Chapter 21

"I knew you could do it Marcus"

"I knew you could make it out"

The Old Man, The Flame Emperor said to Marcus zs he paced slowly balancing himself on the bamboo cane on his right hand.

"What Happened to you?"

Marcus asked the barely standing man in front of who had bulging biceps and ripped body before.

"Ah, You know Marcus, my time's up"

"Oh, I am sorry to hear that"

All of the anger he had, vanished when he looked at the feeble old man.

Marcus took a deep breath and said.

"I'll make sure, you get a proper burial"

The Old Man stared blankly at Marcus and let out a sigh.


The Old man patted Marcus's shoulder when he reached him and smiled.

Suddenly the old man pulled his hand and his head bobbed back. The Flame Emperor looked at Marcus with his eyes wide open.

"OH...My" He pressed his hands against his chest as he looked at Marcus in surprise.

"What happened?"

Marcus as always was puzzled.

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