IV.VII Virtual Fighting
Athena was frozen in her seat, hands unmoving as a thousand thoughts ran through her mind. How did Arbiter know!? The mysterious woman never contacted her ever since the deal was struck.. Why now?

She has eyes and ears everywhere. She told as much.


The novelist was knocked out of her stupor as she heard the sound of the sword-wielding demon flying through the air, his health bar taking damage as her opponent threw calculated jabs and kicks.

Shit! She had to focus! She beat her once, she can beat her again!

Losing means death.

Shaking her head as she stamped down on her growing fear, grim determination taking its place, the hooded player gripped her controls intently, ready to make a stand against the mysterious opponent.

Deftly rolling back and establishing space, Kunimitsu's health hovered at 60% as the wooden doll dashed back and forth out of range, waiting patiently for its opponent to make the move.

The hooded woman weighed her options. Rose was always known for being un
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