Tome of Paladins : The DawnLight

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Tome of Paladins : The DawnLight

By: Ar7_Storm OngoingFantasy

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"This is madness. No. We're not going to do that at all." While saying that, he looked at the few people whose attention seemed to only be on the Tome in front of them. Somehow, he could see the greed on their faces. "Don't tell me you will do as It says? Do you know how many will suffer because of this?" "We will only try on the basis of Knowledge. What if all this, just another lie?" One of the men interrupted with an answer. "Just another lie? We all know and sane enough to realize there is a Hell where we can finally managed to escape. And all of that is the merit of the Paladin Knights. Don't you try to deny it." He replied in a harsh tone and anger almost overflowed. "But think about it? If it was real. As real as it could be. A power that could even prolong one's life." Said by another man in the group who seemed excited by the prospect of a longevity that lasted as far as the planet itself existed. ... ... Then it all ended with a choice that made him decide to leave the group. He paused, then turned to look behind him, gripping his bag tightly. “Soon… You will all regret this. All that's left are sins and guilt that you will have to bear for the rest of your life." ... ...

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Known as Eccionus Planet. The name derives from the only book that is still left intact in its entirety from the Lost Era. And on the front page, precisely at the end of the lower corner, there is a name with the vocabulary written as Eccionus. Scientists interpret the meaning of the word as The Origin. To celebrate new advancement of the exploration, and a start of discoveries various facets of the past, The Kings, Elders, and The Senators, announce an agreement to decide the name's of the planet they inhabit. It's the Event called The Planet Remembrance, but such word of mouth known as, Memorials of the Past. It end with the conclusion, as the first discovery, and possible clue of the bygone language, and direction which hiding the cause, they use the name of the cover book, Eccionus. There is 4 known habitable Land through all Eccionus. It named such as Agrium Continent, Jumaier Archipelago, Nebula Floating Island, and Pyreroot Jungle. Meanwhile, other islands and lands on th
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01. Just Why
… *Clack* *Clack* *Clack* There is a man sat on a wooden chair in front of the lighted screen that slightly contracted with the background, that slithered on willowy bastion and covered in a blanket of black color. With click of keyboard that drawing the melody of a musician that playing a swift fast tone, it grown to the method of a forwarded ticking clock. As he put his mind to what had been the past which is clear, for a reason that he wished is never there. But still, nevertheless. What's done is already done. A recondition that no more chance he wished to apply. He looked to the side then reaching out with his limb that obliqued more to what most called, thin as branch. Dark reddish thick liquid stagnant and stop running in the course of veins, that mirrored the structure of circulation system in everythings that flesh is grown in conjunction where they belong, whence he got such undeserving situation because of an emotions that he claimed with blazing fire to take care w
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02. Mission
… 3 years later. ...*Tring-ting-ting* @mebeckbabe: _There's a mission. The specific is on the line, you see._ The sound of a message just coming shortly in the present of the host of the computer that now sitting itself in a wooden chair that clearly could be seen far from being just common things with its brown fluffy on the seat and in the backrest, with golden thread sewed on the edge and on the part where it connected with the linen. While the one facing the screen is a 15 years old boy with ash blonde hair and fair white skin, adorned the outlook of his flesh. He had hazel eyes that glimmering with the fragrant of having no particular reasons, which by reasons was none of course if you even slightly care for what was actually happening. No kidding. In short, it was indifference. With eyelids that doesn't even had a great sunny energy right in there, and mouth expressing a flatting structure that doesn't even confront an intention to make it like what it supposed as a constr
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03. I Can Handle It
…*Clack-clack-clack* The sphere that started to clacking apart then bit by bit spreading over, crawling on Tori fingers and wrists with glace of its metallic fibers. It sizzling like a snake slithering on the solid surface of the earth, and like a network of fine threads of a spiders it following the framework of his arm bones till it reached half the way to his elbow. *Clack* It ended in a way that made his hands seems covered with another skeleton arms that had pigments of a black marsh that reflected the shining of the natural satellite, covered above in the sky and that is the period by which people stopping in their dreams or resting on their comfy bed. There's also steel plate at the back of his hands that look like a shield. Rotating his wrists, stretching his fingers out to open then back clenching his grip, he's checking if there is any that may harm or put him in situation unwarranted for, that one way or another could put his life on a zone where the possibility of suff
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04. Unknown Enemies
