Thourne Mansion, Florence Capital.

After finishing his mask, Heith is ready to go and was about to jump from his window when all of a sudden, a figure came out from the shadows at the corner of his room. He has a tall build and black luscious hair. His golden irises was like a glow of predator at night that one wrong move, you’ll get caught by its fang. Unlike his usual bubbly attitude and comfortable atmosphere, his aura changed completely.

“Where are you going Cygne? Your attire is not appropriate for an outdoor walking.” Precise and straightforward, his words didn’t make illusions of flowers and bubbles anymore. Even though his past self is kind of annoying to him, it is still better in his current attitude.

Cygne just shrugged his shoulders and cover his mouth. Slowly, the mana inside the room swirls like condensing gas from a concoction. But before it could escape the room walls, an invisible

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