Rise Of The Belittled Son-In-Law.

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Rise Of The Belittled Son-In-Law.

By: Vanessa001 Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Wayne is a poor orphan, who grew up with Mr Jones, And had taken Mr Jones as a father figure. Mr Jones is a poor man who manages a small bar in the city and barely has any customers. Wayne on the other hand, works three jobs including assisting Mr Jones, so that they can fend for themselves. But it all began when Drex and his men, the most feared and well-known gang men in the city, barged into the small empty bar, demanding for their money back. Mr Jones had borrowed money from these gang men so that he could get his bar restocked, but he made a terrible mistake. They needed the money but the time for the payment wasn't due yet. Unfortunately, Wayne and his poor father couldn't afford it yet. Wayne had to escape and get a contract into a wealthy family, but would they welcome him? despite coming from a very poor background, or will they belittle him?. Read to find out.

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  • Yanah


    Really interesting! And the vocabulary...chefs kiss!

    2023-12-03 03:27:23
  • Precious Onyema


    Damn, the first chapter drew me in. a must read! ...️...️...️

    2023-11-28 05:40:16
  • onyemafavour251


    I love, love, love, your book, i love tbe ML transition.

    2023-12-10 08:22:48
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60 chapters
It All Began.
The door to the small empty bar opened, the hinges of the weak door made a squeak because it was pushed too hard. Wayne was standing behind the bar cleaning a glass cup with a napkin, as soon as the men walked in, Wayne's shoulders slouched in fear. The men wore black coats and dark sunglasses. They had a leader who stood at the front and always did the talking, his name was Drex. “Hey old fool, where is my damn money!” he said walking up to Mr Jones. Mr Jones was standing behind the counter too and he owed these men a lot of money. They wanted their money back but Mr Jones didn't have it. Mr Jones was very poor and he had to go to the lengths of borrowing money from these gang men in order to save his business and put food on the table for both his son Wayne and himself. “ Drex, the deadline for the loan is not yet due. I do not have your money now.“ Mr Jones said, his shaky voice told Wayne how much trouble they were in, Wayne tightened his fist watching them closely. “Shut
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The Cooper's
“A Billionaire?How can an envelope possibly make me a billionaire father?“ Wayne furrowed his eyebrows together, contemplating if his father had possibly gone mad.“Inside the envelope is a train ticket, a map, and a letter. If you follow the map correctly, you will reach a big mansion, tell the guards you want to see Mrs Emilia, then give her the letter in there.““No father, I'm not leaving you here like this”. Wayne told his father firmly.He knew that Drex would return as he promised and he wasn't going to leave him here.“Go pack your things and quit being stubborn, Drex is going to be back, and i'm sure they'll Do something worse or maybe kill you, I can't protect you from him, and if we don't pay him his money sooner, he might even kill me too, so i need you to do this for me, for us!“ Mr Jones pleaded.“But dad, do i get a saying in this?”“No! Just go before these guys wake up and see you here.“ Wayne stared at his father terrified for a moment, before running into
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To Be Married Soon
Mrs Emilia texted all the household of the Coopers family to inform them about the emergency that had arisen and within an hour they all crowded the living room.The paper was passed to each one of them but Mr Cooper was the last to see it. The room became quiet because everyone wanted to hear from him. In the household only two individuals held the authority and power and that was Mr Cooper And his wife Mrs Emilia. This was a position everyone wanted, struggling amongst themselves, it was a villainous circle with Amber and her parents at the lowest of the survival chain, with no hope of inheritance. Mr Cooper Cleared his throat and mumbled.“Indeed!, this is my Father's signature, Amber will get married to this young man in a months' time.“ Mr Cooper said and Within a split second the room was filled with mumblings.“Oh no!““I can't believe this,”“This suits her right,”“Well she deserves him.” they all spoke to themselves, glancing at Wayne and Amber in disgust.“How can
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Aunt Matilda
Wayne drew his eyebrows together, glancing at her, he could tell her any amount he needed and go home to his dad so that he could pay off his debt, but his instincts kept telling him no.“Sorry but i can't do that Amber, I'm not a liar, and i have come a long way to honour my father's wish so i can't go back.“ Wayne explained with a straight face.“So you're just here to ruin my life right? I can't believe you!“ Amber said furiously, and then she stomped out of the room in anger. Aunt Matilda sat with both her husband and daughter Bailey at the patio when Bailey stated.“I can't believe Amber is getting married to a homeless man,” “Well she deserves him,” Mr Nathan said, taking a sip of his orange juice.“We were looking for a way to remove Amber from the heritage list and also the will, but i guess fate has done it all,” Aunt Matilda mockingly stated.“You're right mother, she belongs to the poverty stricken family now, that smelly dirty slave” Bailey said as they all burst into
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The Wedding
