VI.VIII Sleepless Beauty
That was so awkward! Him and Athena? A couple? Not in a million years!

Dragging the stunned author by her feet, Eremes high tailed out of the offending stall, his bundled up t-shirt in tow as he beelined towards an empty bench to sit on.

"...uple....h.t...feel.." Behind him, his charge was talking to herself, an indescribable aura emanating off of her as she mindlessly followed along. What was this menacing pressure he was feeling? Sitting her down on a well-lit bench, the repairman sat beside her, not knowing his next move for the unplanned night.

"Hey." He waved to a muttering Athena, her eyes as open as it would currently get as she mumbled to herself. That's not foreboding at all. "'Thena."


Was she having... "Hey!"

"Yes?" The lucid author asked, turning to him as if nothing was ever wrong in the first place. "Is there something the matter?"

Eremes let out an unconscious sigh as Athena was once more back to the world of the living, looking no worse for wear b
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