Chapter 22 [Dave's Log]

As Usual Dave Vagner Made his way to the Big Private Villa he owned by the coast. His Father was resting on a luxurious armchair when his mother was sitting by the swimming pool, her legs partially under water. Dave greeted them gloomly as he closed the gate behind him with a pull of his hand in the air. He had mastered Telekinesis yesterday. When His Father saw his son enter, he got up from his Armchair and walked towards Dave. 

With a hug he received Dave into his chest and kissed his head. 

"You are outgrowing me Dave, That's my child *sniff*" 

"Ah, cmon Dad I am 18 already, stop with this smoochy smoochy things" 

Dave said in his gloomy voice. 

Right after Dave left his Father's arms his Mother attached herself on to him. 

"Welcome Daveyy, Mommy made some amazing dinner tonight, there's so much food that you could feed 3 entire houses"

"Then It's better to feed 3 poor houses" 

He scowled and rushed out
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