IV.III Virtual Fighting
As much as she tried to deny it, the nostalgic novelist truly missed going to this section of Saint Midas; its multiple stores filled to the brim with technology as far as the eye can see. From cellphones to cameras to laptops to PC parts, Cyberzone had it all. Although not as advanced like from those that were found in the capital city, it was already more than enough for most as only the truly tech-savvy even bothered to make the trip up north to Lamina. Athena never really cared much about that life, heck, this was where she bought her current laptop. She didn't need some new cutting edge phone if it would just become obsolete in a year once the phone companies release a newer and better model.

Besides, the trip wasn't worth the effort anyway.

The broken hinge on your old flip phone suggests otherwise.

She got burned the last time she did it. Best stick to the reliable stuff.

Holding her breath, Athena felt a sense of trepidation on a level that she hadn't felt in what seemed like f
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