Dia: A Lover's Revenge

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Dia: A Lover's Revenge

By: Zuxian CompletedRomance

Language: English

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Dia, a calm and sweet assistant manager of her father's company was forged into cruel and hostile by her to-be husband who dumped her on the wedding day, because of a ridiculous reason. Now she wants a revenge on any man; fool a man in love. In her quest, she chooses, Max, a sweet and coolheaded CEO whose wedding to his fiance was just few months to go. Max, whose fiance was the sister of Dia's to-be husband, who had dumped her. What a best pitch of revenge. But will she be able to keep up with the plan when not only she picks the wrong guy (the only son of Rowe, the monster of Seattle), but also got pregnant for him? Will her ego be enough or will the pregnancy break her? How will she get her revenge on men?!!!! Book 2 - Dia: Taming her Cold Secretary. Story about Dia and Albert. Dia is an indifferent CEO who is bright and efficient. Her efficiency makes the group of CEO'S in her state appoint her as the President of their association and represents them at several international conferences. She's the talk of the Town and every man would die to touch her feet. But she feels like she doesn't really need a man. She only needs a Sex-mate. Then she chose her personal secretary who doesn't like anything about her. He was only tied to her for the money. But Dia is pissed that how could he say no to A TALK OF THE TOWN? Thus she's bent on making him beg for her. Even by going to the extent of making him watch her lay with other men... Yet, Albert, the cold Secretary, refuses to be broken. And Dia refuses to lose... Her ego won't spare her if she loses.