… He then carried it on by ripping the window out from its socket harshly that resulting with loud cracking bruck-brack sound that thundering incongruously with the fitting silent of the night that haidy clock put her forefinger lazily at fifty three past eleven, following shortly by him throwing it to the side. *Brack* *Crunch-crash* He then jumped inside in a cool, fashioned manners. Then landed with swoosh of rising hope that clucking at his adrenaline, tapping with cadence for a prelude of a fight he hope could energized him amidst his life that start to get boring and repetitive. Though he wanted dead, he is in no way accepted it from losing on a fight. There came some greasy clamours of disorganized multitude of people that seems staggered by the noise that interrupting their relaxed daddy bunny time, following shortly with rattles of footsteps approaching the door that light peeping at the slit around on the edge of it. Putting both of his hands on the pocket of his grey
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05. Safety First
… … Looking at the man in black that now lay himself on the ground. Tori then with awareness that surely from the start still flaring high, looked around. Trying to confirm there's no next ambush like before which could be another threat. He then promptly took the knife that fallen the ground from the man's hand after his punch that he's sure of it causing the man wrist to totally broke like a coconut squash. Put it on his bag, he trying to keep it safe from anyone hostile that may use it against him. Next. Slowly but carefully he approached the man's with black mask that now lay on the ground. Safety first! He took an iron bracelet from his bag that it had actually quite a lot of pockets inside with various things he called gadget. While the one he took now named Torpefied Ring*. Cool stuff. Then he tapped it at the side that look like a mirror or a clear water that put reflection on anyone who confidently examining their meat. Buzzing bees is the sound that following the nex
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06. So lame
… On the second and third floor that at first are nothing but heavy darkness, which could be seen from where Tori standing right now, is started to faced with a change that put the light on slowly, but surely… That made him subconsciously swallowed his saliva. Brightened with its milky white that somehow put comfort to Tori's giddy heart, only to plunged it harder to the well of the abyss by replaced it suddenly with dark red light that blossom in the dark of the ghostly night. Tori then looked to the side where few of those people lying there… But it instead successfully added the tension that slowly reaching its horror hands into his heart, till it feels muddy and shallow. Then to increase more of the harrowing and grisly air that now permeated around him, the sound of glass breaking suddenly clanking, reverberate all around the building. And like a whoosing silent of the predator that silently peering at the prey that now already bein' his target for gruesome and idious experi
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07. Frozen In Fear
… There is also its fingers that scrammed with black blood. It made it like its nail are unplugged forcefully from its root where it grown up. 'What the heck is that?' Tori agape, dumbfounded at what he's seeing right now. He also noticed the smell that he originally found before, is originated from that blue beast. That antiseptic and citrusy smell, just like strong alcohol mixed with squeezed lemon. Amidst his thought, the attack from the blue beast in front of him arrived which the latter quickly rolling to the side, following swiftly standing and putting a stance. Tori then using his bat to hit its side. *Bang* The bat in his hands vibrated rapidly which made him gritted his teeth instead, of how numb his hands now, even with the skeleton hands defusing some of its vibrations from the result of hitting something beyond the output force of what he could managed to produced and handle. Jumping back, he put his left hand to his bag that soon followed with a clacked sound. W
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08. The Hell Is He?
… The guy then wrenching the rumpled black bat out from Tori's grip, that the motion of it put the latter back to meet the wall harshly with a thumping sound, that for a moment almost send his consciousness out, leaving his body. *Coough* *Cough* *Cough* Coughing in fit raucously from the hit that almost broke his back, he then looked at the guy in its white coat that now standing with his back facing him. With body that confused him of how it feels gooey and wobbly since he found the present of the man in front of him, he somehow could feel towering presence that made him like an emmet who could die by a slight step, which drowned him in a very unpleasant feeling that feels bitter on the back of his tongue. The man then throw the bat to the side that raspingly clanging with the floor, while turning his body and face against him. *Clank* *Clank* *Clank* Somehow Tori could feel the gaze from its empty eye sockets that clinging tightly on his courage that he couldn't denied tha
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09. Don't Let Him Fall Unconscious
… Apparently, the smokes doesn't even hinder him to find Tori who trying to running away. After gripping Tori right on his masked face, the guy then lifted him up above, leaving Tori's feet up above the ground. Doesn't wanted to gave up yet, he took another two Torpefied Ring from the bag, holding it with both of his hands, while it sizzling with the blue electric strings. *Pzzzztzt* Tori then directed it to the hands of the man in white coat, very well aware that his mask will prevent the electric current to paralyzed him too, which will become a nice sweet chance for him to running from the current situation he's in right now. *Clack* The ring then fastened on the manvs wrist. Indeed, true to his expectations, the man that holding his face soon started to stiffened, though there doesn't seems to any reaction that made him look like electrocuted, just like what he used on the man in black, but nevertheless, it worked anyway. The man losing his grip that put Tori feet finally
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