Chapter 3

"Legendary Seed!!?" Gabriel jumped from his seat. How was that even possible???.

He got annoyed quickly, all the attention he had till now was grabbed by Dave, Who now had Awakened a Legendary seed from all of these people. 

Gabriel felt like a 3-year old whose lollipop got stolen. Marcus ran towards Dave at full speed and slapped him. Dave in return slapped him hard. Both of them looked at each other, rubbing their face in pain.

After a split second both of them grinned. 

"Legendary Seed!!" 


Both of them screamed out and hugged each other, prancing awkwardly in front of others.



Mage 'Earth' stepped forward to the podium and tapped on Dave's shoulder. 


Mage Earth came Face to Face with Dave.


Dave replied with a sudden nervous bow. 

Dave was yet to learn the gravity of the situation he was in. He had awakened a Legendary Seed minutes ago!!.

Of course, the 8 mages will Fight and argue with each other for him and might differ on opinions in the future, But Dave was more concerned about Marcus than himself. 

He was worried whether Marcus might stray away from him because of his achievement. Dave turned to look at Marcus, But there he was standing beside him, his head high and Cheeks slight red, which made Dave realize how proud Marcus was feeling. 

"No, No, No!!!" 

Gabriel grabbed Dave's collar pushing Mage Earth to the side and raised his hand to slap him. His hands stopped millimeters away from Dave's face 

"Wha...Wh...Why can't....I...Mo..Ve." 

Gabriel stuttered as Mage Earth peeked from his shoulder. 

"You better Discipline yourself Son" 

She replied with the same smile and warmthness. 

She snapped her fingers and Gabriel was pushed back to his seat. 

He sat there motionless and Unconscious. 

"Well, That's taken care of." 

She said with a chuckle.

"Thank you" 

Dave replied.

"It's ok. Can I ask Mr. Dave to join me after the test please??"

Dave turned to Marcus with a surprised look and Marcus reflected him.


Dave replied scratching his chin, Confused.

The rest of the mages didn't seem to move or approach Dave. They were frowning in Displeasure. Marcus smiled as he realized that the other Mages were kicked out of the possibility list by Mage Earth. 

Mage Earth was the strongest of the Bunch. Specializing in all four elements. Even though others had a stronger Element usage power, they could only specialize in one or two elements at the maximum. So her extra Slot of Elements gave her the Upper hand easily in the Continent of Krozon.

"So that's Clarified, then go on with the Test people!!" Everyone settled down and Dave walked with Mage Earth and Sat with her in the front lines.

"Roll no 60, Marcus G Orno" 

Miss Sylvia called out his name with utmost care this time. She had realized her mistake by underestimating Dave - Son of Two Peasant Seed Users, So she now couldn't ever Judge others by their looks and their Parent' capabilities. To say it simply, she had learned her lesson.

"Yes miss" 

said Marcus and walked towards the Circle. He was trembling. He was nervous, Obviously duh!.

When Marcus was just a few inches away from the circle, Dave called out to him from the front seats.

"All the best, Marcus!!. I wanna see you with me in the *Unreal Revoker Academy* next year" 

"You bet!!" 

Marcus's nervousness spoofed into the air at the very instant. He thumbed and grinned at him.

"Now go for it Brother!!"

Marcus entered the Circle. The Podium started vibrating and the globe started flashing. Everyone was expecting another Legendary Seed User and Gabriel, Who was awake now was grabbing his head 

"No No, Not him too"

With a surprising snap and a wave, the flashing stopped and the vibration ended.

The Circle in the center was not glowing at all and the globe in his hands was not responding.

Gabriel's eyes widened and his face twisted into a maniacal grin as he shouted.

"*FieldDust*!!!!" Marcus is a FieldDust, Hahahaha" 

Others also started laughing at Marcus who was trembling, his hands on the Globe pressed hard as he teared up. Drops of water fell on the globe and it rolled to the ground slowly with the pace of a sloth. He was stunned!!.

