Tales of the Slime Tamer

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Tales of the Slime Tamer

By: Rapture Tales Updated just nowFantasy

Language: English

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🏆["Silver Medal" in Fantasy Category of "Meganovel Annual Writing Contest 2022"]🏆 Flay Eulser is on the brink of death. Even though he came from a long line of ability users born with a gifted Taming Hand that allows them to tame and control monsters, he was unable to use it and was considered a 'dud' in his tribe. Worst still, he accidentally tamed a Slime! Which is one of the most worthless creatures among all monsters! But the Slime was more than it seemed as it showed an amazing power to turn into a sword and have a consciousness of its own! And as the two unlikely partners struggle to get through the deadly circumstances Flay has led himself into, the two quickly discover that there were more mysteries regarding Flay Eulser himself. Witness the self-discovering, slime-taming, town-building, love-budding and world-saving Tales of the Slime Tamer!


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282 chapters
Chapter 1: Waking up in a Monsters Lair
A young man was floating on the calm waters. Miraculously, he was still alive despite fighting the currents for so long.The first thing he saw when he woke up was a shiny, glittering light at the edge of the dark cave he found himself in.“Where… am I?” The young boy slowly crawled out of the pond that he was in. The darkness of the cave would have made it impossible for him to see if not for the light on the other side.“What happened?” The young man began to recall what had happened.As he was still groggy, it took him some time to recall what had happened.He was with his fellow Tamers investigating a mysterious thump that he heard which led them deep down a certain cave. They found a massive underground river that rushed out, and an ambush of a powerful pack of wolves occurred, and the young man fell into this river
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Chapter 2: The Slime Monster
Flay had remembered that the mysterious glowing pool could dissolve monsters that only their bones remained. Flay had also seen how deep the pit was. Even with the long, sickle arms, it would be easy for this half-mantis to leave.Flay ran towards the pool and relied on his hearing to tell if the mantis would throw itself forward, and Flay would make a sharp and low turn to avoid it.After successfully evading it several times, Flay was close to the pool. The manti jumped up once more, and Flay didn’t retreat but charged forward to block that attack of the mantis.CLASH!The sand blocked the two sickle-like arms.Flay relied on the fact that this mantis had no lower half, and Flay pushed back.His plan worked. The mantis didn't have the balance to stay still, and it began to push harder at Flay.Flay th
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Chapter 3: The Grand Escape
The massive Pteranodon was gliding and turning towards Flay, running down the hill.With the forest just below, Flay ran downhill. Thankfully, the Slimes sticky powers allowed him to keep his footing on each step.“Help me keep my balance!” Flay ordered, and he began to decrease his speed.“Master, why are you slowing down?”“Trust me!” Flay answered as he watched the Pteranodon’s massive body assume a landing position.The strong flap of the Pteranodon’s wings created a massive gust on the hill and the corrosive
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Chapter 4: In the Jaws of Death
The strange wilderness full of ponds and hills was terrifying to Flay. His ears could hear the movements in the waters nearby and avoided the ponds where he was sure there were monsters.Flay kept running and running but maintained silence and peak concentration.Even the Slime dared not ask any more questions but was amazed by the hearing of Flay, which would equal the Brute power users of the third Rank of Power who could enhance their hearing. But after seeing how some creatures emerged from the pond, the Slime realized that Flay was at least twice better than them.“Just who is this master of mine? His identity is even more curious than my own!” The Slime was amazed.Minutes passed as Flay moved further and further away from the river. He had been using the location of the stars and could roughly tell where the direction of his village was and where the Tamers
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Chapter 5: Flay’s True Strength
