Totem Warrior

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Totem Warrior

By: Cindy Chen CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Dumped by his girlfriend, Ares Jones went to an ancient artifact excavation site with his uncle, a famous archaeologist, to distract his mind. Unexpectedly, an accident made Ares fall into the abyss. When he woke up, Ares was in a very different world, and he was in the body of a ten-year-old boy named Rex Hito. Over time, Ares realized that he was in a world where everyone had magical powers. Rex Hito was an orphan from the Flaming Totem tribe who continually failed to awaken his powers. Rex's father was considered a traitor and never returned after finding an heirloom called the Grand Flaming Core. Ares tried to return to his own world, but he was forced to face many dangers and conflicts, and fight many enemies. The mystery of Rex's father, the gods that invaded the Totem world, and the beasts that eroded the strength of the Totem Warriors will confront Ares on his journey to become the strongest Totem Warrior. However, can he return to his own world?

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347 chapters
All of this started with the naughty moan of the woman I love in my bed. It was the night I should have celebrated my six years with her. However, I saw her on top of a man's body without a single piece of clothing. Her moans filled the room. She was moving up and down as if she was dancing on my shattered pride. I saw the man who was lying on my bed was her manager at work.“Meredith!” I shouted.Meredith only noticed me when I called her name. She frantically got off the damn man's body while covering her naked body with a blanket.“Damn it!” I shouted as I landed a fist on the man's face.“Ares! No!" Meredith shouted trying to separate us. She stood in the middle so I couldn't beat the bastard.“Sam! Go now!” Meredith cried, holding me up so I couldn't throw another punch at the guy.“Ares, calm down!” Meredith exclaimed.“How can I calm down, Meredith? I'm waiting for your explanation!” I cried as I broke away from her embrace.“Ares, it's over between us,” she said, looking me st
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Gosh! Life is Harsh!
I thought I was dead, but heaven couldn't possibly look like this. After all, who still felt pain when they got to heaven? My body ached, especially in my cheeks, stomach, and back, as if I had been beaten. Faintly, I heard the sound of a child screaming, but I couldn't hear it clearly yet. I blinked and tried to look around, looking for my uncle. However, what I saw was a completely different place.In front of me was a boy around ten years old who was lifting his chin arrogantly. He wore rags and parts made of woven leaves. On his head, he wore something strange, like feathers that moved left and right. Now I realized that the voice I heard was his voice. The screams were now audible and it turned out that they were all swearing words. I don't know what language he spoke in because I had never heard of such a strange language, but I could understand every word he said.“You should just give up, little worm! You don't deserve to be part of the Totem Flaming Warrior!” cried the boy to
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Gosh! Am I Dying So Soon?
"You want it?" I asked the boy.For a moment, the boy stared at me. He looked like he was going to say 'yes' but he didn't. He shook his head slowly then handed the bowl back to me.“You need it more,” Ben said.I took the bowl, then Ben went to his own stone bed."Thank you," I said and he nodded briefly before laying down on his bed.I stared at the contents of the bowl with a frown, but I didn't have much of a choice. I was very hungry and my body was very tired. Like it or not, I have to eat it. In the future, I vow to make better food for myself. I put it in my mouth and swallow it fast, so I don't have time to taste it.After I put the bowl on the edge of my stone bed, I was surprised by the light that suddenly seemed to illuminate the entire cave. I looked up and realized it was moonlight shining through the open hole in the roof of the cave. The moon in this world is huge, much bigger compared to the moon in my world. Maybe about six times bigger. That's why the light was very
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A Golden Finger is a Golden Finger Indeed
Even if I could run fast now, the beasts would definitely catch me before I got to the group. I thought I would really die now. I've nearly died several times lately, maybe this time it will actually happen.However, before I could blink my eyes, I saw a spear fly past me, narrowly escaping my left cheek. The spear hit the beast right in the heart, pinning it to the ground.I just realized that the beast that attacked me was some kind of giant wild boar. It was the lowest among the kinds of beasts that dwelt in the wild. Even though this beast was the weakest, I would still die if the spear didn't fly in time.I'm still shaking when someone comes toward me. The man had come to retrieve his spear. I recognized him based on Rex's memory. This man who saved me was the Totem Warrior who used to be a friend of Rex's father. Several times he has helped Rex in difficult times. His name is Bil Iris.He looked at me with his bright green eyes. His skin is brown from sunburn. He was tall and we
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We are Doomed