It's been one month since Wayne arrived at the Coopers' house, and finally it was time for him to get married to Amber.Wayne turned to glance at his reflection in the mirror.“These past weeks have been the worst days of my life.“ He stated as tears welled up in his eyes. Eventually the tears started slipping down, he used his hand to wipe them off to avoid it from staining his cheeks. Sniffing in a deep breath and letting out a sigh he raised his head towards the ceiling and started at it for a while.The Coppers family had maltreated him so much these past few weeks, turning him into something less than a mere slave, he had gone days without eating, he washed their dishes, did their laundry, cleaned every corner of the enormous mansion, and even washed their underwear.His head came down and his eyes found his reflection in the mirror.Wayne stared at his reflection thinking about the hard labour he had done for them, he balled his hand and swung it at the mirror.The first thung h
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Wayne's Father
The first thing his consciousness took notice of was the beeping of the heart monitor, it was steady.Wayne started breathing slowly, his fingers twitched, Then he could feel his toes. Slowly he could smell the antiseptics Creeping into his nose. Wayne heard two unfamiliar voices mumbling, both were males.“I think he is awake.““Oh thank God!, i thought i had lost him.”Wayne gently started to open his eyes. The room seemed blurry for a few seconds until his vision started getting stronger. Slowly, Wayne could make out the figure of a man in white scrubs, and another man who seemed to be in his early sixties but was quite muscular for his age.“My son, you're awake!“ The elderly man said walking up to where he laid.“Where am i?““You're at my house Wayne.“ the man explained.“Why does it look like i am in a hospital, And why are you calling me your son?Who are you?“ Wayne questioned until it dawned on him that he had seen a similar figure when Drex’s men attacked him.“Mr Br
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Wayne Returned.
A few days later, Wayne was finally ready to return back to the Coopers family. Drex drove Wayne back to the Cooper's Mansion, and a few blocks away, Wayne tapped Drex on his shoulder and Drex jumped in fear.“Sir…Master Wayne, what can i do for you?“ Drex stuttered.“Stop me here.“ Wayne ordered leaning back on the seat and without any hesitation Drex stopped the car.“I'm finally back .“ Wayne mumbled with a smile on his lip.When Wayne got down from the red Lamborghini, Drex came out and got on his knees.“Please Wayne, forgive me, i didn't mean to kill you, please if you don't forgive me, your father will kill me, i didn't mean to hurt you Wayne, you can hit me, I don't care, I'll do anything to own up to what i did” Drex pleaded.“You know what?, you hit me.” Wayne mumbled.“What!, never, i would never do that to you Wayne.“ Drex hesitated.“You want me to forgive you?, hit me, hit me really hard to the extent i bleed, it's not a request Drex, it's an order, come on do it!“ Wayne
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First Day At Work.
It was a Saturday morning, Wayne had gone to the garden, he loved how the flowers smelt, and the sounds of the chirpy birds, he would lay there most of the mornings or when the Cooper's family wasn't sending him any errand, the garden had become his best and only spot in the Cooper's mansion.He heard some footsteps and hoped it wasn't Aunt Emilia or her husband or even worse Aunt Matilda.“Wayne!“ Amber called out.“My grandfather asked to see us both.“ She said and Wayne stood up from the grass he was laying on.“Please i need you to be at your very best, for us, because whatever you do affects me okay?“ Amber mumbled.“Alright, let's go.“ He said.They both got to Mr Cooper's office ,Mrs Emilia, Mr Nathan, Mrs Matilda, Mr Oliver, and Mrs Laurette where all seated as they all stared at Wayne with hate and anger.And at that moment, he knew he was up for another problem.“I called you all here, because i am to assign Wayne to work at our company!“ Mr Cooper stated.“What!!!, no way, y
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Facing The Cooper's
Wayne knew something was wrong, he knew this would have been planned by one of the members of the family. Amber was very sad and he felt sorry for her.When they drove into the mansion, Amber stepped out of the car, staring at the big building, then she heaved in a deep breath before walking in.Amber knew her grandparents would be disappointed in her, she knew she was in big trouble, she was scared of what could happen to her and her heartbeat kept racing.Amber got to the living room, the whole family was seated as usual. whenever there was an emergency or an important case the whole family would gather.“Look who's back!“ Mrs Emilia said blunty.Amber's heart leapt out of her chest.“You Fool!!, you have the guts to decline Mr Rolland's appointment to go on a date with this dirty scumbag!“ Mrs Emilia said, pointing at Wayne with a dirty look.“No, grandma i…!“ Amber sturtted.“Shut up!!“ Mrs Emilia Interrupted.“I knew she would fail us, how could we trust you when you don't seem to
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Wayne Had To Handle It.
The next morning Mr Leo woke up with worry, he barely slept through the night.“What if they found out?“ He kept asking himself over and over again.He got dressed for work and walked to the bus stop. He was about to approach a cab when two muscular tall men on black suits and black shades approached him.“Are you Mr Leo?“ Drex questioned.“Ye…yes..I'm Mr Leo but i haven't done anything wrong to Mr Bruce.“ Mr Leo stammered.“How do you know we are here because we think you did something wrong?, or did you?“ Drex asked.“No..no please spare my life. I'm clean, everyone in this town knows that when you show up, it's either they have wronged Mr Bruce, the wealthiest man in power, and most of them do not live to tell, please i don't want to die.“ Mr Leo pleaded.“Well you're right but it's not my senior Boss you have offended, it's his son, but you're lucky he asked me to spare your life, now walk up to the car and get in.“ Drex ordered.“Mr Bruce has a son?.“ Leo whispered and he fell on
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