My Reincarnation As A Chicken

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My Reincarnation As A Chicken

By: Rados47 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Akira Kuromiya is just an average high schooler who gets killed by a robber. He wakes up and is now a chicken!? Even worse he becomes the familiar of a girl who"s apparently the heiress of a powerful clan. That was for a short while though, as he was abandoned and woke up to find out he, now she, is trapped in a deadly magical forest with all sorts creatures trying to kill her. The world she finds herself is one of magic and monsters like the manga she's been reading. Akira, now Hinotori is trying to live her life as a chicken in another world! The book is quite slow paced, with some arcs seeming quite useless and boring. However, I promise, every arc is important and I urge you to continue. If you can't, I won't try to stop you because the choice is yours.

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202 chapters
000 - Shouldn't Have Played Hooky
I took a tiny scoop of my cherry flavoured ice cream as I read a manga on my phone. I received a message from Ken Miyamura – My Friend, asking me if I would be coming to school, to which I obviously replied with a no. Surprisingly he told me that'd he'd come to where I was. I was surprised that he felt like playing hooky today. He said he would be coming along with someone, so I expected it to be Manyuda Manabu, but boy did he surprise me. He came with Maya instead, which sort of put me in a weird spot. I had confessed to her earlier on, but she refused me and ever since I hadn't been able to talk to her or any girls for that matter. Except maybe Akane-chan. Ken told me that she forced him to let her come with, and threatened to expose us if he didn't. Of course, I'm certain she was joking, but Ken tended to fall for such tricks easily. "Hey, don't you think it's a bit weird?" She asked, sucking on her banana strawberry milkshake "Huh? What is?" Ken a
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001 - I'm... A Chicken?!
Day 1'Ow… my head hurts like hell! I didn't imagine getting shot would be so damned painful. Damn, now I guess I'm going to die.'…            '… huh? It doesn't hurt anymore? What happened? Last thing I remember I was at the ice cream parlor with Ken and Maya. Yeah, some random dude just came in there and started shooting. Ah. That's right! I got shot, didn't I? Well that was anti-climactic. I always said I wanted to go out with a bang, I didn't mean it literally though.'It was a bit dark and cramped. I could see faint outlines of a person walking by. I seemed to be in some sort of curtain, which meant I probably wasn't dead. Just in some hospital. If I moved, maybe they would see me and come cater for me. With that plan set, I began to shift.'Super uncomfortable in here. Let me stretch out a bit.'My body felt heavy and weak. I was tired, but I wanted to l
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002 - Analyst
The girl walked out through a metal door that led to a cave. It was a completely different view from the laboratory. On either sides of the cave were lit torches. Not the modern kind of torches. No. I'm talking about sticks lit with fire. The black dragon ran up her arms and rested on shoulder, leaving me on one of her palms. The girl then grabbed one of the torches, and she began walking through the cave. This led me to think to myself for a bit. 'Was it some sort of secret laboratory? Maybe I was some kind of secret project in the works. Yeah, right. Why give a secret project to a little girl? As if anyone is that dumb.' As we walked through the cave we came to a massive area. There was a large underground lake with a hole in the ceiling which was letting in the moonlight. The lake was reflecting the moonlight, causing it to glow with a beautiful blue hue and shimmer like a gem. It was a very beautiful place but the most stunning feature was the massive cry
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003 - Evolver
'I'm guessing Shiro named her already. Why doesn't she have any unique skills though? She was blessed by the [Fallen Dragon God] as well.' <<Answer. Not all High Ranking Beings are capable of granting Unique Skills>> 'For real? And a simple baby chick like me got 3 unique skills? I'm starting to feel like something bad is going to happen down the line.' The girl, Shiro said something. I looked at her face and his had a bluish shade over it. That's when I realized that the entire time I had been checking our status panels, we had reached the giant jewel. She looked at me then at Karma. There was a very adorable smile on her face. Like she was unsure of something or nervous. She stretched out her hand to touch the gem. I looked at it and [Analyst] activated. 'Looks like it works on objects too.' [Item name]: Gemstone of the Ancients [Item rank]: Legendary [Description]: A gemstone left by a tribe of An
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004 - What Must Be Done
<<Activating Unique Skill [Evolver]. Target is currently in a Lake with no oxygen. Target is losing oxygen. In 5 seconds target will cease to live. Creating respiratory organs for underwater....3...2...1... Organs created. Target is sinking. Creating necessary organ for floating...3...2...1... Organ created. Target is unable to freely move in current environment. Creating necessary limbs for movement....3...2...1... Limbs created. Target is too conspicuous in the designated environment. Creating camouflage....3...2...1... Camouflage, created>>Suddenly, I could breathe. I began coughing as I had been deprived of oxygen for some time. And I realized I had stopped drowning. In fact I was floating towards the surface.'W-what happened?'<<The unique skill [Evolver] activated. Target is now amphibious>>'Amphibious? [Evolver], huh? That's one pretty useful skill. I am so happy I had that skill on me. If not, I'm sure I would
