Skill Enhancement: I Reincarnated To The Dragon Ambassador

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Skill Enhancement: I Reincarnated To The Dragon Ambassador

By: Salted Egg Shumai OngoingFantasy

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“Mission is the reason people exist” In his previous life, Raymond was a wildlife biologist with the promise of career advancement, but an accident caused him to lose his legs at a very young age. From there, he retreated into the background, becoming a logistics, remote facilitator, and instructor for other young people. A part of his enthusiasm was no longer causing him to gradually forget what an active guy he used to be. He thought everything would pass like that, but a new mission accidentally welcomed him into the Great Myth world. A fanciful world in the story where two species: humans and dragons are having a fierce battle. He was summoned by the dragon king to continue his path, protecting the safety of dragons. Reincarnation brings with him in-depth knowledge of the characteristics and behavior of wild animals, whether Raymond fulfills his mission to resolve the conflict between the two factions, or will he be failed because of the dangerous force lurking behind.

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Chapter 1: The beginning
After the barrier was broken, Frederick crashed into the huge tree trunk. His whole body was a mixture of flesh and blood, different from the clean love he had always had, but it didn't lessen the madness in those eyes. Still trying to brush off the dust from the tree trunk clinging to the lapel of his shirt as boldly as possible, he looked up at the group of people setting up a formation as if just waiting to rush in if he showed any signs of resistance.The Sanctum Warrior hero always put on a majestic posture pointing his weapon at Frederick, next to him was the Mystic Shaman who continuously healed and strengthened him.Eric brought the tip of his sword close to Frederick's neck, and said sternly, "On behalf of the mainland, this time I will destroy you, infidel."Frederick looked at the man who was hailed as the ‘Sanctum Warrior hero' and scoffed, but that smile was half of what he meant for himself. He also once received respect and love from the people on the mainland. A whole
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Chapter 2: Invitation from the dragon king
Raymond opened his eyes, surrounded by a field of golden daffodils accompanied by the sun's rays, making everything shimmering and magical. In the next second, a black shadow slowly flew up from above. The whole body was golden yellow with long wings.The creature lowered its body and lowered its head at the same time as if it were a great salute to him: "Hello, I am the ruler of dragons, Marcus Drake."Raymond couldn't help but take a few steps back, his eyes always fixed on Marcus Drake, his face still maintaining the calmness like an instinct he had learned when facing many dangerous species. Do not turn your back and run away in front of them. It was only in his dreams that he was able to walk like normal, but the majesty of Marcus Drake in front of him also made his legs a bit heavier.Marcus Drake raised his eyebrows and said, "Don't be afraid, I summoned you here for a favor."Marcus Drake quite admired Raymond's eerily calm vigilance. Marcus Drake just stood there, waiting unt
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Chapter 3: The Great Myth world
The Great Myth world is made up of three main sets. The central part is the Great Myth continent shielded by the holy river. Legend has it that the holy river was created by the blessings of the gods for The Sanctum's self-sacrifice to build the continent. Therefore, water was taken here as a reward for people from all occupations who accomplished great feats. The mainland was heavily guarded to protect the royal family inside and the commoners.Not far from the holy river is the next part which is considered as four territories, distinguished as East, West, South, and North, symbolizing the ramparts surrounding the mainland as forming a line separating the human world from the outside. The territories under the rule of the lords all had different powers. Each region represents four main types of occupations: tanker, main damage, support damage, and health pump. When the children are ten years old and above, they can develop their spiritual power due to career predestined. They will b
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Chapter 4: Reincarnation
There is a question that is always asked when people die, do we have reincarnation? The body and soul are often viewed as two separate entities. The body ages but the soul is young. Until death knocks on the door, the soul will leave the old body and continue to go through a new cycle with a different identity.Reincarnation is easy to enter, and difficult to get out. Areas of memory are repeated like a slow-motion tape that makes us remember and repent of the sins we have committed, only then can we be reincarnated.Raymond stood in the middle of the dark and uncertain space, looking at his memoirs from time to time, seeing himself as a daredevil, daring to face all kinds of wild animals, full of life energy.The bright images changed, inside the pitch-black room, there was a guy leaning against the wall, surrounded by certificates of merit, excellent thesis, photos of him smiling brightly and even the tranquilizer vial was half spilled. This was a year when he fell to the bottom at
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Chapter 5: Fighting for the first time
Life always brings us unpredictable events. Events, big or small, are also to test your limits. Instead of sitting around worrying, afraid, and not expecting them to happen, let's stand up to face and step over to create bravery and pride for ourselves.Raymond had read somewhere about these sayings, but if the event is too big and violent then the probability of walking over it or being trampled by it, which one is higher. Right now, he was still in a state of holding a tree waiting for the wild boar to calm down, but he seemed to have become a delicious food in its eyes.Wild boars usually have the habit of following the herd, but when he looked around, he saw only one trying to stay below, so this could only be an adult male pig and separate from the herd to live alone for a variety of reasons. They have large, hard, and sharp teeth that are much sharper than other species.After identifying the wild boar, Raymond was even more unhappy because what he was looking at was definitely
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Chapter 6: Species Equality Contract
A wolf followed the scent of meat and walked closer to the stream, hoping now only to have something to fill its stomach. But when it got there, in front of it were two dragons making a fire to roast wild boar, it quietly turned its head, not knowing if it was scared because of the dragon's pressure or because of the strange sight it had just seen.Harvey and Elias are now frowning, since when do they have to be here to do this job? They are known as the two effective arms of Marcus Drake, having fought with him through many encounters. Not to mention, they are considered war gods, and every species mentioned must be scared, but now they are on the bank of this stream, a fire, one sitting and watching so that the wild boar meat does not burn...Returning to the frozen state of the three, Raymond looked at Harvey's excited eyes and gave him a dragon skin chill. Elias didn't say much and smacked Harvey on the head with his wings as a warning to stop that lustful act. Both bowed their he
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Chapter 7: Absorbing a wild boar's heart pill
A hungry stomach woke Raymond up, consuming energy and leaving his body with no strength left. His eyelids slowly opened as a voice said: "He's awake."Raymond was startled when there were two big faces close to him, he involuntarily backed away but tripped over a rock and almost fell, fortunately, Harvey used his tail to catch it. A sound came from his stomach, and the three of them fell into silence for a moment.Elias saw that this was also a good opportunity, threw the wild boar out, and began to teach Raymond the first lesson, how to absorb energy from other objects: "Come here, I will show you how to receive spiritual energy. "Raymond enthusiastically approached Elias, eyes longing for what he had wondered since the first time he arrived. Elias now looked like a strict teacher that made him suppress his excitement, calm his mind, and close his eyes.“The first thing to want to become stronger is to know how to absorb spiritual energy from other objects. It was fortunate for yo
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Chapter 8: Level of the Beast
After eating and drinking, also known as nourishing blood as Harvey said, Raymond immediately discovered a problem that in the process of contact he had forgotten. He slowly turned to look at the two people lying next to him as if he had forgotten how honorable their identities were."May I ask, what should I call you two?"Harvey was stroking its belly with its tail then stopped, a question that seemed easy but was actually difficult to answer. The two of them made a contract with him to be equal to each other, outside as a guardian, a horseman for him, deep inside, a person who taught him about this world, all kinds of magic. With such difficulty, Harvey turned his head round to ask for help from Elias.Elias saw two pairs of sparkling eyes looking at it, a layer of sweat behind its back. Previously, it had to try to accompany Harvey under the orders of the dragon king, so it slowly got used to its temperament and found a way to live in a consistent manner. Thought everything would
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