Marcus was crying. There was no way he was a FieldDust!!.

(FieldDust's are those who didn't have a Seed at all, Making them utterly useless in this world where the Seed one had mattered the most)

Marcus fell and sobbed, There was no way he could return home now. He was useless. A complete disaster no one would want. 

Only his friend reacted to his drop.

Dave jumped to the podium and rushed towards him. He raised him and looked at him Face to Face, eye to eye.

"Bro it's Ok...Marcus look at me" 

Dave paused shaking him with his firm hold.

"I am ready to Hand over my Seed to you, It's the right thing to do!!!"


At first, Marcus thought his only friend was joking but after experiencing it himself and seeing Dave's serious-looking face, He realized how great of a friend Dave was. 

It was possible. If both of the party were satisfied with the cause and was willing to Trade or Gift the procured Seed to the other, then the other would receive it from the previous User, if they accept it.

It meant Marcus could have a legendary seed!!. Just like he dreamed of.


Marcus was not one of those who would ask for something that great, just for respect and position in society.

It also felt like he was doing a grave sin by snatching his true friend's deserved gift.

"Request denied" 

Marcus grinned and then laughed hysterically. Dave's eyes shot up in surprise.

He was caught by surprise when Marcus shook his arm off and ran towards the Academy stairs.

Dave felt a bad feeling rising in his chest. It has always been like that, the synergy they had was so great, that whenever his heart felt tight, It meant Marcus was going to do something stupid.

He gave no second thought as he stood up and chased after Marcus. 




Marcus wheezed and spat out phlegm once he reached the 5th floor.

Dave was 10 steps behind him, his eyes carrying fear.

"A complete useless" 

Marcus said as he paced over to the edge of the Academy Terrace. 

Dave gasped and took some air in as he emerged from the door. 

His eyes widened when he saw his friend's back. 

"It's been fun, Wolfy" 

Marcus cried, remembering his time in the arena.

His vision directed back to the door and his body rotated like a cartwheel as he turned to face his terrified friend.

Marcus was standing at the very edge of the top floor of his 50 foot Academy.

"What are you doing Marcus??... Step Down."

Dave shouted, his eyes wide with fear.

"Sorry Dave" 

"What do you mean?? Take my Seed!!! Marcus, I beg of you!!." 

Dave said, closing his distance slowly towards his Friend, his eyes were tearing.

He knew he had to be careful and slow as possible. Rushing in would only ignite his friend's suicidal feelings.




The time went still. Marcus spoke out when he saw what his friend was trying to do.

"You were a great friend, A family, and A Brother too. Thank You for everything"


"Please look after my parents if you could"




Dave screamed as he jumped to grab Marcus who was falling backward. 


The jean ankle which he grabbed ripped and Marcus continued his fall, plummeting headfirst because of the sudden pull.

Closing his eyes, Marcus imagined the cloudy sky, rumbling above him.

"Why God?, Why me?" 

Tears trickled down his cheeks.

"EHEM!... Mic Check, Mic Check... 1, 2, 3. Ah dear Marcus, your time has come. Find me as soon as you arrive" 

A sudden voice rang in his ears as Marcus snapped in surprise. 

The clouds above him started acting out and appeared to forge a cluster above him.

However, before he could do anything, the clouds had coalesced and a devastating lightning bolt had died down at him.


*Complete Blackout*




Dave who saw this from the roof muffled his cry and held his head in disbelief.

Mage Earth along with Miss Sylvia had bolted through the door right after Marcus had jumped.

"Wha...What Happened??" 

Miss Sylvia asked, puzzled at what had happened. The Mage was beside her, who stared down at her feet.

Dave's stuttering dry voice came as a shock to them.

" Jum...ped...And then he vanished..."

*Surprised Pause*



Author Note:

Unreal Revoker Academy - Where Monarch seed Awakeners and Legendary Seed Awakeners continue their Training and Studies.


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