The Hunchback Son-in-law

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The Hunchback Son-in-law

By: Jericho Chase Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"Check it out, it's the hunchback son-in-law," a man whispered to his wife. "Gosh, he looks so hideous. He reminds me of a vulture." A mother shielded her children away from Logan as he limped passed them. **** He couldn't even look up straight. Everywhere he went, he was easily recognised by his infamous hunchback and oversized trench coat. Betrayed by his unfaithful wife, Logan encountered series of hardship and judgement from society. What no one knew was that Logan held onto a secret healing technique passed down from generations. Then things started happening fast when he encountered Kim Taeyang, a wealthy tycoon. Logan began his rise to the top, using his secret talent to dominate the world and punish his enemies....

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The Hunchback son-in-law
Everyone sneered and wrinkled their noses in disgust as Logan walked passed them. "Ew, he smells," a blondie snapped. "Does he even bath?""He reeks of dog shit, that's for sure," another person jeered. "I wouldn't want to get near him.""Can't believe I'm breathing the same air as him. He might be contagious. Cover your nose when he coughs""Look at that awful coat. Ugh!"Logan limped his way out of the tram train, looking like a dejected wet hen. He couldn't even look up straight.Everywhere he went, he was easily recognised by his infamous hunchback and oversized trench coat.Logan arrived at the Iron Resident, a luxurious estate owned by the Iron family. He unlocked the door and entered inside."You bastard!" An angry woman's voice shrilled. Logan ducked in time as she hurled a bottle at him. The bottle smash against the wall, spilling it's content all over Logan's body. "Emily, dear," Logan whipped his face with his hand. "What's the problem?"Emily stood at the head of the
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The old man on the sidewalks
"Wake up!" Emily's shrilled voice resonated inside Logan's head. "Wake up, you lazy cow!" Emily splashed a full bucket of water on Logan. Logan sat up with a start. His entire body and bed were thoroughly drenched with water. Emily stood at the end of his futon, her feet tapping on the floor, her face an ugly mask of disgust and anger. "Dear, why did you do that?" Logan asked. Emily hurled the bucket at his face. "You ask too many stupid questions. Can't you see it's already morning? Where's my breakfast?"Logan glanced at his small phone and checked the time. "It's only just," Logan groaned. "It's still way too early to get up.""You're very mad and stupid," Emily snapped. "You think I'd tolerate laziness from a man who brings literally nothing to the house except cook?""I always make you breakfast," Logan said helplessly. "But never this early.""You just shut up!" Emily threw her slippers at him. "One more word from you and I swear to God I'll slash your face with my fi
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The closer Logan drew near Emily's bedroom, the louder the slurping noises accompanied by throat choking sounds. Logan stood by the side of the wall and peeked into her bedroom. Now Logan had experienced plenty of shocks but nothing prepared him for this. Emily was wearing a sluttish kinky outfit, her make-up done, the room dimmed in blue lights. She was on her knees but she wasn't praying. Her mouth was moving back and forth on the crotch of a thickset man standing before her. Logan felt something die inside him. He couldn't blink, he couldn't breath, he couldn't move. He stood there like a petrified stone, watching his woman sucking on another man's privates. The man in question was older, in his late late forties, but he had an agile body and a strong frame. He grinned hard at Emily's skills, slapping her face as he filled her mouth and cheeks with his cock. Emily seemed to be enjoying herself. She sucked harder, begging him to give her his seed. She had never done that
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Kim Taeyang
Yuna Taeyang. She was an A-list actress and was considered the most beautiful woman in all of Asia. Moreover, her grandfather was Kim Taeyang, the Tycoon. He was reputably the wealthiest man in the world with an estimated net worth of $95 trillion. What was Kim Taeyang's granddaughter doing in a place like this? Yuna glanced around, then her eyes landed on Logan. Her heart raced with excitement as she walked up straight to him and stood before him. "Hi," she waved at him, flashing him a lovely smile. "Hi," Logan swallowed, waving back nervously. So this was Yuna Taeyang. He remembered watching her on some popular series. To think he would be staring face to face with the most sought after woman in all of Asia. "You're Logan, right?" She asked in English. Logan raised an eyebrow. "How did you know my name? We haven't met before have we?"Her shiny lips curved into a smile. "I'm so glad I found you," Yuna reached out and grabbed his hands. "You must come with me."Before Lo
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The Taeyang sisters
"Hey, have you seen patient 234?" A nurse asked. "You mean the hunchback patient whom was transferred to our rehabilitation center two weeks ago?""Yes him. Dr. Raul Fisher did an excellent job with his surgery. I can't believe he actually fixed that guy's hunchback and transformed his looks.""I heard the surgery cost millions of dollars. The chief nurse did mentioned, Kim Taeyang funded the surgery.""No way. Is Logan anyway related to Kim Taeyang?""I doubt it, but you just have to admit it, Logan is a cutie. Have you seen him? Oh my gosh. He reminds me of a pop artiste. He's got the cutest faces I've ever seen.""Really? I haven't seen him since his transfer. I want to see him too.""This would probably be your last chance as he'll be discharged today—"The nurses chatters were abruptly cut off by the sound of helicopter blades slicing in the air. A Sikorsky S-92 helicopter landed gracefully on the rehabilitation center's helipad. A group of men dressed in impeccable black suit