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005 - Weird Forest Pt.I
Day 4 [Due to the unique skill Evolver, you have acquired the skill [Aquatic Form]] [Due to the unique skill Evolver, you have acquired the skill [Heat Resistance]] My eyes snapped open, allowing light to blind me. I blinked several times, before groaning, pain washing over me like I was just beaten by thugs. Or at least how I'd expect that to feel like. All body parts ached and I could barely move. My face felt weird being on the hard smooth surface which made my neck hurt. I decided to stand up. At first, I tried using my arms, but then I realized that I had wings for arms now, which complicated things a bit. I used my head to force myself up and sat down on my bum. My eyes took in the whole view. I was on a river bank, crystal clear water flowing behind me. In front of me, huge trees stood mightily, piercing the sky… or at least to me they were. I wasn't really big. I could hear the river gushing mightily and some insects making sounds as w
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006 - Weird Forest Pt.II
The white viper had way better stats than I did and it was a level 8, whereas I was a level 1. I get that we had the same number of skills, but why were its more attack proned and mine… adaptability-proned?Its stamina and health point were far above mine. Running now would be suicide and attempting to fight back would also be suicide. I had no options left. I was going die again and this time, there was no way to avoid it. I wanted to run. What else could I do? I had done my best, right?Just as I thought I was done for, salvation came to me in the form of a horrid screech. Both the snake and I looked up as a shadow loomed over us. A single black feather fell slowly towards us and landed right in front of me. A shadowy figure slowly descended, flapping its massive powerful wings like an angel from above, here to save me. I used [Analyst] to see who this kind soul was.[Name: [][Species: Black Wayne Level 10/15[Status: [Tired], [Hungry], [
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007 - Whatever It Takes To Survive
The viper completely ignored Black Wayne-kun and was slowly making its way towards me. Its white scales were dirtied with blood and several cuts, but that didn't seem to bother it much. I myself begun to take a few steps back, treading lightly and watching for any sudden movements from the snake.This kept up till I could feel water under my feet. I looked back for a split second and all I could see was a shallow water that became less and less shallow. The snake was getting closer by the second.'What do I do? Agent?'<<Possible solution. Run away.>>'Oh gee, what a smart idea. Wish I had thought that up! Useless agent. First you don't stop the whole soul bond thing and then you can't even come up with a proper solution for me? Hmm, I should have a skill that could help for a moment like this, right?'I quickly scrolled through my skill list and stumbled upon two things. First being, that I needed to learn to shut my beak. As unfortuna
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008 - Larm Forest
Day 5 HISSS Hearing a hissing noise, I jumped out of my sleep, both literally and figuratively. A huge white viper was standing out in front of me, sticking its tongue out from time to time. 'Um… rude much?' I slowly walked back, simply glaring at the snake. I tried to assert my dominance, which in my personal opinion was a very dumb move. The snake snapped at me and I jumped out of the way, allowing it to hit the wall behind me. The whole place shook lightly and snake hissed in pain. I tried to run for the exit, but its tail came for me, sending me flying back. Its mouth was already open in wait for my arrival. Did this snake think that I was going to be its breakfast? If yes, it was insane. '[Adorable Wink]!' I winked my hardest and the snake's mouth shut and it blinked several times, shaking its head. I hit its head and fell back on my back. For a second, I wanted to stay there for a while, but I remembered the massive snake
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009 - The Wounded Hob-Goblin Pt.I
Day 6 It was really annoying being in a position where when injured I couldn't shout otherwise I would just be inviting more monsters that would simply come and rip my head off. I looked at my blood as it trailed down from my wing onto the black crooked surface of the horned rabbit before me. This one was different from the one from before. It had both horns on opposite sides of its forehead like some kind of deer. I wanted to find a way to get out my current situation, when my other friend, another horned rabbit decided to stab my remaining wing. I closed my beak shut and grunted in immense pain. How the hell had these bunnies entered the nest without getting poisoned? I looked at their status again and they actually were poisoned. They were just ignoring the pain. After I saw another status effect. [Mind Control]. <<Mind Control: The user is being controlled by another being>> 「So it's not their fault? Tch, it doe
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