VII.III Uplifting Spirits
"One 'Death' please." Death?

"Glad to see your tastes haven't changed."

With practiced precision and flair, Zofia's hands blurred as she went on to prepare this 'Death' that Athena ordered. Taking what looked to be a martini glass from the shelf, the bartender then placed a small white fruit inside.. was that lychee? She then mixed together what looked like vodka, some syrup and another alcoholic beverage in the shaker; pouring the finished product over the lychee to make what looked like lychee martini. Zofia slid the glass over to the waiting novelist, not once breaking eye contact with her as she settled back behind the counter.

"One Death.." The bartender morosely recited. "For those who seek renewal."


Athena lightly held the glass in front of her; delicate hands holding the glass with practiced finesse. "You don't have to say that line every time you know?"

"It's part of my gimmick, miss Athena, Can't stop me~"

So that's what the Death drink had. Huh, if that's the case
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