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Logan's unmasked face
The Taeyang sisters stared at Logan as he faced them. Ava turned to Kim Taeyang. "Wait a minute, grandfather. I thought you mentioned our suitor was a hunchback divorcee?"Kim Taeyang waved at Logan. "That's him.""You're kidding, right?" Mi-young laughed uneasily. "He's nothing like what you described. I don't see a hunchback anywhere.""That is because he underwent surgery," Kim Taeyang explained. "This is what Logan looks like after the surgery."The Taeyang sisters regarded Logan closely. His body was impressively well proportioned but his height ruined him. "I don't date short men, grandfather," Grace commented. "Look at him. I'm at least a head taller than him.""The surgery was a huge success," Kim Taeyang explained. "But it came at a cost. Logan's height was compromised."True to Kim Taeyang's words, Logan stood at 5'2" due to the surgery. The Taeyang sisters disapproved of Logan's height. It was a deal breaker for them. Kim Taeyang approached Logan. "Logan, these are my g
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The limitless system
Logan and Kim Taeyang were finally left alone in Kim Taeyang's private room. "I have a new offer for you, Logan," Kim Taeyang said. "How would you like to become CEO of Nova Wings Jets?"Logan stiffened in shock. Nova Wings Jets was the biggest part of Kim Taeyang's conglomerates. Kim Taeyang's jet business alone, generated $100 Billion dollars annually. "That is such a big offer, Sir Kim," Logan said, barely catching his breath. "I-I don't think I deserve it.""You have potentials," Kim Taeyang replied. "I won't let it go to waste. That's why I'm putting you in charge of one of my most profitable businesses. In 365 days, if you prove to me you could lead the company, I'd make you chairman of Taeyang's Groups."This was too big a surprise for Logan to recover from. He felt his legs shaking in excitement.All his life he never imagined he would be handed such a golden opportunity. "Mr Kim," Logan said. "I greatly appreciate your offer. There's just one thing I have to settle before
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Make Them regret
THE LIMITLESS SYSTEM.It all began the night after Logan woke up from his hunchback surgery. The first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was the mysterious screen hanging in the air. He couldn't touch the screen nor could anyone else see it except him. Logan had spent the rest of his recovery days at the rehabilitation center, trying to figure out what this system was about. Where did it come from? Why did it choose him? Could the system had waited until Logan fixed his hunchback before it manifested? Does Dr Raul Fisher have something to do with it?What does the system want with him?Up until this moment, Logan's questions remained unanswered. Right now, the system was giving him an order. "What's the matter, shorty?" Emily asked, poking him in the chest. "You've been awfully silent. Did John's remarks made you upset?"Logan dusted himself. "I'd appreciate it if you don't poke at me, Emily. I may have arrived here as a guest but I won't allow you to insult me."Emily laug
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The lawsuit
"The Taeyang sisters have arrived!"Everyone stiffened in shock at the sudden announcement. Even Logan was surprised. What were the Taeyang sisters doing here? Did Kim Taeyang informed them of his whereabouts?Suddenly, the Taeyang sisters entered the hall, attracting the attention of every guests present in the room. The guests created a wide path for them to walk through. All eyes feasted on their beautiful faces as they strolled through the crowd. "My goodness, Look at them. Have you ever seen such beauty?""They look like they stepped out of a beauty magazine.""Oh my gosh, is that Yuna? She's like a goddess descended from heaven.""The Taeyang sisters are popular but seeing them in person is something else. Those girls are positively radiant.""I love you, Ava."Thomas Miller began to breath heavily. His heart raced as the Taeyang sisters approached them. He couldn't believe his eyes. "The Taeyang sisters are drop dead gorgeous," Thomas Miller thought. "I must be dreaming."
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Thomas Miller's Disgrace
A billion dollars lawsuit? The Iron family were finished. What's worse, Ava's lawyer was Tim Peters, the most ruthless and powerful lawyer in the world. Going up against him was useless because he never loses a case. Without giving as much as a glance, Ava ended her call and returned to Logan who stared unblinkingly at her. She smiled at Logan. "Let's go. We're finished here.""Wait," Emily rushed up and went down on her knees. Her eyes were wide with fear. "What must we do to make it up to you? Tell us, we'll do anything."Sophia Iron joined her daughter on her knees. "Please, I beg of you, spare us. We'll do anything to atone. Anything at all."Morrison Iron crawled over to where Ava stood and bowed his head to the ground. "I know it's impossible to win against the Taeyang family. That is why we're pleading. Forgive us. Show us mercy."Ava didn't give two fucks about the Iron family. She had already developed a deep hatred for them after finding out what they did to Logan in th
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