Chapter 67 [Dave's POV]



Dave's new smartphone started ringing just as he reached his home on the beach coast.

He had just reached home after finishing long and tiring paper works back in his guild office. 

Without moving his torso, Dave in a quick motion took out his phone from his jean pocket and opened the door to his room. 


Dave perched his eyebrows as he read the name displaying on his new phone gifted to him by Raka. 


The text, which was in black, was flashing rapidly as a caller tune welcomed Dave's attention. It was a tune he had never heard before. The phone itself was a new one, he acquired it in a parcel which was mailed by Raka in front of his guild house. 

There was a memo affixed with the parcel, which helped him instigate and stimulate the services of the modern device. 

The memo the parcel contained was also an answer to Dave's striking disarray about what those weird

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