The massive figure of the Pteranodon cast a huge shadow on the ground that it flew over. Yet despite its massive wings, Flay knew that this dinosaur couldn’t fly but only use its wings to glide over the land. But its size and its powerful strength allowed it to leap and glide over hills.The shadow drew closer and closer, and both Flay and the gator both trembled in fear.But the massive shadow of the Pteranodon flew over them. Flay could see the shadow zoom by. Unexpectedly, they were not its target!BOOM!The Pteranodon landed elsewhere, and Flay couldn’t see it from the jaws of the gator.Flay sighed in relief.“What happened? I thought we goners…!” Flay sighed in relief.“It didn’t attack us? It’s probably this gator! The Death Mark can’t sense me as
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Chapter 6: The Sol System
“A system?” Flay asked as he heard the term.“Yes. The Eos group known as the Sol were among the strongest members of the Eos. I was bestowed by each of them this power and was ordered to assist a might hero that will rise. They never told me who, but it’s getting more and more obvious that they meant you.”“Me?”“Yes. Your battle instincts allowed you to take a simple ability to stick to stuff and use it to flee a monster that is several Ranks of power greater than you! Not even the heroes that I knew can do what you did!”Suddenly, the gator began to shake as they tried to move around.Flay was stunned as he could feel the gator moving up in the hill.“Stupid gator! It’s moving because it no longer sees the Pteranodon! But I can still hear it!” Flay cursed.Read more
Chapter 7: Pluton
Hope.This was a precious commodity in the village of Flay, especially since the past months have been particularly brutal for the Tamers.But Flay now had great hope. And not just hope, but motivation. He could save his village and lift them out of the cruel injustice and dangers it faced. And it all would start by killing the gator.“So you think that with a sword, my power can reach apprentice swordsman because of my Brute power?” Flay confirmed after hearing Kairo’s various explanations as to why Flay’s strength was not constant.“I’m positive. By the time we reached this pond lands, you already battled across the river, and while I was healing you, it could only do so much because of the Death Mark. Now that the mark has weakened, and my healing abilities have refueled your energy, you should have enough power to kill and stab this gato
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Chapter 8: The Cursed Taming Hand
Kairo was pondering on the meaning of the vision. Why did he have that vision when he tried to force the power through the mysterious obstruction that stopped him from sending the life essence of the monster core to Flay?What was that vision? His masters talked of Pluton and attacked this person?The logical conclusion was to assume Flay is Pluton.“But that’s impossible! The Eos has the powers of Foreknowledge! They would have known that this Pluton would be here! There must be a deeper mystery!” Kairo began to think and knew that there should be something the Eos had done. Even his awakening was mysterious as it made no sense that he was a slime pool being used by the Pteranodon for whatever reasons.“Kairo? Are you alright?” Flay asked again.Kairo was startled and glanced back to his master. He st
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Chapter 9: Beyond the Pond Lands
The strange land with many ponds was an unusual place for Flay.The dark of the night was thankfully not a hindrance to Flay, who now could see in the dark with his new strange powers.It had been several minutes since he jumped out of the Pteranodon and sprinted as fast as he could. The creatures had gone into hiding at the appearance of the Pteranodon, and this meant that Flay could make his escape from the region without being detected. And so, Flay bravely traveled through the land, knowing that he could buy himself more time.Using the stars as a guide, Flay began his quick run towards the location of the Camp Site.“The Tamers should still be there! I just hope everyone is safe from the attacks of the Might Wolves!” Flay thought to himself.“Master. We can use the Pteranodon a few more times.” Kairo ad
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Chapter 10: Midnight Panther
Kairo began to devour the plants and shrubs that were nearby quickly. It would slowly envelop and digest the plant, and its slime form would change in color. A green coating soon filled it as the leaves of various plants were devoured.But as expected, the Life essence that it got was not even noticeable to Flay when he tried to absorb some.After devouring the second plant, Kairo condensed all the green coating into a small ball. Soon, a large ball was formed, and Kairo spat it out.Flay grabbed the strange green ball. It was slowly starting to melt away.“Mix that into your body, Master. That should hide your scent. It’s plant essence, so it will make you smell like a walking plant. As a result, most monsters should avoid you.”“Great! How about them stamina pills? I need to keep running out of here to avo
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