Marcus sighed as he frantically clicked on them.

"I don't even know what they mean" 

Marcus thrust his finger into the window and held it on the vial as he sighed in downfall.




"Eh... Woahhhhhh" 

Marcus who exclaimed had suddenly gone silent as he saw the details on the window tab which opened up before him as he held down his finger on the vial, which was displayed inside his inventory. 

[Useless CR Cheat Perk: Demise To Power]

[Demise To Power explained below]

[Demise To Power is called a Useless CR Cheat Perk because it's simply impossible for a mortal to achieve. This perk is very powerful but it cannot bring out its power because there is no 'alive' user who can inherit this. It is simply preposterous. It will be inefficacious... until or unless the user who inherits this power had died at least one time] 

[Demise To Power increases the u

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