The Mission of the Lost Heir

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The Mission of the Lost Heir

By: Sarah Nurlatifah Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Brian Dhariftan never thought his life would change drastically after a bank employee saw someone sending money to his account. Brian also found out who sent him the money. However, Brian has to do several things as a mission and take revenge on his girlfriend who survived. Fact after fact is revealed about who the billionaire really is who changed his life, including revealing Brian's true identity, it turns out he is the missing heir. There is a story behind Brian's initially unlucky life, about his relationship with a mysterious billionaire and his parents. What really happened? Follow the story and guide Brian to complete his mission.

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  • Sarah Nurlatifah


    But, if you can give encouragement by leaving comments, I will try my best in the future. So, please leave your mark, dear reader. ...️

    2024-01-18 13:18:16
  • Sarah Nurlatifah


    Hello my kind story readers, happy to greet you. However, I am not a friendly person so please forgive me if something I say is inappropriate. However, I want to say a big thank you to those of you who have followed Brian's story that I wrote so far. I know there are still many flaws in the story.

    2024-01-18 13:16:58
  • Andrew Arevalo Quimpo


    Like the story, but I will be commenting later.

    2023-12-04 07:09:37
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144 chapters
1. Sad Guy
The sky looked hostile, drizzle began to pour down on the earth, making residents run to save themselves from the rain even though it was drizzling.A food delivery man had just stopped his motorbike in the parking lot when he saw someone he knew. Attracted by his curiosity and heart-wrenching reaction when he saw that he was sure that the girl was his girlfriend."No way Clarissa." The man said, refusing to believe it. But make sure your heart and body are united to work together for the truth.Short steps, the man's mind didn't want to believe it but the man's heart and body didn't want to turn around.The girl was so spoiled by a man who was quite tall, wearing an expensive suit, from head to toe, even those shiny black loafers that Brian wouldn't be able to afford them no matter how many years Brian saved. Forget how the man looked, the center of Brian's attention was the girl the man thought was his girlfriend.Brian Dhariftan, the food delivery man, followed them as soon as they
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2. His Heart Hurts
Staggered towards the parking lot where the motorbike was. Brian's cell phone rang in his trouser pocket. The man received the call but immediately took the object away from his ear when he heard a woman's shrill voice that almost burst his eardrums."Consumers complained that the delivery took a long time and wanted their money back as compensation!”Brian realizes that he should be doing his job as a food delivery person. But now, he saw that his motorbike box was wet because of the rain. Brian opened the box, the food was cold.“Why are you silent, huh? Hurry back and cancel that delivery! You have to compensate for the delay, dammit!” cursed the woman who owns the restaurant which provides delivery services.The connection was lost before Brian even explained the reason. I don't know, his mind is now blank, his heart feels empty so he can't think clearly.Brian didn't care about the rain pouring down on him, he had to immediately return to the restaurant. Thinking that the restaur
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3. The Sad Facts of Life
Just to ask Brian, he had to get hit first before he could get an answer.The short, stocky man laughed, the sound bouncing around the small, messy room. It's nighttime, how could that man laugh like that?“Are you asking or are you stupid, huh? Look at this!" The man held up a piece of paper right in front of Brian's face. "This is proof that you are the guarantor for the money borrowed," he said."Loan? Debt? What do you mean? "I don't understand at all," admitted Brian."Do not understand? Here's the proof. You are Dion Wirana's guarantor. "Without further ado, you'd better pay within three days or I'll have you surgically removed to remove your precious internal organs." The man moved his finger from Brian's chest down, pretending to dissect his stomach.Brian was silent.The man who acted like a boss motioned to his subordinates to leave."I've never made any agreements, or even borrowed money from you guys," said Brian, stopping the short man in his tracks. "How could I have to
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4. The Embarrassing Reality of Life
Brian immediately transferred the money to a mini market that provided money transfers. Luckily, this time he was able to immediately send him for treatment, his uncle's breath and life.“I just sent it. Use it to pay," said Brian when calling Dion, his uncle's son.Silence. There was no answer from the other side, there was only silence, no sound at all apart from sighs. Brian could feel something was wrong."What is it? Why are you silent?" Brian asked Dion to talk."I just paid the administration, but they said it was only enough for the opening, examination fees, post-operation and so on, it wasn't enough at all."This time Brian was the one who fell silent when he heard Dion's words. Not enough? How can it be that expensive? Even though he thought the money he had just sent was enough, but why?"Brother Brian, I will tell you after the operation is finished. Now I'm closing." Dion ended the call but Brian was silent and couldn't believe what his younger brother was saying."Not e
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5. Grazy Suprise
