VIII.II An Evening Stroll
Humans, in their natural state, were social creatures. Interpersonal interactions are needed for a multitude of things, ranging from simple entertainment to the act of procreation. As a result, humans congregate to population centers, in a modern sense, cities, and or villages.


How did that fact help her? Quite frankly, she didn't even know why her thoughts led her through that tirade about the social nature of humanity. Perhaps she's that bored out of her wits that her mind resorted to pondering on the shallow secrets of societal theory.

Tell me you're not pretentious right now~


Salty goodness ground through her teeth as the bored novelist let her thoughts run wild, the multitude of passers-by no longer capable of holding her attention. Maybe she should just let it happen? A suicide plot, she meant..

How original.

Or maybe plan around the clusterfuck that were her drunken chapters...


Letting the light buzz of iced coffee flow into her system, the novelist m
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