The Brother-in-law


Synthetic gunshot vibrated in the air, Draven took a glimpse of the dead critter, five meters off his left. Hector stiffened behind him, blurted, “What was that?” 

Draven blinked. "Shouldn't you know?"

Hector shook his head. "No, most of the time, I wasn’t allowed to join the hunting party so, I know little about humans and the outside world”

Draven said “Anyway, that is the sound of a gun”

“A gun? What is that?” Hector tilted his blue head.

Draven paused and spoke. “You know, a weapon to kill."

“You mean I can die!” his voice heightened in alertness like his raised feathers and leaned closer to Draven.

His expression darkened, ‘What a smuck?’  

Draven sighed "You won’t die… just stay close"

"Yes, master" 

Draven ignored him and crouched behind a tree trunk. Hector copied him and took cover behind the trees, which was impossible for his bo


So if you feel any of my chapter could do better, mark the chapters in the comments with an 'E' I have to warn ya or you already know this: Alister's orientation isn't normal...

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