52. Recommendation
"Please come this way."

Taking the lead, the leader of the ten men introduced himself and politely asked, he then turned his head to the crowd behind him, "This one is Xe Rong. Pleased to any people who had the symbol of the axe on their back had come from the bloodline art, crow for Lingqi devouring art, and skull for corpse controlling art. Next! acquaintance."

Unexpectedly, the rest of the people didn't even say anything back and just silently stared at the man called Xe Rong with an impatient gaze, with some even blatantly ignoring his existence.

Frowning his eyebrows, Luke replied loudly for everyone to hear, "Pleased to meet you too, Xu Rong. My name is.." Seemingly still not really all that used to his new name, Luke said the last word with hesitation, "Lu..Ren."

Luke's act had earned him many weird stares pointed to him, while the rest of them didn't care. On Luke's side, Han Tue smiled wryly with the exception of Lu Xi which joyfully grinned at what Luke had done and soon
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