48. Assessment
*Knock* *Knock*

"I'm coming!"

Walking to the door of his room, Luke takes a double look at his appearance to search for anything that he has forgotten. Seeing that he was ready for the day, Luke nodded slightly and put up his backpack, while opening the door.

In front of the door, there was a young woman with yellow clothes and a sword on her back. Noticing that Luke had finally showed up, she giggled and said, "Hey, sleepy head. Come down, we are waiting for you."

Smiling, Luke nodded his head while following the woman's lead towards downstairs. After the woman, Luke and her companion talk together last night, they have introduced themselves as two disciples of the same school that was recruited by a senior in the Three Headed Serpent sect.

Although they didn't want to tell more about this senior or how they met with him, they shifted the conversation as asking Luke's reason as to why he wanted to join the sect. Giving out an excuse just to only raise his cultivation, Luk
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