Chapter 2

The 8 mages emerged out of thin air and settled themselves in the auditorium.

The auditorium twinkled with elegance as all 8 of them circled. The top mages in the mainland were named after the planets existing in the Shock Way Galaxy.

They were...









All 8 of them were remarkable mages, hauling years of experience and knowledge on the battlefield as well as magic.

Just as the Mages separated and faced the present audience, everyone stood up and bowed, positioning their hands in salute. The Salute position is generally known across the world and is just the same in every aspect of life.

While saluting, the ring finger is folded down, held by the thumb finger, and is placed just under the nose covering the mouth. The head is supposed to be bowed down 45 degrees down.

(The angle may vary according to the person, everyone can't just take a protractor and measure their angle...Duh!)

The covering of the mouth while saluting depicts the respect given to an acknowledged and respected person. It depicts how you should be silent and lenient while facing someone stronger or someone who's sitting higher than you.

It was as well a common thing to do when powerful groups attended a cluster of weaker groups. This was also in every aspect considered a sign of respect.

Whereas the salutation given to the king may vary according to the person before him. When the king is present before a civilian then the civilian is supposed to kneel and salute.

Whereas if it was a Legendary Revoker, just the normal salute or a wish would suffice.


Right after the second's hand hit 12, everyone came to terms and acknowledged the arrival of the Mages. Then slowly with another bow, took their spots in the audience seats yet again.

Due to the immense magic power radiating from the Top Mages, the awakening circle along with the awakening globe in the very middle of a lofty platform began twinkling with the color of pure white.

A total of 360 students, 60 from each class, starting from division A to F stared nervously at the mages and the globe amidst them.

All of them knew this was deemed to be, if not the most important day of their lives were looking at the globe, sweating and anxious about what they might awaken and what their future had in the bag for them.

Marcus was one among them as well.


In just a matter of two minutes, the mages had facilitated the awakening globe. The awakening of the globe played a vital role while awakening as they boosted their chances and the probability of awakening a good perk.

When the mages had finally completed activating the awakening globe along with the circle, they settled into their seats on the very frontlines which were entitled to them.

Yes, The Mages just didn't have the job of awakening but to choose as well. Every year the mages had to select students, who could, in the long run, boost the power of the country, or rather the entire continent, and help them train to the path of perfection. 


One of the teachers from the academy stepped off from the dais after delivering his thanks to the mages for the day.

And just after a minute of some casual preparations, it was finally the time to move forward to the main program of the day.

It was soon, the time for the Awakening Test to begin.

Every student existing in the auditorium was given their specific 'Roll Number', so that the awakening process could be, without a mess, come to pass smoothly.

It was also provided to the students to avoid confusion n.

The Pupils were presumed to first step onto the elevated stage and then to the circle according to their Roll Number and wait until the circle gleamed white. 


The first student to go for Class A was the Class representative, Roll Number 1, Micheal Rorark.

Micheal was Tall and Handsome. He scored 6ft 1 inch on the height table and was momentarily walking towards the circle.

His hair was black and short.

His face had some freckles but they weren't evident from afar.

Nervousness was apparent in his stance, but how he twisted his face firmly seemed to contradict the fact.

Micheal came to an abrupt stop as he reached the very center.

The circle glinted white instantly when he joined the podium.

Everyone's eyes were on Michael when he placed his hands on the globe. They saw him inhale a whiff as his body shifted to substantiate his trepidation.

Because the stage was in the very middle and students were all around him in a circle, Michael closed his eyes so that the fear in his eyes wouldn't be visible.

He was from a noble family.

'There's no way I'm gonna fall low like peasants. I'm not scared. Micheal, you are not scared!!'

The picture of Dave and Marcus appeared in his thoughts as he assumed of peasants.

'Yeah, Not at all like those 2 losers'

After the pause of a whole 5 seconds, the podium commenced rippling. Multiple flashes of colors twinkled from the globe.

Even though it wasn't the first time they saw people undergo the awakening test, the students nonetheless gawked at what they saw.

