Isekai Grimoire System

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Isekai Grimoire System

By: Meong CompletedFantasy

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In a world of magic and dungeons. Archie Shellford thought he had woken up in a completely different world until he found a mysterious item containing ancient texts from his previous world. When his curiosity peaked, and all his questions weren’t answered, he met a fellow Outlander. Aided by the outlander's bizarre law—The Grimoire, Archie must live his new life and discover the relationship between this world and his old world.

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  • Dash Zen


    Very good bro, but I suggest you to run your chapters through grammarly since you seem to be struggling with the grammar.

    2023-02-19 00:44:54
  • Gcsage


    Nice novel.... keep up the good work

    2023-01-03 02:11:18
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When growing up, a person will be forced to live within the scope of society. As if it has become the law of nature, the community has standard values ​​so that someone can be said to contribute. In order to pursue that, one must study and try harder than anyone else. This man—he had at least done everything he could. Soon he will be able to live as a civil servant, a job highly coveted by society. But an illness makes his hope vanish. He felt a soft and supple sensation clinging to his face without understanding what was happening. At the same time, he smelled a very soothing fragrance. “Uuh?” "You've finally awake, my dear son." His consciousness began to recover, and he first realized himself being hugged in a woman’s melons. It took a few minutes for his brain to respond to the strange sequence of events. The woman cried hysterically and tightened her arms even more, so the man had difficulty breathing. Even though those minutes had passed, the woman didn't let him go. Nay,
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Chapter I: The Sudden Oddity (II)
He still can't believe it; this should be impossible. He has woken up in another world, in Archie Shellford’s body, the son of Edward L. Shellford and Emeline Shellford.Not to mention that both of his parents were nobles who ruled over a small area around here."Hey, Layla," Archie greeted.Layla was reading a book on the table near his bed. Archie had tried to approach her secretly to see what book she was reading, but for some reason, he always got caught, and Layla hid the book."Mmm?" Layla grumbled in response without looking back at Archie.For the past two days, he had been trying to find all the information about his new world. Archie mostly uses psychology in communication but realizes he can't do the same thing forever.“Do you know about the Seven Days Void?”“Um? Yeah, of course. It's an irregular dungeon with full raid difficulty,” Layla explained without taking her eyes off the book, “it's the dungeon Sir Edward entered to find your cure.”Up to this point, Archie had k
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Chapter I: The Sudden Oddity (III)
The breeze should be cold, but their conversation was warm. Archie and Layla smiled at each other, spreading laughter. Slowly, the bond between them began to intertwine."While we're alone, I want to know what you think about our engagement," Archie asked bluntly.Even though Layla looked a little reluctant, she still answered smoothly. “It is customary for nobles to marry off their sons and daughters. However, our parents' goal was to unite the territories into one…I heard something like that,” she explained.Archie is a young man in his prime. Suddenly having a fiancée like Layla is a dream that is almost impossible to achieve. It's not that he doesn't want to; it's just that Archie won't force it if his partner has a sense of compulsion.He had done that before too.Even so, showing deep interest can repeat the same incident as the bad memory. Conversely, being too ignorant will also bring bad effects. The point is he should not overdo everything.Archie has the ability to speak in
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Chapter I: The Sudden Oddity (IV)
Archie took a trip out for the first time since his awakening. The distance between the Whitehall residence and Shellfrod is not too far, only about an hour away by horse-drawn carriage.One carriage is used to pack their gifts and supplies. In the center of the formation was the carriage he and Layla rode in. In front of it was the carriage used by the bodyguards."I didn't know you were coming, Archie.""Is it? I wanted to thank your families in person. Besides, it wouldn't be strange for your fiancé to visit.”A reason like gratitude was more than enough. For the rest, Archie was teasing Layla a bit."Isn't your horse tired, Uncle? You've just arrived and left immediately,” Archie asked the coachman.“Haha, it's okay, Young Master. We've equipped the horses with magic items. Moreover, a trip like this wouldn't be enough to tire you out, would it, Molly?"The horse neighed and raised its front legs excitedly, hearing its name being called. “Woah, woah, Relax, Molly. I know you enjoy
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Chapter I: The Sudden Oddity (V)
Everyone's gazes looked strange as if they were smiling at themselves. Layla standing beside him, could only lower her head in shame at what Archie had just said.The laughter from Zachary stopped, but his face seemed satisfied with the words he had just heard."So that's it. It's natural that you two dared to go alone before us," Zachary replied. “You must be tired after the travel. Please rest first. Heather!”A maid stepped forward and nodded in acceptance of her master's order.“Follow me, Young Master,” requested the maid, Heather.When Heather leads the way, Archie feels familiar with everything in the house. It seemed like his body still remembered everything well."Please, Young Master." Heather opened a door and let Archie in.“EH?!” Layla was surprised and accidentally made quite a loud voice. "He’s in my room?""Needless to say, Mr. Zachary ordered me to do so,” Heather replied, hiding a chuckle after seeing Layla's reaction.Archie thought he would receive a private room a
