363. The Descent of the Heavenly Buddha

'That b*stard… He dares to activate the Descend of Heavenly Buddha while I'm still with this rabid dog!?' 

As rage and wariness filled Ma Zhou's heart, he sighted the clouds above them moving away to reveal a gigantic, chubby man who was sitting in lotus position and his skin was made of gold. His eyes were so squinted, to the point there were almost like two strips of lines instead of eyes. And his bald, smooth hair emanated a glowing energy which infused with a strong light element. 


Immediately, Ma Zhou drew all of the Lingqi in his dantian while he utilized his Materialization of Domain to offset the pressure given by the gigantic being. Meanwhile, Leng Zhian who was right five meters away from Ma Zhou was starting to spread his Materiali

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