The Amazing Sidekick

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The Amazing Sidekick

By: krushandkill CompletedFantasy

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Jack Snyder suffered a huge car accident. Time went by, and he heard a girl’s voice calling Nozomu Shinchaku. Jack slowly opened his eyes and an unknown girl was crying in front of him, but everything about her was wrong. Long blue hair, yellow eyes, cat ears instead of normal Human ears. Jack glanced at her hand and saw sharp and long fingernails caressing his face. A fluffy blue tail was trembling behind her, signalling her worries. Jack saw a pool of blood on the ground near a rock, and he had a big bandage on his head. Strangely, his soul travelled to a young boy’s body, that judging by the pool of blood, died because of that rock. Now, he has to learn how to live in a strange Magical World as the Human teenager Nozomu Shinchaku that strangely can’t use Magic, and Magic has no effect on him. “Definition of sidekick: - A sidekick is someone who goes with the main lead on their adventures. If he is a superhero, the sidekick helps fight crime. Sometimes this word signifies an imbalance of power, and it implies that the sidekick is less powerful than the main lead. - Sidekick is one of the most effective forms of attack in a street fight. Hard kicks especially to the knee can take a larger opponent down or at least blow out his balance, leaving him vulnerable to follow-up shots.” *I intend on keeping this story free till it's finished.* *cover by Aisling Elizabeth Robinson and me*

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  • spencer.boudrey


    Not gonna lie that was a good story until the ending. First you just got to his life in the academy and then after like 2 weeks the grand finale. Also, he died in his old life, and you clearly said he died. How can after all that time you bring him back. Plus his love life never even got started yet

    2023-03-15 04:20:25
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Chapter 1 - Arrival
The sun was high, middle of the morning, temperature of 32ºc. Jack Snyder was riding his company car to visit another client. His phone rang over the radio, connected by Bluetooth. He pressed the small button on the lever at the right of the steering wheel and smiled at the name of his wife on the car radio display, "Hello, pretty girl. Miss me already?" "Nah, just to remind you that I will come out late from work, and you have to go get Mia from school. Peter has an exam in the middle of the afternoon, so you can’t count on our older son to go get his sister, it has to be you." "I know, don’t worry. I have one client before lunch, and two more in th
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Chapter 2 - Unicorns
Taisetsuna turned bright red and said, "We… were never a couple. We are childhood friends, and I would do anything for you, as you would for me. Well, I suppose I can’t say that anymore, considering you don’t remember me." "Sorry, my head is a bit blurry. So, you can use Fire and Healing Magic." Taisetsuna made a small Wind Tornado on her left hand and said with her head tilted sideways, "And Wind Magic, thank you very much! I am also special, because being able to use three different types of Magic is extremely rare. The Priest once told us that he only knew one Mage that could use three types when he was a soldier, many, many years ago."Read more
Chapter 3 – Explaining the World
The red Unicorn jumped ahead and ran at full speed with a screaming Cat-girl having a blast. He then made a tight turn and ran in the direction of the Orphanage. Nozomu tapped the white Unicorn’s neck and said, “It’s better if we follow them, but go slowly, okay? I don’t know how to ride, and my head still hurts a bit.” The white Unicorn walked slowly and made a turn. After a couple of minutes, he changed to a trot, with Nozomu holding the mane and squeezing his legs against the Unicorn’s sides, so as not to fall. Like that, it took them longer to reach the building where a smiling Cat-kind girl was already talking with an old man
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Chapter 4 – Furnace and Rampage
Nozomu widened his eyes, "Or someone like me that can be used as a shield for the Monsters! Yeah, better to hide my ability, or I may be kidnapped and forced to enter one of those caves!" The Priest spoke with a worried look, "Another good reason why I told the Guild Master to take you in. No one messes with a Guild of Adventurers, unless they want to die. They have a saying, ‘mess with one, you get all of us’, and they always protect their members against another Guild, any kind of Monster, an army or a foreign country." Nozomu got up and when he was about to leave the room, he asked, "What about the Unicorns? What do we do with them?"
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Chapter 5 – Going to the forest
Taisetsuna swallowed and answered with a slight smile while showing him her fingernails, sharp as claws, "The first one that tries anything pervert against me, will lose both eyes. These are not only for show, you know?" "Ok, as long as you are aware that you are too sexy and tempting for a hot-blooded male. Now, do you mind putting away those things? They are scary and I need to concentrate on this book." Taisetsuna grabbed her book and buried her face in it, hiding her redness and embarrassment. She said in a low voice, and Nozomu almost didn’t hear her, "Thanks for saying that I am cute and sexy, I really appreciate that." 
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Chapter 6 – Practising Magic
Nozomu smiled, "I know, it’s to change the taste and effects of some drinks, mostly wine. Better than a branch from a tree, we could use leaves from black tea, because those kinds of leaves have an excess of tannins." "We have that type of tea! The Priest is always drinking it, he says it keeps him awake during the day when he stays up late, reading." "Yes, that’s also the effect of the tannins, they give a stamina boost, and you don’t feel sleepy." Taisetsuna slowly nodded, "It makes sense, because the book says that if a few steps
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Chapter 7 – Making Healing Potions
Nozomu looked to where Taisetsuna was pointing, and on the right side of the door, there was a small shelter with logs. He grabbed as much as he could carry and went to the kitchen.In there, Taisetsuna was already pouring water from a big bucket into two pans. When she placed the ten leaves on the table over a metallic tray, she pointed at the stove, "Put the wood inside and light the fire, I am going to dry these leaves." "Wait, let me take another look at those leaves, first." Read more
Chapter 8 – New Magic
Taisetsuna made a forward jump with a downward slash aimed at Nozomu’s head. Before he even had the time to think about something, his body moved. The buckler went up to stop the sword, and the left fist went straight at Taisetsuna’s face, taking her by surprise. A kick in her left leg ruined her balance, and the buckler went straight at her neck. She stopped it at the last minute with her sword and made a big smile to the surprised Nozomu with her nose all red from his punch, “See? What did I tell you? Muscle memory! Another round?” Nozomu backed away with a puzzled look plastered on his face, and for the next ten minutes, he reacted without
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Chapter 9 – Arriving at the City Ourelona
During dinner, the Priest took one deep breath before speaking, “Nozo and Suna, tomorrow I will take you to the Guild of Adventurers to meet the Guild Master. After that, a new chapter in your life will begin, and I hope I didn’t make too much of a bad job while raising you both. Nozo, try to avoid returning to your silly pranks and misbehaviour. Suna, you need to keep your bad temper under control, because I won’t be around to take you out of trouble if you go on a rampage because someone annoyed you. Nozo, I am trusting you to keep her away from trouble.” Nozomu glanced at the embarrassed Taisetsuna and said, “Last time I heard, I was the one that was always in trouble. Suna is very kind and peaceful, I don’t understand why you say I have to watc
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Chapter 10 – The Guild of Adventurers
The Guard spoke with a frown, “I will be seeing him in the pit if he annoys someone!” Before the surprised stares of the City Guards, Nozomu tilted his head and spoke, “You know, that is not a very polite way to address a new citizen. I might start to think that you have something against me, when I didn’t do anything yet, I am just riding here. Or perhaps you have a thing for young boys, and that would be a very serious crime if you abused your power as a City Guard to force me to do something.” The Guard turned bright red in anger and answered, “You a
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