124. Reputation
As the air around the old man visibly twisted in a dangerous manner, Luke knit his eyebrows and prepared his handguns for another battle.

~"Well... Guess he will check on your battle prowess first before making a move. That's a chance, use it well. You know that he won't give a damn about those children. So don't you let him have time to take them as hostages."~ Explained Rein, looking at the old man in worry, ~'Aura Condensing realm... This weakling is no problem if I had better corpses. But let's see what I can do with those two.'~

However, as Rein was about to execute the plan he had in mind, the old man's hands flashed swiftly, swinging in the direction of the two undead's necks. Noticing the minuscule gesture of the old man, Rein successfully had the undead cultivator with two short swords in his hand dodge the incoming strike. On the other hand, the last undead cultivator wasn't so lucky and had his head rolling on the ground.

Fortunately, Luke had recharged his magic power wit
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