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148 chapters
My name is Dia. I have a story to tell which you think you already know. On my wedding day, after the costliest make up, rich gown, boxy suit I bought my husband and several other preparation, I was called upon and told,    "Jip is no where to be found."    Like my supposed husband ran away on my wedding day because some celebrity crush was having a show that day in Trespat Hotel.Well, like you would expect, I was mad. Who wouldn't? But what good would being mad do than earn me a therapist and probably a psychiatrist.So, now, I've found solace in revenge. I am looking for a man whom I would fool in love. Then on my wedding day, off, I pick. Foolish? Haha. By the way, Zoe, my priceless bestie,  is very much aware of my plan and is the top-notch planner.Well, before you go ahead and call me names, wish yourself this.Or let's put it this way. Go ahead and call me names, makes no differenc
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Doesn't take forever to go all shitty
        "Thank you. Have a nice day."    A young lady, in a cotton colored rain coat slammed the door of the taxi which zoomed off immediately. She turned and began to walk into the Trespat hall.    Opposite the Trespat hotel was a wierd man with lots of birds on him. Climbing on and off his arms, chest and shoulders.    The rain seemed indecisive as  it pat the swollen bitumen, tracing light dances around the spot, down the busy road.     One of the birds left the man and flew across the road. It perched on the floor before the door which led to the exhaustively furnished hall.      It looked through the refined glass to a lady sitting all by herself before a bar.      The bird kept its gaze on the lady.    The lady was dressed in a penciled black gown which shoot out every of the curves you could eve
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Bad ass Zoe
      "I'm sorry about the last time."   Alex said, throwing himself on her. Dia was trying as much as possible to get rid of the sucker. At least not today.     Why did he always behave like a familiar spirit. Some annoying Titans.     "I have no idea what you're talking about."    She denied. Zoe was lookingg at them. The tuxedo guy seemed to know Alexa.      "Hey, love."    She heard Alexa say to the guy. The guy led Alexa to the table he had come from.      The most annoying of it all was that the guy dint give her a second look. Like turn back to look at her. Was she that bad? Fuck him.       She was yet to get rid of Alex, and Zoe was not helping.      She folded her arms over her boobs, looking as Alexa and the guy got to and settled amongst the other guys. Alex
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Now make a choice, Dia!
     "Krunhh"    Her phone beeped. She was in the bathroom. The water in trails tracked the swells of her body down her legs. Bathing lukewarm had a perk to it.     She reached for the soft and fluffy white towel by the window and dried up.     She walked to the bed and picked up the phone.     HEY BITCH!    Popped up. Twas Zoe.    NUTSACK.     She sent.      In no time, she'd slid into her singlet and her black string pant. Her phone popped a message up again.    MAX'S DAD OWNS THAT HOTEL. MAX, THE GUY FROM THE PARTY.     Dia typed back,     MUST YOU REPEAT WHO MAX WAS? I AIN'T NO MUTT AND JEFF.      She threw the phone back into the bed and threw herself in a sky blue shirt, black fancy trouser, and an odd colour jac
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Alexa, the bitch!
       Max's office.    "Please have your seat."   His rich voice compelled her. She was a little bit on the edge but she was having her friend's back.     "Zoe."   She said, reaching out her right hand. He didn't take it, he stood up instead.  Zoe felt embarrassed and somewhat stupid for being too forward. But was she really?    The customs of rich men sucked several bags of annoyance.   Max walked over to her and took the hand she had recently dropped. He gave the back of her hand a slight peck, his soft lips caressing her velvet skin.    "Max."  He said as soon as he raised his head.    She didn't know which to choose, whether rude or romantic. Well both began with 'r'.    "Apologies if that was somehow off."  He said as he settled back into his luxurious office ch
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Alex and Zoe?
     2 Weeks later.  The Dance Studio.       "Tell me about this Waltz. Not very much of a reader."    Max's well-chizeled face melted into a sheepish smile. He had Dia in his arms in a dancing position. The both of them were in the middle of the dance studio. There was no background music, they seemed to be doing it to Dia's rhythm. Max seemed to be getting better with it. The practice had been on since few days.    "The name of the dance comes from the German word waltzen, meaning to turn or to glide. It is thought to have developed either from the folk music and associated dances of rural west Austria, in the Tyrol region, or from an earlier dance, the volta, from the 16th century."      Dia explained, repaying back a light smile. She was beautiful, and Max was beginning to be smothered by both her aura and elegance.      "Any other thing I should
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Las Vegas - Collateral damage
     Three days later.     Treasure island. Petite Suite. Las Vegas.       "When again would we meet?"    The rich voice of the man embroidered with the British accent seemed to be blown across the luxurious room. He kissed her, tasting her lips differently at every time their lips met. He couldn't count the numbers of times they've kissed, but each time had its perks.     "Maybe never again."    Dia meant to disappoint him as said, shortly after she fought her mouth free. His broad face, and well cut nose were contoured at that.     "You didn't enjoy the three days?"    There was this inflection on the 't' sounds as well as the 'ay' in day. One of the things she liked about him.      "I guess I do."    She muttered. She had her eyes glued on him but was very much far away in thought
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The bitch owns up to it
      The restaurant.     "What was that on the phone?"    Zoe's gaze was demanding as it worked Dia over. Dia would try to tame the beast in her for a while.     "What?"  Dia reached for the burger and took a bite. She wasn't mad to the point of starvation.     "Really? The attitude and all. Where did you get those from."    Zoe took a bite of her Apple pie too. She looked sharply around as usual. She held Dia again in her gaze.     "Is that why you invited me over?"     There was an interval while she spoke. Reference was given to the mastication of the food.     "Are you kidding me, bitch?"      "Watch it, Zoe!"      Dia dropped the burger she had just picked . They were beginning to steer the attention of people present.    
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Then walked in Alexa.
     Dance Studio.      "Empty threat, eh?"   Dia muttered, staring at the plastic sign at the top of the gate which led into the studio. WALTZ A WHILE, was the inscription on it. Twas golden but had some brown stripes.     She thought Zoe had promised to lock the studio from her or probably she was in there waiting for her.    She hadn't wanted to go to the studio in the first place, but Max was very much out of her hand. She didn't have his number yet, and he might come around.     She bunk the thought and strayed into the studio.     Twas as calm as usual inside. There was no one in the studio. The dance floor was very neat and to the far end of the east was a grand piano. That luxury had cost Zoe a fortune. She remembered Zoe saving her ass off to get it.      "Dia!"     Dia was distrac
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Then walked in Charles, Alexa's father.
        Rowe's multi-billionaire Castle.     "But what are you thinking? The wedding is just few weeks away."    Rowe's tough face folded into a bulky frown, though he knew that deep down he was as soft as a tissue whenever it boiled down to his only son, Max. Max was his only heir, though he had another son somewhere which he had held back from Max.      Max was seated on a luxurious milk colored leathered sofa. Twas a full-floor condo. The view from the living room had a great water opposite. The lapping of the water is reflected by the transparent glass filtering the panorama.     Rowe's apartment was a paradise of its own form. Several rooms and sitting rooms. Though that main parlour was the choice of all, especially when they were having such delicate discourse.     Most of them believed that the view had a peace to it. Such peace which was needed t
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