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It was a tiring day for Archie. After unknowingly spending time until nightfall reading books in Layla's room, dinner that should be quiet has turned into a party celebrating his engagement to Layla. Nonetheless, he discovered a lot of important knowledge about the injection. It was a drop item from a high-difficulty dungeon, but the person who could answer the question was not around. On their way home, Archie only borrowed a few books from Layla. Even when night fell, Archie was forced to sleep in Layla's room, even though he spent the night reading the books that interested him so much. Erick was riding a horse outside the carriage, observing the situation. "How was the party last night, Young Master?" Archie pulled his book away from his face, “It’s tiring me out. Guests keep asking us endlessly," said Archie. "Layla used up all her energy, and she fell asleep as soon as the party over." "Hahaha, I can even imagine our princess's face clearly," Erick laughed at Archie's words.
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Chapter II: The Fellow Outlander (II)
Archie tried to stand on his feet, which were still shaking. At least he had to do something. Otherwise, something bad would happen to his mother. She was the one who straight away gave him warmth and affection—something he had never received before."Sotna mamakku," Archie shouted, using his world language spontaneously.The masked figure was surprised and turned its attention to Archie."You?!" Behind his mask, his eyes stared with shock. The language Archie had just spoken was not the language of this world."You are not affected by my magic, huh?" asked the masked figure. "I don't care, my business is not with you, brat."He continued to strangle Emeline's neck while his other hand held Emeline's face tightly.Slowly but surely, Emeline's body became limp and stiff. From between the fingers, the mother's eyes glanced at her son with affection.Archie's spirit flared up, his mixed feelings worsened, and a wave of magic rose within him.The wind ruffled his hair and clothes. Archie'
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Chapter II: The Fellow Outlander (III)
"Or do you want me to give you an example first?"The masked figure opened his grimoire, nodding as if he understood something. After continuing to read, he let out a dissatisfied sigh.“Ah, forget it. My business here is done.""Done? Did you think I would just leave you alone after all this?”The two stared at each other, and their eyes circled the area, where they only saw a dark area and four humans lying flat on the ground.“I don't know what the first mission is written on your grimoire, but I also have my own interests,” said the masked figure. He was turning his body towards the black spiral.“You are lucky to have met me, the Gatekeeper. I'm just doing my mission and nothing more. If you meet other people, I can be assured they will instantly liquidate you and all the people in this small village," he added.Although it is a reasonable choice for Archie, he knows nothing about this world, and even though the power has just awakened, he has neither the ability nor the knowledg
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Chapter II: The Fellow Outlander (IV)
The village of Alian is located in the southern part of the Literra Empire. Most residents have livelihoods as farmers, fishermen, or hunters in areas with a prosperous greeny.Their region was relatively small compared to the other nobility's territory, so it was common for their village to be quite backward regarding infrastructure and development. Even so, the citizens never complained about it. They were pretty happy with their lives and current situation.Three days ago, the chief's son woke up from a coma. He has an unknown disease. As soon as he came to his senses, it wasn't long before he made a trip to the Town of Krakal to deepen the ties between the two regions.A strange natural disaster occurred in Krakal Town one year ago, where dungeon monsters suddenly spawned. There are also unique monsters, mini-bosses, and mysterious figures. They called that disaster the Inverse Dungeon, where they became the prey.A similar disaster almost happened in the Village of Alian. When it
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“It’s here? It turned out to be quite crowded.” “Well, besides getting your ID card, there is a guild office nearby; many adventurers are taking care of their needs.” Archie and Layla had just entered Wellspring town, the closest place they could register for identity cards. The city is bustling with traffic, and the buildings stand majestically. They can see many adventurers wearing various equipment doing their activities, whether just drinking or discussing their strategy to conquer dungeons. That night, Archie had decided to find a cure for his mother. He had to research dungeons, looking for magic items or drop items that could be useful to him. For that, he needs to have an identity card. In this world, identity cards are obtained from a commercial dungeon called “The Given.” Unlike dungeons in general, the size is like an ordinary house door, and this dungeon can be in the college offices or guild agencies. After putting the horse down, Archie walked with Layla to a large
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