Chapter 48

"God Slayer...Prime??"

Marcus read out the words to himself. That was new, He thought. He had heard the Origin Rank which was the second most powerful form of a Demon. He wondered what the God Slayer Prime was??.  The rest of the details were also amazing. 

"Rolak (Ornus king)"

 Lvl : 20140

 Attack : 2000 Ceptillion per strike

 Defense : 4000 Ceptillion (Regen 140 Ceptillion                                             per second) 

 Skills : King's Command (SSSC)

             Melee Master (SSSC)

             Primal Durabilty (SSSC)

             Primal Strength (SSSC)

             Black Hole Wielder (SSSC)

Modify Available"

Marcus's eyes got fixed on the last s

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