Blood king of realms

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Blood king of realms

By: Alpha OngoingSystem

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Bryan, who was only 7 years old wakes up and finds himself transported into another world by mistake Fortunately, sira's family found him and adopted him as one of them despite his unique ability He did not want to conquer any word or become the king of any word, yet fate had other words After 8 years of living with the Sira's An accident happened that changed everything . . .

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  • med20amine.tai


    Nice story , with great plot son far keep going

    2022-09-24 22:26:57
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107 chapters
chapter 1 : Rhodes the tyrant
year 1405In a world where four major continents have been battling each other since ancient timesOn one of these continents known as the tulip, this continent is distinguished by its large area that surpasses the rest of the other continents, and this is one of the reasons that push the rest of the continents to wage wars on it for the purpose of taking a piece of its vast lands. The state of Samerhot, which is located in the south of the continent of Tulip, is ruled by a family known as Sira. Although it is a medium-sized state, its history can be compared with those of major states, and it is not part of the so-called alliance of states. In other words, it is not under the control of the Supreme Council!Even within the continent itself, there is no escape from war, as some countries are still in a civil war. This was 300 years ago when an organization called the Supreme Council emerged and united the countries within the Tulip Continent for the purpose of preventing civil wars an
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chapter 2 : dragon egg
I wasted a lot of time with you, boy." "Start the execution" Bryan rolled and began to lose consciousness, but when he heard the next sentence from Rhodes, he gritted his teeth and resisted losing consciousness, then said sternly with all his might. "Wait, wait... huh... I might be a threat to you in the future so kill me and spare the rest."When Rhodes heard Brian's scream, he signaled to his subordinates to stop and said sarcastically "And why should I do this...!?" "spear their life and I will give you something that all the inhabitants of this world yearn for!" "Huh!, something everyone craves, if money and . . . " Before Rhodes finished his speech, Bryan cut him off saying "No, not money, but a dragon's egg!" Rhodes was surprised by his offer and thought, "A dragon's egg! If I eat one, my strength will surely increase, but if I agree to this child's request, I will oppose the request of the Supreme Council... Forget about it, I'm a pirate then why should I be afraid of
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chapter 3 : Miserable situation
On a blue planet known as SH-28 The sun rose over a peaceful forest teeming with different life crack! crack! The beautiful blue sky began to distort little by little. A giant space crack opened. The frightening sound of the crack of space frightened the birds and all the animals in the area. Suddenly, an unknown force surrounded the rapidly expanding space rift, and applied a suppressive force on it, it started to shrink, but this unknown force seemed to provoke something terrifying. A terrifying sound sounded coming from the dark space rift. roar! All the living creatures that were near the rift could not stand the terrifying roarthey started falling to the ground with no signs of life The roar coming from within the space crack stopped and a red eye appeared amid the pitch darkness of the space crack giving off an immense sense of oppression. The unknown force that was suppressing space instantly vanished. After the space crack stopped expanding instead of applying massiv
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chapter 4 : Tanley-Town
On the morning of the second day After walking for a while, a small town appeared in front of Bryan, people were entering the gates and leaving without any searches! He entered the city under the eyes of the people around him, he was not surprised that people looked at him, first, he was strange and secondly, his condition resembled a beggar, his upper clothes were torn and his body was covered in blood and dirt, he did not care about people's strange glasses to him, his mind was analyzing his surroundings while looking at clothes The people around it and the different buildings "Hmmm! Looking at the houses and people's clothes, it seems that I've moved to a technologically backward world." The appearance of a person in front of him put him out of his thoughts, Bryan looks at the person who appeared in front of him, who was like a ninja in his black clothes and the strange mask he was wearing. Bryan could not sense any strength from the other side, but his instincts told him s
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chapter 5 : silver ninja organization
Bryan stood in front of a three-floor building made of woodThere is a large sign hanging on the door "Pentos Hotel, that's what that guard said." He read the words written on the sign and entered the hotel. He went straight to the reception desk, which was in the center of the building, where there were three service windows, he went to one of them. "What can I do for you, sir!?" Without looking at him, the woman at the reception speaks while writing something with a feather on the paper Bryan doesn't care about her behavior because he just wants a room to rest in, he needs to rest his body and mind from all the events that have happened to him in these past 48 hours. "How much does a one-bed room cost?" he asked "The price for a standard room is 15 rays per night." After hearing the woman's words, Bryan took out the bag of money he had obtained from the ninja, took 45 coins, and put them on the counter."I want a room for three nights" The woman stopped writing and raised