On the other flank, Marcus's eyes glistened brightly through his glasses at the spectacle.

'Goddamn, this is

A - M - A - Z - I - N - G.'

He thought.

The festival of colors eventually subsided as the oscillation under everyone's feet ceased to happen.

As the audience stared at the man in the very middle, their vision was greeted by a red flash.

The globe in the very middle, which was clenched by Micheal was shining blood red, the circle was as well a pool of red.

"Uni-Unique Seed !!!" 

Miss Sylvie clamored.

They were staring at him, they were staring at Micheal Rorark, who was, very well, stunned himself. He was shocked when he saw the globe in his hands glow red. From the looks of it, even a noble like him wasn't expecting it as well. 

"I bet he feels proud" 

Dave murmured beside Marcus.

Marcus, who was awestruck by the glistening red globe nodded his head.

But... the personality transition he had was 'Oscar level' as his face veered around to stare at Dave seriously with a wicked smile on his face.

"Watch me Awaken a Legendary seed" 

(Author cries...)

He said to Dave beside him who was digging through his nose. 

"Yeah... Yeah of course you will" 

He replied sarcastically.


Micheal was being congratulated by his friends and a few girls from the other divisions while he made his way towards his seat.

"I hope girls will talk with me too!!" 

Dave uttered as he gaped at them.

Marcus smacked his hand on Dave's shoulder. 

"Good luck with that buddy!" 

"Shut up bruh, It's not like you have your harem to wash your ass every morning!!"



Marcus retorted with his labeled wicked smile. 

"Soon... kekekekek"



Time was the one to fly quickly as everyone awakened their seeds. There were a few Unique seeds and dozens of noble seeds. It was still favorable as there were no peasant seeds yet.

Gabriel leisurely stood up from his seat as the teacher called out his name respectfully.

Gabriel was smirking when he strolled towards the circle.

His green hair fluttered behind him as he smugly got on top of the podium while girls all around him blushed at him. Being the King's son had its windfall.

Just like others, yet contrarily, Gabriel placed his hands on the globe after wiping it with his gold foiled handkerchief. He grimaced at it as he mumbled

"Eww, why do I have to touch the same globe which the extras used?"

Just like previously, the whole podium began rattling when the king's son placed his hand on the globe. The audience was soon welcomed by the same colors as they flickered before their eyes. 

The ground under the auditorium shook with a tremor that could have presumably demolish a weak building.

The colors died out in a few nervous breaths. When the tremor finally died, everyone blinked their eyes and rubbed them. It wasn't just Miss Sylvie's, but everyone else's eyes were likewise jutting out of their sockets as they ogled at the blue color which twinkled brightly on the globe.

The people attending the test and inside the auditorium along with some of the Top Mages gasped. 

"It's a...Mon... Monarch Seed" 

Miss Sylvie dropped to her knees as a festival of expression flashed on her face. 

"A MONARCH SEED ???????!!!, Yes Sir! He is My student and I am his Homeroom Teacher" 

Miss Sylvie arose with a jolt and saluted the mages who rushed to her side.

All 7 of them, except Mage Earth. She was oddly staring at the two boys in front of her who were on the other side of the lofted platform.

She was staring at Marcus And Dave. But the duo didn't notice her. They were angry at someone, at someone who was sneering at them.

Gabriel was grinning at Marcus and Dave. His eyes carried ego and pride. His eyes quickly shifted towards his new girlfriend, Alisha who had awakened a Unique seed. She blushed at him and bowed her head down with a smile.

The events unfolding themselves before him made Marcus even more enraged than before. The redhead was about to stand up and scream but was thwarted when Miss Sylvie announced the following Roll Number.

"Roll No: 59 Dave Vagner!!"

"Fuck!! It's My turn now"

Dave, who was gripping Marcus back to his seat, bolted up and slapped his friend.

"It's my turn Brooooo!!"

He slapped Marcus again. 

"Wish me luck" 

Dave lifted his hands to slap him again but Marcus who was out of his trance was the faster one this time. 


