26. Obstacle (II)

Howling as it dashed at Luke, the silver wolf showed its sharp fangs in its mouth as killing intent poured out of its gaze. Pointing his last ice spike towards the silver wolf, Luke shot it right towards the silver wolf with unstoppable speed.

Suddenly, silver light shone from the wolf's steel horn while it swung its head at the ice spike. Soon, the light separated itself from the steel blade and flew right at the ice spike and destroyed it at the same time.


A shock wave with a radius of only ten meters had appeared from the collision. Widening his eyes from the unexpected skill of the silver wolf, Luke grumbled, "So it has a blade attached to its forehead and can shoot a laser blade or something. Wonderful."

Clenching his teeth, Luke turned his ECS onto combat mode and created a sword made of ice from his already dwindling magic power. Casting a wind blessing spell on himself to lessen the impact and accelerate his movement, Luke dashed towards the wolf and tried
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