123. Thousands Bliss Cauldrons
~"Do you want to be hated by the kid?"~ Quipped Rein as they walked to the staircase leading to the underground basement. After searching the whole manor, they had found a secret door behind a bookshelf.

-"It is true that I am one of the cultivators from the dark sect."- Replied Luke, as he carefully treaded the staircase with eyes looking forward for any potential ambush. Although the two corpses already served the purpose by walking in the front of the group.

~"Yeah but you haven't killed anyone yet, have you?"~ Said Rein, puzzled by Luke's acting of some sort of cringe, ~"I can tell from your personality. By the way, you saying that you're a bad guy is cringe."~

-"Did that bother you greatly?"- Asked Luke calmly, not minding Rein's words at all.

~"A little bit."~

Proceeding to the underground floor, at the end of the staircase, there was another passage. The lighting in the passage was dim, and there was a discomforting feeling ever since Luke stepped on the passage’s ground.

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