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chapter 6 : the power of the dragon egg
After eating and satisfying his hunger, he paid the bill, which was 150 rays, paid with gold coinsAnd he saw the same astonishment shown by the ninja who deceived himOn the waiter's face, Bryan asked why the waiter was surprised, but unfortunately, he didn't get any response from him On his way to the hotel, he stopped to look at one of the alleys on his right. "Hmm, I feel like I'm being watched...!!" He felt someone watching him stare down the alley and then turned to look back and looked to his side but didn't see anything suspicious."It seems it's just my imagination !" He resumed his march but increased his walking speed a little the better he entered the hotel, and from what he heard from the two men in the restaurant, the city seemed to have become the nest of the most dangerous organization in the continent called the albahut .After half an hour of walking, he reached the hotel and entered it to go straight to his room Lock the door with the key and then sit on the bed
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chapter 7 : ninjas attack
Bryan looked at the wretched appearance of Squibb and then stared angrily at the ninja who hit him like that. "Damn it! Wherever I go I find a lunatic or a psychopath!" Cursing the ninja inside He turned his head slightly to look at his hand, which was starting to tremble"Am I scared!?" He thought while trying to stop his hand from tremblingHe is sure that he can beat these ninjas, especially after he ate the dragon's egg and received a powerful boost in the strength of his body, and he also obtained two rare abilities. Not only that, during those eight years that he lived with the Sira family, he was training daily to fight with his uncle who had disappeared in mysterious circumstances on the day Rhodes invaded the kingdom of Sumerhot, which was a large island located in the Atlantic Ocean. "No! It is impossible for me to be afraid of them, I am strong because it is impossible for them to beat me...!" "Hey! Boy, make it easy for both of us, and give me all you have!" Bryan s
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chapter 8 : john and mary
Bryan went down the stairs and found the ninja waiting for him below "Finally you came. I was beginning to think you ran away." The ninja made fun of himThen he took out a small bag and threw it to the woman in the reception "Honey, you have a job upstairs!!"The woman grabbed the bag of money and said after hiding it in her chest, and said as she got up from her place to see him, his fat body amazes Bryan every time he sees it "John, this is less than last time..." "You'll find the rest of the commission at the top if the child hasn't already taken it!"The fat woman looked at Bryan hardHe ignored her stare and moved past John and walked out of the hotel. Inside the hotel, John and the woman looked at each other for a while "John, what are you going to do with that pretty boy!?"The fat woman said while licking her lips "Mary, I have my own plans for him, I warn you not to touch a single hair of him . . . " The fat woman called Mary was surprised by John's words. She smiled
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chapter 9 : informations exchange part 1
Bryan followed the instructions he received from John and went towards the mountains in the southern part of town. After an hour of continuous walking, he finally arrived at the meeting place John had set with him. Bryan jumped out of his seat after feeling the presence of someone behind him. He flipped through the air several times and landed on the ground. He raised his head and looked at the visitor, who was John in a black ninja outfit. Clap, clap, clap! John started clapping loudly as he praised Bryan. " Wow, great, great. You are among the best people I have ever met in terms of reaction speed. Does this have to do with your ability or is it just your fighting instinct !? " Bryan narrowed his eyes and smiled. And he said "You can say it’s both, so Mr. John, shall we get to work!?" "Oh! , you're the kind of person who doesn't like to gossip. It's great. You and I will get along a lot. Yeah, let's get down to business, but before that, tell me your name, boy !? " Brya
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chapter 10 : informations exchange part 2
"Boy, are there any other questions!?"John asked after looking around. Bryan put his hand on his chin. "I have hundreds of questions, but don't worry, I won't ask you all these questions. Tell me, are you a magician!?" "Boy, if I were a wizard, both of us wouldn't have this conversation! I would use a spell that reads a person's mind or something similar and take all your gold, but unfortunately and fortunately for you, I'm not a wizard!!" Bryan got so used to the way John spoke that he didn't show any expression on his face despite hearing a threatening tone in the middle of his words. "If you are not a wizard, then tell me how you got your current strength!?" Bryan noticed the sadness through John's blue eyes "I was almost three years older than you when I applied to the examination of the Mage Academy in the Imperial Capital, unfortunately to become a mage you have to be highly talented, which I didn’t have. Even though i awakened the fire element to the academy being stri
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