I ran faster, so did my group. We could already saw the shelter in front of us, not far away. I smiled because we would finally be safe and reach the shelter before it got dark.However, my smile was like a lamp that suddenly dimmed when I heard the faint sound of something buzzing and very disturbing. A few moments later, I saw a mosquito the size of a hen, just like the mosquito I had seen earlier in the forest. There was only one mosquito, but it gave me bad thoughts. What if the mosquito turns out to bring the swarm? That would be terrible.A second later, I regretted my bad thoughts because I heard an increasingly loud hum from behind the trees. A few more mosquitoes came closer. I even saw the Totem Warriors at the front starting to panic."Faster!" exclaimed our leader.The flaming torch was burning brightly to keep the mosquitoes away, but a second later my eyes widened to see a swarm of mosquitoes coming towards us. From a distance, I thought it was a flock of migratory birds
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Damn Giant Mosquitoes
Noe closed his eyes as if he was preparing to face death. I then did the same thing, but what flashed in my brain was the golden tree. Suddenly, a golden light appeared and chased the mosquitoes away. A second later, I realized that the light was coming out of my body. More precisely, from the golden tree tattoo on the back of my hand.I widened my eyes, and so did Noe. I wish Noe didn't realize what was going on, but that's impossible. The mosquitoes left us but I was very scared. What if someone other than Noe saw all this? What if Noe told someone else? I don't know exactly about the golden tree tattoo yet, I'm afraid that if others find out about its magic, I will be in danger.My mouth dropped open, not because I was scared, but because I was about to say something to Noe. However, an instant later, I felt my energy being drained away, just as the light coming out of the golden tree tattoo disappeared. It seemed the light only shone for a few seconds, enough to drive away the mos
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I sat while looking around. This shelter was made like a large dome of stacked stones. There were two gates, on the front and back, made of thick and strong wood. Inside were many tents prepared for sleeping, while in the middle was where people gathered to eat or to sharpen weapons.I deliberately waited a few minutes after Noe left me, pretending to be warming myself by the fire. I didn't want to seem close to anyone, I believe Noe thought the same. After that, I returned to the camp reserved for the boys from the logistics team.When I arrived, all the children were already lying in their places and some were fast asleep. Today was tiring. I saw that Noe was already lying in the corner and it looked like he had started to fall asleep. I chose one of the empty spots and lay down there.I couldn't fall asleep right away, not because of the snoring from the boy next to me, but because my mind was full of the things that had just happened. Noe's words were ringing in my ears that tomor
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I Will Definitely Die This Time
“Hello!” I shouted.I knew it was stupid, but I didn't know what to do anymore. My heart rate was literally soaring to the sky right now and my little voice sounded hoarse when I called out. I looked around in panic. My group wasn't there and I don't know where they went. It was so dark because of the denseness of the trees, I barely saw anything. I spread my hands forward so I won’t hit a tree.“Shit!” I shouted again.I knew that my grunts and screams might attract the dangerous creatures in the forest, but I couldn't help it. My group left me, even though I've been trying as fast as possible to get back. They couldn't be far. I have to find them.In a hurry, I tried to find traces on the ground. I'm not very good at it, but I hope Rex can. Unfortunately, Rex also didn't have enough knowledge to read the tracks on the ground. I wanted to swear again, but I held it in. In a hurry, I chose one of the paths that I think looks wider and the trees are more spread out. Maybe it led back t
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I watched the three tigers stare at me unblinkingly. Rex Hito's body may be too small to feed the three giant tigers, but maybe it's much better than nothing. I can slowly guess that these three tigers haven't found food for quite a long. They were so hungry and couldn't wait to rip Rex's little body apart. Unfortunately, I will also feel pain when Rex's body is torn apart.The three tigers growled and somehow, I was able to predict their next move. A second later, my guess was confirmed, they lunged at me simultaneously. I took a step back so that the tiger on my left collided head-on with the tiger on my right. However, there is still one tiger that is now jumping right at me.Frantically, I searched for whatever was on the ground. My little hand found a stick. There wasn't enough time to think, so I pointed the stick at the tiger charging toward me. The little stick was now burning with fire and stabbed the tiger right in the neck. I didn't have time to think about how that could h
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Surviving in The Wild
I ate more meat than I thought could fit in Rex's small stomach until I felt very full. I did all that because I was afraid that if my strength wasn't fully charged, then I would be very powerless. After that, I decided to take some of the meat I hunted into my equipment sack. With great difficulty, I skinned and cleaned the tiger's flesh. Occasionally I coughed because my breath was not as relieved as usual. However, I managed to do it and put it in the sack I brought with me. I tied it up and put it right beside me. The large tree trunk that feels damp is my place to lean on and rest tonight. Rex's small body felt so weak even though the golden tree's strength was fully charged. When I glanced at the back of my left hand, I could see the light was so bright. However, right now it seems pointless. The sky was still dark and the moon was still up in the sky beautifully. The red moon and bloody marks will still be in the sky for several more hours. I kept wondering when morning would
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