the mansion, also accompanied him.They stopped by the horse stable. While the children played with the ponies, Adam noticed the very many cars stored in the old shed behind the stables. There were at least fifty cars, so he was genuinely shocked.“Why keep so many cars here instead of selling them away?” Adam asked.“They are all rare models, so in a few years, they’ll sell for a great price, Young Master.”“Oh? That’s a great way of earning money. Whose idea was it?”“Haha, stop joking. It was your idea, Young Master.”“Hahaha,” Adam embarrassingly laughed.“When you said the idea to your grandfather, he was impressed even though he saw through that your real intention was just to ride all the costly cars coming into the market,” Jeffery said and chortled. “But buying these cars is easy, so Master didn’t refuse.”“Buying these many cars
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Adam visited one of the research institutes to check out the progress in the 5G development. He attended the meeting of the directors. However, he kept thinking about Reena. “I wonder how she’s feeling. She must be feeling bad after going through such an experience.”Having lived on the streets, he knew how scary they could be. If he was timid or weak, he would have been physically abused by other beggars or even the police sometimes. Teenagers who got kicked out of their foster homes especially had it rough. Luckily, he became a beggar in his mid twenties, so he was able to fend off from most of the dangers that challenged him.“Should I call her?” Adam had her number, so he wanted to check how she was doing, but he also feared how she would respond. After all, she was an A-list actress who might probably be in a pissed-off mood right now from what the director had tried to pull. “No. Let’s not get ahead of myself.”The field researcher was explaining everything while showing the ani
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