The life that Brian believed was fine with his limitations is now destroyed. He no longer had hope. People despise and insult him who has nothing. Is happiness so expensive to achieve for someone who was born poor and without parents? Is a happy life only for those whose families are complete and have money? Dreams just need to be achieved without having to try?Brian walked under the rain that fell that afternoon. The sky was dark with the roar of lightning striking. His mind was in a mess. The words he heard, the looks in his eyes, and the actions of people destroyed his soul which for the past fifteen years had been trying to survive. Do they know, it wasn't easy for Brian to get to this point, when he had a dark childhood in the care of his uncle, because his aunt didn't want him to be seen as a burden, but his uncle still defended him, cheering him on in the midst of torture and hurtful words. what his aunt said. Not to mention his cousin who confiscated all his belongings, tortu
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6. Suddenly Rich
But Brian didn't immediately open the package. His attention was focused on the contents of his house. He looked over his belongings, considering which to throw away or not. There are not many things, sofas, shelves and everything else except a small TV are part of the rental house.Brian went into his room, the contents were the same, he didn't bring much apart from books and clothes. He decided to clean it first, then take a shower, then think about other things like calculating how much he had to spend from the money he put into the account. His feelings were still mixed, between joy and fear. What if after the money is used, someone comes to take it. What he spends will be more.Brian packed all his books and dirty clothes, put them in the moving boxes he had, only one box and one suitcase of clothes, the rest he would leave at home.“Tomorrow I have to look for a new house,” he thought under the warm shower.His body was almost shivering with cold, he was stupid for not taking a
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7. Saving a Girl
Bruk! Bruk!His fist hit one of the street thugs and he fell. What Brian did surprised them. One by one they started to attack but Brian had the upper hand, he kicked, threw punches, and even slammed the big bodies of the thugs and they fell in an instant.Brian trains in self-defense and takes advantage when the men are off guard. But that only knocked them out, it didn't make them faint at all. There was no time left, Brian grabbed the girl's hand and ran from there and two thugs got up to chase him.Brian took advantage of that little time. He realized that thugs like them wouldn't be easily defeated, that's why he just knocked them out and then took the girl to escape.“That way. Chase them!” One of the thugs shouted in a loud voice.Brian continued to run while pulling the girl's hand who kept looking behind her in fear. Brian then changed his running direction, turned, and continued to pull the girl. There was a small alley, Brian brought the girl closer to him. They caught thei
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8. Package Contents
“By the way, I haven't introduced myself yet My name is Alessia Antheari, you can call me Alessia," said the girl as she reached out her hand to Brian.For a few moments, Brian just stared at the girl's outstretched hand in front of him, hesitant to be with her because once they touched, it was like lifelong contact with Brian."Are you sure?" Instead of answering, Brian asked a question that confused the girl."What?"“Are you sure you want to shake hands with me?”"Why not? So what?"Brian didn't answer, looking at the girl's hands which turned out to have long and beautiful fingers, as if he took good care of them."That means, you have to be with me for the rest of your life," said Brian, directing his eyes at the girl."I don't care. You were the one who saved me, sir. So, okay.” Alessia raised her hand again to shake Brian.Seeing the girl's confidence, Brian raised his hand and shook it."Brian Dhariftan, you can call me Brian, no sir," he said.Alessia smiled broadly as soon a
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9. Hint Box
Brian went to one of the houses, whether it was a beautiful mansion in an elite area,- or one of the units on the top floor called the penthouse. Throughout the journey, his mind was busy guessing who would be willing to spend money on poor people like himself."So, where are you going now?" Alessia asked. The girl sat next to Brian on the bus that would take them to one of the houses."I don't know. I'll check first which one I feel comfortable with," Brian answered without looking at the girl.Their introductory handshake was like shaking hands for a servant and master contract. Brian had explained it and Alessia didn't mind because she would only follow whoever had saved the girl from disaster. If Brian didn't come, maybe his honor would be tarnished. Brian was surprised to hear Alessia's words. This tells Brian that there are still people who protect his honor, just like Brian.Both houses can be reached by bus or taxi, the distance is only about twenty minutes. The distance from
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10. Instructions in Velvet Box
Brian opened the lid of the unlocked box. He sat on one of the sofas facing the entrance. The expression on his face was so serious as if he was hoping for a clue that would lead directly to the person giving the money. There were so many questions in his mind about the mysterious figure who gave Brian life. Is it a god or God or something that might have crazy magical powers that transfer hundreds of thousands of dollars overnight, then now two houses with a clue? Brian turned his head when Alessia returned. The girl now looked fresh and even radiant. Alessia put a glass of cold water on the table for Brian who didn't feel thirsty at all and the girl took a sitting position on the sofa not far from the man. "Who knows, you might be thirsty. This is very refreshing. The refrigerator in the kitchen is full of various foods, fruits, and vegetables. It looks like someone has just prepared it or something," Alessia said to Brian. Read more