IV.VIII Virtual FIghting
Focus. Study her movement. Forget the fact that losing meant more, take each round one at a time. She can still win this- A parry!

One plus three.


Kunimitsu withheld his sword mid-swing, avoiding the welcoming hands of his opponent, instead suddenly enveloping the surprised doll in an embrace before lifting it higher and squeezing, snapping the wooden doll's proverbial spine before unceremoniously dropping its body to the ground-

Up, three plus four.


He then disappeared into the air before delivering a devastating double heel kick, smashing Doll even further into the ground-

Down three.


Before then delivering a low kick to seal the round in his favor.

Laser focus. No time for celebration just yet. She just had to win one more round.

*Final Round!*

One more round. Just one more round!


Down three.


The determined novelist winced as the doll intercepted the low kick, resulting in her character being slammed into the ground-

*Punch! Kick!*

Then puni
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