"All the Best Bruv" 


Dave giggled sarcastically as he held his red cheek while he waddled towards the stage.

"Make it quick, I have other things to do" 

Miss Sylvie snarled at Dave, it was as if she considered him to be an Insect.

It should be obvious because she now had a Monarch Seed awakener in her class.

That was rare in the first place but it was more like expected from Gabriel. Moreover, she didn't rather expect anything from Dave who was the progeny of a peasant couple.

"Just place your hands on the globe and just get lost" 

Gabriel implied as he walked down the stage to his seat.

He shoved his shoulder against Dave who was making his way up, Gabriel tried to throw him off balance and he succeeded as Dave's feet gave away when they found nothing to step on.

With a thud, Dave fell on his stomach. All of them broke into laughter as they saw the yellow-haired boy tumble to the ground.

Except for Marcus, He was fuming with rage.

But Dave gave no ears to their laughs. He slowly stood his ground and started ascending the stairs again.

He was smiling, ignoring all the laughs and giggles which surrounded him. He wasn't, at all, reacting to any of them.

In his mind, He was thinking about how his parents would react if he at least awakened a Unique Seed. 

"They would be proud!! Yeah, and Marcus would go mad as well... Hehe"

Dave veered around to look at his friend who was sitting at the very last seat in the auditorium. Dave's mood abruptly improved as he saw Marcus strut and fist the air, all while chanting his name. 

It made him happy that at least his friend was there to support him.

The circle glinted white as Dave shuffled inside it. He placed his palms on the globe, entrusting everything he had into the sphere of glass.

Closing his eyes, Dave recalled the memories he cherished the most. 

They were all just a hodgepodge of his time with his parents on the farm and the time with his best friend Marcus.

The podium appeared to ripple more than it usually did. It was far stronger than the tremor which gathered when Gabriel awakened his seed. The multiple flashes of light were more vibrant than before that they blinded the audience.

Except for the Mages, they were gaping at him in awe.

The auditorium trembled and the air picked up the pace. The gusts of wind were so vigorous that they blew dust into the auditorium.



"What Happened?" 

Marcus inquired to himself as he waved his hands frantically at the dust which engulfed him. Even though he wore glasses, the vigorous wind deposited ample amounts of dust into his quivering eyes.

The Mages were quick to react. They used their wind spells to disperse off the dust inundating the whole auditorium.

Everyone agreed that 'The Top Mages' deserved their names as they witnessed their magical powers. Their abilities were so polished that they omitted the dust and tidied the stage in a matter of seconds.

But something was off. Hundreds of gasps caught his ears as Marcus wiped the dust from his eyes.

Marcus heard shrill noises and gasps as he blinked his eyes through the glasses to regain his sight.

He looked at Miss Sylvia who was, yet again on her knees for some reason. She was starting at the podium, her eyes were widened.

He noticed her gaze and followed them to his friend, who was, oddly, frightened of something before his hands.

Marcus removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes frantically, trying to clear off the dust. Even though he knew it was bad to rub his eyes, he didn't stop. He wanted to know the origin of the gasps and suppressed shrills.

When he finally confirmed his eyes were clear enough to see through, he put back his glasses on.

He started at Dave, who was trembling for some reason.

Marcus's eyes finally adjusted to gape at the light which was shining brightly on the globe.

It was Orange.

Just like his fellow audience, Marcus immediately found his eyes widened at his friend. Even when he tried to hold it back, the words he desperately wanted to scream, scrambled out of his mouth.




"LEGENDARY SEED!!!???!!!" 


Author Notes : 


I brought in a lot of changes this time and yeah the quality has improved as well. Thank you for reading.


KEKEKEKEKEKEK (Evil Laughter). MCs get these types of attention. Legendary? Nah. I don't want my MC to have a Legendary seed, So I'll give it to his best friend. 


BTW. While Awakening, the color represents the Seed which the User has awakened. So Pink is for PEASANT. Yellow for NOBLE. Red for UNIQUE. Blue for MONARCH and finally Orange for LEGENDARY.



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