53. Yao Li
Shifting his gaze at elder Zhu Hui, the servant silently asked permission to the elder in his eyes. Staring at Lu Xi's figure, Zhu Hui frowned his eyebrows as he spoke.

"Sure. Take the girl away with you. I'll confirm it back later with Ru Ran."

Confirming that the elder had given his permission, the servant bowed to Han Tue and said, "Please follow me, sire."

Looking at the rest of the crowd, Xe Rong swirly began to organize them and led them inside the pagoda. Moving his eyes to Han Tue and Lu Xi, Luke smiled at both of them as they had taken different paths while being guided with the other servant.

Shortly, the crowd went inside the pagoda and could see dozens of bookshelves around while two men who were wearing crimson robes were sitting in the middle as they noted any person that had entered through the entrance.

"Name, specialization, and what division you wanted to enter?" Asked one of them with a bored expression on his face to the person who was standing at the very front
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