IV.V Virtual Fighting
Wasting no time, Athena went for the down kick, making the opponent stagger as he was busy establishing distance.

Don't give him an inch!

Up forward three.


Kunimitsu kneed Doll, launching it into the air.

Bread-and-butter combo.

It was all coming back to her. She didn't even need to think about the inputs as much anymore.

The opponent's health now lied at 40%.

The fired-up woman can barely hide the glee that was beginning to show on her face. Her hands felt faster, her eyes now starting to pick up windows of opportunities that weren't apparent to her before. The wooden man on the screen was starting to show caution in its movements, adjusting to the aggressive playstyle that she was now exhibiting. The demon lurched forward, trying to bait out an attack- There!

Down three plus four, three, four.


The wooden doll's jab whiffed as the katana wielder suddenly sat down before delivering a devastating kick to the chin, launching her opponent high-

Forward dash three plus f
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